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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ILLUMINATING

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Astrology, 91:indicate phases of speculation which might prove illuminating and fruitful. Aries is one of theAstrology, 96:ruler of the planet, Mercury, who is the illuminating principle which releases the mind, directsAstrology, 131:worlds) it comes to an end and its meaning and illuminating aspects between soul and physical brainAstrology, 145:of consciousness, students would find it illuminating to study the subject along the followingAstrology, 148:spread the light of the soul - intuitive and illuminating - upon [149] the situation, to interpretAstrology, 226:The keywords of this sign are significant and illuminating. Deception and triumph - control by MayaAstrology, 238:the two opposing armies will be found most illuminating in connection with Libra. The great battleAstrology, 243:the fourth Creative Hierarchy, will prove most illuminating and is handled somewhat in my earlierAstrology, 259:of this triplicity will also be found illuminating. The three earth signs areAstrology, 286:increasingly powerful. It might prove most illuminating and teach them much. The tendency toAstrology, 434:three eyes available for man's use will be found illuminating and their relation to the heart andAtom, 20:respond." Here we have a definition that is very illuminating as we consider the matter aspect ofAtom, 38:scale I have attempted this, and found it very illuminating. First of all, as we know, the atom isAtom, 55:the medium of the objective form in a much more illuminating way than does the dictionary. He says:Atom, 84:- can be found a definition of man which is very illuminating, and in line with the thought that weAutobiography, 143:girls in this connection and I found it most illuminating. I found that my karma with my youngestAutobiography, 260:even a first reading an inspiring experience, illuminating unknown reaches of consciousness andBethlehem, 154:Bible, we discover a symbolism which is vitally illuminating. The three aspects through which theBethlehem, 201:is a sinner. Some words by Dr. Grensted are illuminating in this connection. He says: " 'Men turnedBethlehem, 237:have found him." Annie Besant points out in an illuminating passage that: "In the ChristianDiscipleship1, 378:It is the great first ray Lord (to use an illuminating simile) who, at the end of the age, absorbsDiscipleship1, 547:into the body and know it to be there, illuminating your mind, rendering positive and quiescentDiscipleship2, 4:times that lie ahead, for it is the fusing and illuminating element in the life of the disciple.Discipleship2, 308:brought together in a very illumined statement - illuminating if duly reflected upon: "The discipleDiscipleship2, 314:to "share in the great hierarchical task of illuminating, precipitating and lifting." These wordsEducation, 5:The individualized mind, the Son of Mind. The illuminating mind, the higher mind. Third, the gapEducation, 36:common sense. [36] The individualized mind. The illuminating mind. Externalisation, 47:rich and most interesting course of study and an illuminating objective. Its instructions (SeeExternalisation, 113:control. It can and does bring good out of evil, illuminating situations and indicating theExternalisation, 133:fusion in the modern world would prove a most illuminating study. It would be found that the firstFire, 33:meditated upon and studied, may eventually prove illuminating and of an elucidating nature, andFire, 309:higher manas let into the fleshly tabernacle for illuminating its being and giving it thought,Fire, 340:that objective something we call light. The illuminating side of manas is shown. He becomes anFire, 429:incomprehensible; it will produce new methods of illuminating, and of heating the world at a smallFire, 433:Logos is felt at the second Initiation. The illuminating light of the fifth Logos is felt at theFire, 486:lies (for those who can perceive) the most illuminating hint that it has been possible as yet toFire, 600:and its component parts which will be found illuminating if we remember that they are facts for theFire, 659:and the method of its vitalization will be found illuminating. Fifth, from the standpoint of theFire, 948:therefore, indirectly, and must take the form of illuminating the sons of men in graduallyFire, 1001:of the inner God, and the bringing in of the illuminating fire of the Ego. When this process isFire, 1209:body. When this has been admitted, and the illuminating facts recorded and known, when theGlamour, 145:one of the most potent factors in releasing the illuminating power of the "mind, as it reflects andGlamour, 148:true Individuality. This analysis should prove illuminating to you. If men and [149] women wouldGlamour, 150:is to dissipate world glamor, uses the following