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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IGNORING

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Discipleship1, 27:must work effectively with the presented truth, ignoring any pain or suffering or mentalDiscipleship1, 148:from your environment. Practice this divine ignoring for the next six months. Be occupied withDiscipleship1, 429:therefore, always above your physical body, ignoring how you feel and seeking to dwell as far as isDiscipleship1, 494:but by substitution of other interests, ignoring them and treating them with indifference till theyDiscipleship1, 506:not that as you add your soul force to theirs (ignoring the form aspect) that you can galvanizeDiscipleship1, 661:bringing joy and inspiration to others and ignoring your reactions with a divine indifference. Discipleship2, 567:up the heart unto the Lord" thereby, in reality, ignoring the existence of the astral body, As theDiscipleship2, 640:treating it with due wisdom and at the same time ignoring it in the service of humanity and inExternalisation, 218:the shirking of individual responsibility, thus ignoring a situation which does exist? Do you feelExternalisation, 237:order enforced by terror, by cruelty and death, ignoring the needs of humanity as a whole and theExternalisation, 650:and by withholding the truth or the facts and ignoring the realities, they contrive to swing theirGlamour, 247:they be ignored and so rendered futile by that ignoring, or are they forces which are needed in theHealing, 560:in believing that that is sufficient; in their ignoring of all scientific procedures connected withHealing, 661:man and by his natural destiny. It is an ignoring of the effect or the result upon the form nature.Healing, 665:public mind the fact of God Transcendent, whilst ignoring the fact of God Immanent, to testify toHealing, 665:and to teach the fact of immortality, whilst ignoring the Law of Rebirth. Humanity is, therefore,Psychology2, 38:endurance. Adherence to the chosen Way, and ignoring of the pairs of opposites, will bring thisPsychology2, 648:old mistakes in policy, judgment and method, and ignoring the habitual barriers and our normalTelepathy, 140:there is no true gap; there is simply the ignoring by humanity of an aspect of the physical body
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