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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ILLUMINATION

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Glamour, 140:at this time. I will, however, briefly define illumination, asking you to bear in mind that we areGlamour, 140:in mind that we are not here dealing with the illumination which reveals Reality, or the nature ofGlamour, 140:the kingdom of the soul, but with that form of illumination which is thrown down by the soul intoGlamour, 144:Stage IV of your meditation outline. In defining illumination as the antithesis of glamor it isGlamour, 144:necessarily be limited to certain aspects of illumination and will only concern those directedGlamour, 144: Glamor - A World Problem - The Causes of Glamor Illumination and the light of knowledge can beGlamour, 145:light of knowledge with ease and effectiveness. Illumination and perception of truth are alsoGlamour, 145:facilitate the calling in of the flood of illumination which will suffice to dispel glamor. As weGlamour, 145:As we are dealing with the problem of glamor and illumination, it might be of value here if I dealtGlamour, 165:of light which will dissipate, by the energy of illumination, the world glamor and bring manyGlamour, 166:the Buddha, undertook to focus in Himself the illumination which would eventually make possible theGlamour, 168:a point of purification, of dedication and of illumination, then the attractive power of the soulGlamour, 170:that can happen. The first result will be the illumination of the astral plane and the beginning ofGlamour, 171:glamor. When light pours in, glamor fades out. Illumination dominates and the vision [172] ofGlamour, 172:man to "live a life, enlightened by divinity." Illumination is the applied power of transformation.Glamour, 185:There is a way of liberation and it leads to illumination. It profits a man nothing to gain theGlamour, 193:to the mind and signifies the method whereby the illumination which flows from the soul (whoseGlamour, 195:of Concentration, Meditation, Contemplation, Illumination, and Inspiration are illustrative; these,Glamour, 195:sensitivity, of which hierarchical contact, illumination, service and discipline are descriptiveGlamour, 198:illumined by the light of the intuition; this illumination is brought about by the means of theGlamour, 201:and have, therefore, some measure of mental illumination. They are mastering the Technique ofGlamour, 204:of the light to that point of focus so that the illumination is clear, the work to be done isGlamour, 209:and by the effort to bring to a point of illumination the positive light of the mind and theGlamour, 241:of the individual or of humanity as a whole. Illumination reveals first of all the existence ofGlamour, 261:soul. The mind and the forces of illusion; or by illumination, coming from higher sources than theHealing, 15:development of his intuition and at achieving illumination. Understanding may then come his way. HeHealing, 119:by right thinking under the impulse or the illumination of the soul. This produces the "dynamicHealing, 340:tremendous increase of ordinary physical plane illumination. This produces over-sensitivity. TheHealing, 355:impossible thing for many to learn. Traces of illumination of this subject will show themselves ifHealing, 499:remaining vestiges of all desire by means of illumination. In the early stages of purely manasic orHealing, 499:manasic or mental life, this is done through the illumination which knowledge brings and involvesHealing, 514:The lower concrete mind becomes subject to illumination from the soul. The energy of the soul rayHealing, 590:mind (or the illuminator and the transmitter of illumination). These correspondences can be foundHealing, 685:understanding of the differences serves to bring illumination, and consequently, right action. TheHealing, 693:to such an extent that it can bring adequate illumination and ray potency; until it is in control,Hercules, 3:the Path of Holiness, and the Path of Illumination. The restatement of the problems of thatHercules, 6:at length the Mount of Transfiguration and of Illumination is attained. The hidden mysteries andHercules, 25:to the goal; symbol, too, of that piercing illumination, that shaft of Light which could irradiateHercules, 26:and that, if he would, the bow and arrow of illumination were his; but he liked the familiar clubHercules, 43:And thus ended the second labor. The Theme of Illumination Taurus is one of be most interesting ofHercules, 44:why this constellation is regarded as conferring illumination. In ancient days it was called theHercules, 44:himself as the Light of the World. Light, illumination and sound, as an expression of the creativeHercules, 45:way does Taurus, the bull, become the bringer of illumination? We are told that in this sign theHercules, 45:is the glorification of matter and subsequent illumination through its medium. All that at presentHercules, 71:the higher self will manifest as a flash of illumination, and lo! it is gone; as a suddenHercules, 82:mental control. In Taurus, "the mother of illumination", he receives his first flash of thatHercules, 82:with a controlled mind, a capacity to register illumination, an ability to contact his immortalHercules, 82:and of stupendous endeavor. In them all the illumination, intuition and soul power of whichHercules, 119:Just not hitting the "bull's eye", the "eye of illumination" spoken of in Taurus, is a sin for theHercules, 139:where the mists of the valley disappear and