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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ILLS

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Atom, 6:to our hand whereby we can remedy the world's ills, yet the very fact that we can define them, thatAutobiography, 152:come when we shall be liberated from all the ills of the flesh, but when it does come we shall haveBethlehem, 121:make for a sound body and freedom from physical ills is quite possible, but not inevitably so. InDiscipleship1, 13:will be along the line of healing the various ills of mankind - physical, mental, psychological andDiscipleship1, 70:will most assuredly dissipate disease and bodily ills and will cure the pains of the human physicalDiscipleship1, 189:if you will - heal with potency those emotional ills which are deep seated in the astral body; thisDiscipleship1, 189:Some people heal those afflicted with physical ills. Some work in the field of psychology and dealEducation, 115:fanatic with a certain and sure cure for social ills and the man who loves to fan race hatreds, canExternalisation, 42:be one of two things: They may cure the physical ills in the patient which are of such a natureExternalisation, 45:contingent upon the [45] elimination of bodily ills, but upon the establishing of that continuityExternalisation, 508:to impart is apprehended by the race, physical ills and sickness will be offset. The group ofExternalisation, 508:efficiency of violet light in lessening human ills and in curing those physical plane sicknessesExternalisation, 620:health, and frequently behind that of imaginary ills. He gives so much time to the care of himselfFire, 89:Its relation to the physical during life. The ills or diseases of the etheric body (taking care toFire, 104:Body We will now study the etheric body, and its ills and also its after death condition. ThisFire, 104:This is the significant fact that the ills of the etheric vehicle, in the case of the microcosm,Fire, 104:great world evils have their source in etheric ills, extending the idea of the etheric to planetaryFire, 107:loser. Later it will be found that many of the ills that Europeans, living in India, fall heir to,Fire, 109:We have dealt with the functional and organic ills of the etheric, giving certain indications forFire, 123:its object it protects from disease, and the ills of the flesh are unknown to the man who absorbsFire, 945:of the emotions, the logoic liquid body, so the ills of men which affect the circulatory system,Glamour, 107:saves and protects them from many of the subtler ills. Their emotions are not subtle, and theirHealing, 5:consider the physical body, its diseases and ills, but only after we have studied that part of manHealing, 6:reflected in [6] the unit self, and many of the ills from which man suffers today are the effectHealing, 10:in the real freedom of humanity from ordinary ills of the flesh, are they not frequently highHealing, 13:thought to truth and the soul, physical plane ills will begin to disappear. This will becomeHealing, 19:or in the results of group disease, etc. The ills growing out of malnutrition and the wrong feedingHealing, 24:may have interested you to see that I place the ills of the etheric body in the second place andHealing, 24:the first. The reason for this is that the group ills and diseases which have fastened upon theHealing, 25:be deduced. We must, however, eliminate those ills which are group ills and which have swept intoHealing, 25:however, eliminate those ills which are group ills and which have swept into and through allHealing, 25:the ill health of the individual, just as group ills and the sweep of epidemics of any kind throughHealing, 39:and produce the above mentioned conditions. The ills which are based on criticism, upon hatred, andHealing, 44:are responsible for the bulk of the physical ills which attack humanity. A right grasp of theirHealing, 47:body, and therefore as to the diseases and the ills, inhibitions, and difficulties to which hisHealing, 48:organism. Electricity, in relation to human ills, is as yet an infant science, but it has in it theHealing, 49:[49] condition which can produce serious ills. This is inherited from the past. Disease inherent inHealing, 49:of mysticism. These are the peculiar ills and complaints which attack the disciples and aspirantsHealing, 54:will produce either real freedom from physical ills or an intensification of those reactions whichHealing, 66:of our premise that we would only consider the ills to which advanced humanity, the aspirants andHealing, 74:interesting. You will note, therefore, that all ills are not purely subjective or psychological inHealing, 81:which lead him to ascribe the causes of bodily ills to the etheric body. It is a clearing house forHealing, 90:established. There are, therefore, very few ills to which flesh is heir which are mentally based.Healing, 91:feeling and thought, or to say that such or such ills arise in the astral or the mental body, orHealing, 91:the astral or the mental body, or that certain ills are due to wrong feeling and others to wrongHealing, 108:senile decay, poor circulation and similar ills. This too will result in the [109] prolongation ofHealing, 120:humanity, and this includes, therefore, all the ills to which flesh is heir. They may not, however,Healing, 121:and its rightly directed use. The other ills to which all flesh is heir at this time in humanHealing, 128:of the soul. Exemption from the effects of human ills is no indication of spiritual