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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ILLUMINATION

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Externalisation, 73:of the New Age. If you are seeking to bring illumination into the dark places of the earth (whichExternalisation, 95:selves. To do this you have to realize that the illumination of the mind is a vital and essentialExternalisation, 97:impression. They correspond to the points of illumination, and so to the "illumined minds,"Externalisation, 98:to the light of the intuition and hence to illumination. This intuition is a blend of the twoExternalisation, 144:- Stanza One Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to all mankind. Let the Spirit of Peace beExternalisation, 158:The first phase, Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind, definitely invokesExternalisation, 161:Hierarchy of Light and Their major effect is the illumination of the minds of men with love andExternalisation, 162:them. The Buddha, through His achievement of illumination, established the first major link withExternalisation, 163:World Picture Let the Forces of Light bring Illumination to Mankind Intermediary - The Hierarchy.Externalisation, 227:along right lines and bring not only relief, but illumination to the human consciousness. But againExternalisation, 273:in the head and the man reaches the stage of illumination. The reference in this second stanza isExternalisation, 293:the history of the race of men, the same great illumination may come. Revelation confronts theExternalisation, 296:Festival is to add that new impetus, that fresh illumination, and that added power and fixedExternalisation, 299:heart of man. The Buddha, because He achieved illumination, stimulated the light in the world, inExternalisation, 314:love their fellowmen enough and have sufficient illumination to enable them to work with meExternalisation, 347:the Principle of Light, and because of this illumination, humanity was enabled to recognize Christ,Externalisation, 348:aspirants continuously of the possibility of illumination, and His work of keeping a channel openExternalisation, 358:of light which will dissipate, by the energy of illumination, the world of glamor and bring manyExternalisation, 359:the Buddha, undertook to focus in Himself the illumination which would eventually make possible theExternalisation, 360:a point of purification, of dedication and of illumination, then the attractive power of the soulExternalisation, 362:that can happen. The first result will be the illumination of the astral plane and the beginning ofExternalisation, 396:ran as follows: Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind. Let the Spirit of Peace beExternalisation, 402:Wesak Festival, the Festival of the Buddha or of Illumination; and the June Full Moon, the FestivalExternalisation, 406:that God was Light and showed us the way of illumination, and when Christ revealed to us that GodExternalisation, 406:service on earth. Today the knowledge aspect of illumination is being comprehended, but the innerExternalisation, 410:instruction of His disciples, the processes of illumination and became the "Illumined One." We areExternalisation, 410:told in the scriptures of India that He achieved illumination under the tree, just as ChristExternalisation, 411:proved the possibility of all men achieving this illumination and of walking in the light. HeExternalisation, 411:He challenged the people to tread the Path of Illumination, of which wisdom, mental perception andExternalisation, 411:emotion into love. The Buddha, when He achieved illumination, "let in" a flood of light upon lifeExternalisation, 412:and his self-initiated effort at release and illumination, with the objective of group goodwill. WeExternalisation, 448:the churches should prepare, if they have enough illumination to recognize their need and HisExternalisation, 463:Buddha. He is the symbol of enlightenment or of illumination. Countless millions down the ages haveExternalisation, 463:goal; the Buddha left the world after reaching illumination; the Christ returned to us, proclaimingExternalisation, 464:year, ever since the Buddha achieved His goal of illumination, an effort has been made to increaseExternalisation, 465:aspects of light - mental enlightenment, the illumination which wisdom confers, and lovingExternalisation, 465:the Buddha and the Christ - the One Who brought Illumination to the world and the Other WhoExternalisation, 510:wilderness, and as a nucleus through which world illumination may be accomplished. I indicate theExternalisation, 610:light will now flood the world of men, bringing illumination to men's minds and light into the darkFire, 38:cognition, etc.; the white resplendence is the illumination of all things; the shankha, conch [39]Fire, 79:in its just apprehension will be found much of illumination and much that will serve to elucidateFire, 122:the Buddha, but His place was taken (after His Illumination) by the Christ. The work of theFire, 214:prior to the present World Teacher and upon his Illumination His place was taken by the LordFire, 238:their reason. Few men are yet ready for illumination, which is simply the light of the [239]Fire, 269:of matter - Activity aspect. 4. The air 4. The illumination of the intuition. 