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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ILLUMINED

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Discipleship2, 728:what it is; it can only be overcome by the illumined mind, and there is therefore, for you, nothingDiscipleship2, 731:that ray, because soul energy (undirected by an illumined mind) at times stimulates it and theDiscipleship2, 741:of concentration there is added a trained and illumined mind, then the disciple becomes a focalDiscipleship2, 743:the most part) that inner effectiveness produces illumined and potent service. Now learn theEducation, 96:power to visualize can grow with the aid of the illumined mind, and the later work of training theEducation, 140:matures, by the teaching and influence of the illumined educator. This all sounds to youExternalisation, 28:of recognition," as it is occultly called. One illumined mind would sense the divine idea, neededExternalisation, 52:and ideas. [52] 2. Government by an oligarchy of illumined minds, recognized as such by the massedExternalisation, 95:three points to consider: the Soul, the illumined Mind and the Personality. To these three you haveExternalisation, 95:The over-shadowing, spiritual man - the soul The illumined mind - the medium of relation TheExternalisation, 96:affairs. Small groups which correspond to the illumined minds of the individuals - intuitional andExternalisation, 97:to the points of illumination, and so to the "illumined minds," referred to above. Here is theExternalisation, 145:integrated thought-form upon a stream of living, illumined mental substance. This process thereforeExternalisation, 153:energy of the Will of God serves to awaken the illumined but latent will-to-good in men and this,Externalisation, 161:form aspect of humanity is thereby pervaded and illumined. Thus the third great planetary center,Externalisation, 161:between the three planetary centers and an illumined, loving understanding of the will of God as itExternalisation, 163:Buddha Expression - Light. Understanding. The illumined mind Planes of emphasis - The second orExternalisation, 261:people in the world today whose focused and illumined thought can be organized and directed towardsExternalisation, 287:said, "I and My Father are One." The Buddha, the Illumined One, the Revealer of the light and theExternalisation, 348:as the medium of Light, hence His title of the "Illumined One." Christ embodied the underlyingExternalisation, 357:dark, demonstrating the difference between an illumined future of liberty and opportunity and theExternalisation, 410:the processes of illumination and became the "Illumined One." We are told in the scriptures ofExternalisation, 437:united effort, Their blended thought and Their illumined will power, under the trained guidance ofExternalisation, 466:people of the world can have their minds "illumined" by the spirit of wisdom and understanding,Externalisation, 467:demand. You are demanding enlightenment and illumined perception for those who have to guide theExternalisation, 518:can interpret them aright in the light of the illumined intuition, must unite together for theExternalisation, 603:technique, and compose that great body of "illumined Minds" which guide the destiny of the world.Externalisation, 681:of the Science of Impression, with the illumined and rightly oriented mind as the interpreter, theFire, 70:sequence until the lower triangle was entirely illumined. Eventually transmutation took place, orFire, 765:three fires is yet so small that the cave is not illumined. Nevertheless, the flame and theFire, 986:light of atma-vidya. White magic is mahavidya illumined by atma-vidya. - S. D., I, 592. Black magicFire, 1000:along analogous lines. The three who are illumined by the light of the One are the three persons ofFire, 1060:of dynamic energy. Darkness is light to the illumined Seer, and the secret of the Heavens can beFire, 1084:part of a great wheel till - to the eye of the illumined seer - the entire vault of Heaven is seenFire, 1092:in terms of "true color," and is seen by the illumined seer as the combined blending of the primaryGlamour, 16:service, for as you think truly and use your illumined intelligence (if you can achieve this, myGlamour, 37:oft the entrance of the true wisdom of the illumined mind. Six months ago I felt that it wasGlamour, 52:the results of his successful work. His mind is illumined. A sense of power flows through hisGlamour, 58:descent from intuitional levels; a few are still illumined by the clear light of the soul and areGlamour, 79:polarizing of the disciple in the world of the illumined mind will dissipate this glamor which isGlamour, 81:which the intuition must be cultivated and the illumined mind developed, asking yourselves if thoseGlamour, 81:nor is illusion overcome by the use of the illumined mind. The intuition is a higher power than isGlamour, 83:use of the faculty of the intuition. It is the illumined mind which dissipates glamor. I would likeGlamour, 164:dark, demonstrating the difference between an illumined future of liberty and opportunity, and theGlamour, 171:of Light. By means of this technique, the illumined mind assumes control over the astral orGlamour, 195:- as they call it - is only the reaction of the illumined personality to the identificationGlamour, 197:be scientifically dissipated by the use of the illumined minds of groups, working in unison forGlamour, 197:of world glamor by the power of their individual illumined minds; untidily they will turn "theGlamour, 198:refers to the mind as it becomes eventually