superiority. ItHealing, 129:intended freedom of humanity from the ills and problems of the past. This is of interest toHealing, 129:an initiate. Apart from the physiological ills which this produces, there are many other conditionsHealing, 131:is prana, life, the fluid of connection. The ills of life are his because they are the lot of man -Healing, 133:than elsewhere the causes of the many human ills and physical difficulties. Before proceeding toHealing, 135:of the underlying causes of outer physical ills. I seek to present certain aspects of occultHealing, 136:the forces twixt themselves produce the bodily ills of man. The conflict of the first and secondHealing, 136:between the forces produces all disease, all ills and bodily pain, which seek release in death. TheHealing, 139:lives and carrying, as the result, many physical ills. The objective before the average manHealing, 175:physical body and are the cause of many of the ills to which disciples fall heir. It will beHealing, 204:his own centers in relation to the patient whose ills he is endeavoring to heal. He must remember,Healing, 217:danger involved in a large number of physical ills can be traced to the condition of the centers,Healing, 218:stages bring, temporarily, their own physical ills. You will note that, beyond certainHealing, 220:will eventually succeed in solving many human ills and will bring about the cure of the bulk of theHealing, 221:are more strictly Aryan and involve also the ills to which disciples are prone. Infectious diseasesHealing, 252:the youth of the race. National physical [252] ills vary according to the predisposing occupationsHealing, 252:this vast array of disease and forms of bodily ills come to be? How is it that some races are proneHealing, 253:this presents an appalling picture. Against the ills which it discloses, medicine is todayHealing, 256:stupidity - greatly ameliorate the pains and ills of the masses of men. These cults omit to state,Healing, 292:of karma as it produces the many types of human ills, including disease - only one of itsHealing, 296:upon the subjective reasons for the majority of ills which attack the human frame. My purpose is,Healing, 301:practically all forms of ill health and bodily ills become possible. Diffusion of energy leads to aHealing, 303:desire) which is responsible for much of the ills and diseases of humanity which are based upon theHealing, 304:as they play upon the human body. All physical ills emerge out of the impact of these imperfectHealing, 305:understanding of some of the causes of physical ills and disease. [306] Healing, 353:Illnesses In the last analysis, most of the ills of the body are rooted in some response to groupHealing, 383:infections and a wide range of allied physical ills will eventually be found traceable to one orHealing, 384:surmounting of disease and the cure of bodily ills, must realize, and with which they must cope,Healing, 534:forces twixt themselves [534] produce the bodily ills of man. The conflict of the first and secondHealing, 534:between the forces produces all disease, all ills and bodily pain which seek release in death. TheHealing, 549:the general well-being of humanity. The economic ills of mankind closely correspond to disease inHealing, 549:of the New Age principle of sharing will human ills be cured; only by the right distribution ofHealing, 549:by the right distribution of energy will the ills of the physical body of individual [550] man alsoHealing, 580:psychological diseases appeared and the various ills which are definitely based upon the emotions.Healing, 582:of forces twixt themselves produce the bodily ills of man. The conflict of the first and secondHealing, 582:between the forces produces all disease, all ills and bodily pain which seek release in death. TheHealing, 591:of forces twixt themselves produce the bodily ills of man. You will note here that diseases areHealing, 592:forces and their interplay produce the common ills of man and control the disturbances in theHealing, 594:(producing consequently many forms of physical ills) as the centers respond to the stimulation. ItHealing, 595:it is this which produces so many physical ills among those who have taken or are preparing to takeHealing, 595:between the forces produces all disease, all ills and bodily pains which seek release throughHealing, 596:the point of friction or of acute trouble; all ills has reference to the general reaction of theHealing, 598:of how to cure the physical vehicle when "bodily ills" are present. But there is a secret of goodHealing, 599:patient a sense of proportion, where his bodily ills or even his death are concerned. Healing, 662:him physically - eyes, ears, teeth or bodily ills of some [663] nature - so humanity is sick andHealing, 663:and of greed, has produced a mass of physical ills; today millions of children are born eitherInitiation, 58:him in the work of healing some of the physical ills of humanity. He it was who dictated a largeInitiation, 202:of neurasthenic conditions, and various physical ills. Initiation, 206:the palms of the hands in: Healing bodily ills. Blessing, and thus curing emotional ills. Raised inInitiation, 206:bodily ills. Blessing, and thus curing emotional ills. Raised in prayer, or the use of the centersMagic, 305:capable of the most acute physical suffering. Ills and ails which would seem of no vital importanceMeditation, 159:might generalize and say that: [159] 25% of the ills flesh is heir to, arise in the etheric body.
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