illuminating sentences: "They come and stand.Glamour, 194:The light concerned is soul light, illuminating the mind and bringing about revelation of the worldGlamour, 220:and which prevent the light of the soul from illuminating the waking consciousness. The energiesHealing, 47:stations through which energy - dynamic and illuminating - can pour through from the centers. TheHercules, 67:of initiation. Mercury, the interpreter, and the illuminating intellect; Venus, the principle ofInitiation, 169:under the law of correspondences in a new and illuminating manner. Similarly, through thisIntellect, 56:Mather of Harvard University has said in a most illuminating article: "That there is anIntellect, 186:at Kyoto, tells us about it in the following illuminating paragraphs. He tells us that it wasMagic, 33:awareness or consciousness, but perhaps the most illuminating term is that the soul is the qualityMagic, 71:light" is that of the soul, who is light itself illuminating the manifestation of the threefoldMagic, 98:and service, man fans into radiant light, illuminating the three worlds, that point of light whichMagic, 135:and through which the Great Ones can send Their illuminating thought. Through it also they can workMeditation, 170:applied to the three lines you will find it very illuminating. (I seek not to enlarge the mentalMeditation, 191:or Powers are enabled to pour forth illuminating light or power of some kind or other into thoseMeditation, 228:that the beauty of the synthetic whole and the illuminating of the microcosmic life ensues. Let usMeditation, 276:might be dealt with at length and would prove of illuminating interest to the reader. All the abovePatanjali, 29:true savior. In the Bhagavad Gita the following illuminating words are found: "For the possessorsPatanjali, 34:and hence the words of Patanjali IV, 17 become illuminating in this connection and serve as aPatanjali, 35:the three aspects, spirit, soul and body, and an illuminating study for the earnest student.Patanjali, 41:stage and is soul-meditation with the object of illuminating the vehicle upon the physical plane.Patanjali, 46:The following correspondences may be found illuminating and should be studied with care. AspectPatanjali, 80:third ray aspect upon our planet), will be found illuminating. Students would find it valuable toPatanjali, 83:Quality of the ajna center between the eyebrows illuminating light. d. Quality of the head centerPatanjali, 127:the physical plane, The word "hindrance" is more illuminating when applied to those things which,Patanjali, 225:progress can be expedited. III. The process of illuminating the lower man becomes possible throughPatanjali, 225:the right control of the pranas and this "illuminating process" is an exact science for which thesePatanjali, 258:of the mind as the real man seeks to focus the illuminating ray of his mind upon them. In studyingPatanjali, 264:into manifestation. This is revealed by the illuminating light of the mind being steadily directedPatanjali, 292:the spirit upon the path of the disciple, thus illuminating the way, revealing the solution of allPatanjali, 300:groups, the following comments by Vyasa are illuminating. He states: "Their lives are chaste," i.Patanjali, 358:remains possible. Rama Prasad's translation is illuminating and should be quoted here. It runs asPsychology2, 164:will be found suggestive to the disciple and illuminating to the initiate. Let us not, however,Psychology2, 370:of force. The mind must receive its share of illuminating energy. A third part of that energy mustPsychology2, 431:of mind; its interpretative value will be found illuminating as the patient grasps the fact thatPsychology2, 704:the organization angle and having visioned some illuminating idea, he begins to build the outerRays, 141:the term "system of expansions" would seem illuminating; after that great initiation, the termRays, 229:the New Group of World Servers brought under the illuminating power of Taurus, with the rest ofRays, 578:himself" is perhaps the most [578] arresting and illuminating of all possible definitions of theRays, 599:group purpose and by the hierarchical plan. The illuminating energy of pure reason, emanating fromRays, 599:of the Plan, and therefore to work as an illuminating factor in the world of men. He knows clearlyRays, 696:correspondences which throw a bright, illuminating light upon its significance. They are known toSoul, 12:The book is not only challenging but singularly illuminating. It will come as a surprise to theTelepathy, 26:force. 2. The force of mind. This is the illuminating energy which "lights the way" of an idea orTelepathy, 45:interpolate a remark which may prove helpful and illuminating. We are dealing (as you willTelepathy, 102:it can register only [102] that which will be illuminating and related to the divine Plan, which
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