5. Fire 5. The fireFire, 271:of a Heavenly [271] Man, will be productive of illumination if carefully studied. Just as a humanFire, 320:for methods of transportation, for widespread illumination, and in healing. These four adaptationsFire, 321:For mechanical uses, For transportation, For illumination, In healing, are but the working out onFire, 345:electric light and which is used by man for illumination, heat and healing. As more anent thisFire, 351:about the blending of the three fires, and illumination is present. But through all thisFire, 399:but illusion. Ponder on this, for it carries illumination for those who have eyes to see. In theFire, 521:a fourth plane whereon the struggle for perfect illumination, and subsequent liberation takesFire, 577:lines of thought that may lead, if pursued, to illumination. Ray Two and Law Two are closelyFire, 660:burning of the etheric web of the planet, thus illumination may come. Literally, there is no suchFire, 750:of higher processes, and in this thought may lie illumination. A man is a force center, either forFire, 757:as lecturing, writing, or teaching), and his illumination for service. He will be conscious ofFire, 860:petals in the twelve-petalled lotus, he may find illumination. More it is not possible to give atFire, 862:be given which, if duly pondered upon, may carry illumination to those who are ready. The first isFire, 863:a channel for the light of the Ego, and for the illumination of buddhi to pour through for theFire, 864:and becomes capable of receiving flashes of illumination from the higher planes. This happens onlyFire, 867:by Those Who know how, to lead men on to further illumination. All these stages have to work out onFire, 895:(such as, for instance, the Dragon), much [895] illumination may come. If the intuition suffices,Fire, 964:controls his sheath, and from them spreads that illumination which will irradiate the physicalFire, 974:functions. Amongst others, it is the organ of illumination, the unveiled eye of the soul, throughFire, 974:eye of the soul, through which light and illumination comes into the mind, and thus the entireFire, 997:much in these rules to produce eventual internal illumination. We will divide them into threeFire, 1127:transcends the other two, and effects the final illumination and liberation of the man. Group III.Fire, 1130:are united in triangular fashion, then we have illumination or the irradiance of the entireFire, 1173:own Higher Self, so as to produce alignment and illumination, His Guru, That which he seeks toFire, 1231:to impart the truth in three ways. Through the illumination of the student's mind as he studies theFire, 1232:meaning of that revelation, the source of that illumination, and the essence of that Life whoseFire, 1240:if pondered upon, may bring a certain amount of illumination. [1241] Fire, 1260:to the pledged chela the hint needed to produce illumination. The method whereby the adept fitsGlamour, xi:aroused, will manifest soul control, spiritual illumination, true psychological understanding ofGlamour, 3:brings with its appearance three qualities: Illumination. By illumination I do not mean the lightGlamour, 3:its appearance three qualities: Illumination. By illumination I do not mean the light in the head.Glamour, 7:inflow of the intuition and, consequently, of illumination and truth becomes more rapidly possible.Glamour, 8:manifestation on the physical plane as illumination, understanding and love. In the first instance,Glamour, 23:task. When the Buddha was on Earth and achieved illumination, He "let in" a flood of light upon theGlamour, 24:issues. The acuteness of the intellect, and the illumination of the mind, plus love and intentionGlamour, 42:of Ideas Contemplation by soul Glamor Astral Illumination Lucidity Vision Dissipation Path ofGlamour, 42:of the problem of glamor are: Intuition - Illumination - Inspiration - The Angel of the Presence. Glamour, 43:the mind to the brain of the disciple carrying illumination to the astral plane. These two types ofGlamour, 55:is arrived at from a second-hand angle. The illumination, coming through the medium of the feeblyGlamour, 81:man stand steady in the light, and only through illumination and the achievement of clear visionGlamour, 82:- A World Problem - The Nature of Glamor It is illumination that the majority of aspirants, such asGlamour, 82:knowing that the light will shine forth, and illumination eventually take place. A deep distrust ofGlamour, 85:the means to freedom which are: Intuition, Illumination and Inspiration. The problem of maya isGlamour, 91:as expressed in [91] the personality, prior to illumination, to inspiration and to initiation. TheGlamour, 93:to the problem of illusion? In what manner can illumination dispel glamor, and how can it beGlamour, 98:the world glamor and letting in some light and illumination so that men may walk from henceforthGlamour, 98:be success in removing world glamor through illumination, unless this illumination is brought aboutGlamour, 98:world glamor through illumination, unless this illumination is brought about by those who haveGlamour, 99:abroad in the world; hence also the search for illumination, through education, through religion,Glamour, 114:Aspirants; Raja Yoga: Disciples 2nd Initiation Illumination. Aryan Dweller on the Threshold; AngelGlamour, 115:for ages? How can I become aware of that mental illumination which will reveal the "middle way"Glamour, 128:The contrast between Glamor and its opposite - Illumination. The contrast between Maya and itsGlamour, 128:the second contrast, that between glamor and illumination, may prove the most useful and the mostGlamour, 139:of Glamor b. The Contrast between Glamor and Illumination One of the aptest symbols by which oneGlamour, 139:of revelation, of immediate dissipation, and of illumination. The revelation vouchsafed is
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