illumination comes... Libra is an air sign and is onHercules, 188:Mercury, and out of the present time will come illumination. The illumination that came in Leo, theHercules, 188:of the present time will come illumination. The illumination that came in Leo, the opposite ofHercules, 188:opposite of Aquarius, was "I am the self", the illumination we call self consciousness.Hercules, 188:the illumination we call self consciousness. Illumination coming, in Aquarius is "I am That", I amHercules, 189:we shall have a new law based on suffering, illumination and love. It would be interesting to seeHercules, 189:yourself. The Aquarian law is based on spiritual illumination, on intuitive perception andHercules, 209:of Hercules and we see the Buddha achieve final illumination, passing through initiations of whichHercules, 222:consisting of the four constellations: Taurus Illumination. Mind. Leo Individuality.Hercules, 225:but which can, eventually, become the cause of illumination. Passing on into the sign Gemini (MayInitiation, 26:him this expansion of consciousness and this illumination, and that the attainment of theInitiation, 80:by those who know how, to lead men on to further illumination. All these steps have to work out onInitiation, 154:Planetary Logos, is FA, and herein lies much of illumination as to his point in evolution, for itIntellect, 31:is possible that humanity is the custodian of an illumination and a glory which will only beIntellect, 42:the Orient, alongside the highest spiritual illumination of the favored few. Intellect, 45:the world of spirit and carrying inspiration and illumination with them into the life of every day.Intellect, 45:of the intuition which in its turn leads to illumination. The late Professor Luzzatti, PrimeIntellect, 61:mental process, leading to soul knowledge and illumination. It is a fact in nature that "as a manIntellect, 67:for others, intercessory prayer. Prayer for illumination and for divine realization. It will beIntellect, 69:first and most direct outcome of the moment of illumination is belief in the possibility of a wayIntellect, 83:states, and becomes in time an instrument for illumination, and through it the soul or SelfIntellect, 83:in Meditation Finally, meditation brings about illumination. Meister Eckhart in his book ofIntellect, 84:enlightenment takes place, leading up to full illumination." "The mind then tends towardsIntellect, 84:"The mind then tends towards increasing illumination as to the true nature of the Self." - Bailey,Intellect, 84:comes the shining forth of the light. This "illumination is gradual and is developed stage byIntellect, 98:into that of knowledge and then of intuitive illumination. These stages might be briefly enumeratedIntellect, 99:mind, which is held in a state of quiescence. Illumination. This is the result of the threeIntellect, 99:knowledge achieved. Inspiration. The result of illumination, as it demonstrates in the life ofIntellect, 104:the first and most arduous step towards the illumination of the life. The word "concentration"Intellect, 122:of the meditation work, - contemplation and illumination. Concentration and meditation haveIntellect, 123:Later again, the mind becomes responsive to an illumination, emanating from the Spirit aspect, andIntellect, 131:obstacle to the intuition and the state of illumination. No longer is the attempt to hold anythingIntellect, 131:contemplation, and the result of the latter is illumination. Here we have a brief summation of theIntellect, 133:rule, drift to and fro between moments of high illumination or of vision, and "the misty flats" ofIntellect, 142:intuitive perception, a moment of vision and of illumination and all has gone. The mind beginsIntellect, 144:consider next. The intuition begins to function; illumination is experienced, and the life ofIntellect, 147:to Intuition - Chapter Seven - Intuition and Illumination CHAPTER SEVEN Intuition and IlluminationIntellect, 147:and Illumination CHAPTER SEVEN Intuition and Illumination "And God said: Let there be light! AndIntellect, 147:on into the realm of the intuition, or of illumination. In fact, we rather smile at the idea of anIntellect, 148:balance, or emotional instability. The light of illumination and of inspiration is quite compatibleIntellect, 148:Flower, Page 57). These characteristics of illumination and its results are to be found working outIntellect, 148:outlined, and form the theme of this chapter. Illumination is a stage in the meditation process,Intellect, 149:into the realm of the soul, the condition of illumination supervenes directly upon the stage ofIntellect, 149:to Intuition - Chapter Seven - Intuition and Illumination It seems, however, on investigation, thatIntellect, 150:what, for want of a better term, we may call 'illumination'." He goes on to warn us also that "weIntellect, 150:to define or express clearly this state of illumination. "The mystic," we are told in the BamptonIntellect, 151:the East steps in and shows the system whereby illumination can be gained, and produces for ourIntellect, 151:is apparent that the mind is not the source of illumination." "When the spiritual intelligenceIntellect, 151:then tends towards discrimination and increasing illumination." "When the means to union have beenIntellect, 151:enlightenment takes place, leading up to full illumination." "The knowledge (or illumination)Intellect, 151:up to full illumination." "The knowledge (or illumination) achieved is sevenfold and is attained
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