illumined by the light of the intuition; thisGlamour, 201:they are attempting to dissipate and can use the illumined mind as a searchlight. They will countGlamour, 218:a broad brilliant beam, pouring forth from the illumined mind on to the astral plane. He mustGlamour, 252:agent, illusion is dispelled. The mind becomes illumined. Second: As the personality (under theGlamour, 264:will be found on mental levels, involving the illumined mind and a growing soul contact: He will beHealing, 15:intuition rarely works, and the mind is seldom illumined, why should man arrogantly expect toHealing, 167:future technique of the race. One look by the illumined mind, one great radiation of love, and theHealing, 189:words, but it takes the dedicated life and the illumined mind to profit by the knowledge conveyed,Healing, 455:for the majority but is non-existent for the illumined seer. In the human body, as you know, weHealing, 468:in darkness that which it - in time and space - illumined. This descending and ascension men callHealing, 517:in the brain consciousness or in the mind of the illumined personality. Theoretically, some dimHealing, 556:center and physical brain. The use of the mind, illumined by the soul, in the psychologicalHealing, 570:commend this to your careful and, if possible, illumined thinking. Hercules, 35:activity. The white horse symbolizes the illumined mind of the spiritual man, and so we find in theHercules, 211:soul, "I see and when the Eye is opened, all is illumined". Gemini, the Twins Element: Air sign (asIntellect, 139:by its principles, but here the soul is rather illumined than convinced, it sees rather thanIntellect, 147:In fact, we rather smile at the idea of an illumined consciousness and ascribe much of theIntellect, 148:that the developed spiritual perception and an illumined intellect can be part of the equipment ofIntellect, 149:its turn, as producing three effects: That of an illumined intellect, of intuitive perception, andIntellect, 149:for whom it is claimed that they were illumined, and points out that "these men do not reason theirIntellect, 155:is an after effect and not a part of the illumined state. True illumination is related to theIntellect, 164:automatically and accurately, we have the illumined man, the sage. Intellect, 189:end' ". "He is Brahma, by which all things are illumined (partaking of Its essence according toIntellect, 214:we are told, breaks forth, and we have the illumined man, and the appearance of the phenomenalIntellect, 261:and the helping of the Plan. The mind, illumined by the soul, should be the controlling factor, andIntellect, 266:of God, but they will know also the signs of the illumined man and with him they will seek to workMagic, 109:intense that now all life in the three worlds is illumined. Alignment is produced, the work ofMagic, 243:for himself a picture of walking in a constant illumined condition and of leaving all dark placesMagic, 247:energies of the Cosmos. He carries the energy of illumined thought and sanctified desire down intoMagic, 319:the emotional body under the dominance of the illumined mind. They also bring about theMagic, 320:rough paraphrase will convey the idea to the illumined; these rules [321] sum up the few thoughtsMagic, 383:after the third initiation, however, it is the illumined mind which is the dominant factor, and notMagic, 404:of the Plan and specially that one to which the illumined knower can respond and usefully serve. ToMagic, 406:the trend of their endeavor, and leave to some illumined student of history the delineation of theMagic, 440:- I see, and when the eye is opened, all is illumined. Gemini - I recognize my other self and inMagic, 453:words convey definite commands which only his illumined intuition can rightly interpret. With theMagic, 462:of the plan and their minds and brains are illumined by the light of the intuition, of the soul andMagic, 500:for the majority but is non-existent for the illumined seer. In the human body, as you know, weMagic, 535:when his intuition is awakened and his mind illumined. Grasping these facts anent imprisonment how,Magic, 537:you have those transcendent Lights which have illumined the way of humanity and have acted likeMagic, 602:unselfish service and by the manifestation of an illumined vision which is ahead of the racialMagic, 605:the most exalted of the sons of God. Until the illumined mind and the power of intuitional responsePatanjali, 253:cognizant of what the soul knows. He becomes illumined. As this process becomes more frequent andPatanjali, 254:unattainable vision. But once the intellect is illumined, it can transmit to and impress upon theProblems, 128:to which he will choose to adhere. His own God-illumined mind will search for truth and he willProblems, 151:the processes of illumination and became "the Illumined One". Light, wisdom, reason, as divine yetProblems, 165:earth because the minds of men would have been illumined as the result of their united invocation,Psychology1, 12:Hitherto this has been the privilege of the illumined and rare seer. In this way the New Age willPsychology1, 12:to think clearly, and with a poised and illumined mind seek to understand what is relatively a newPsychology1, 16:practical value and which can be grasped by the illumined intelligence of the average man. It isPsychology1, 29:of ancient truth. Through the lens of the illumined mind, he will shortly see aspects of divinityPsychology1, 83:realization of the present world need for [83] illumined thinkers and subjective workers which
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