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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ILLUSION

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Discipleship1, 394:of Revelation. [394] b. Cross the sea of dark illusion. c. Face the lighted way of earth. 2nd monthDiscipleship1, 394:How can I discover the agent which dispels illusion? Dedicate yourself and life and all you have toDiscipleship1, 397:to do along the line of breaking up the world illusion. How can you destroy (on a large scale) thatDiscipleship1, 397:b. What effect can joy have upon the world of illusion? [398] 6th month - Why must I bring joy toDiscipleship1, 419:an intense seeming isolation, but it is only an illusion. You know that you are not alone. You knowDiscipleship1, 431:of the soul or self to the fragmentary self? The illusion of identification of that self with theDiscipleship1, 438:to be yourself glimmered and overcome by illusion. Your physical body is on the seventh Ray ofDiscipleship1, 463:such events. Death itself is a part of the great illusion and only exists because of the veilsDiscipleship1, 463:point of view. Only the soul stands clear from illusion, and only the soul sees things as they are.Discipleship1, 495:soul and see it: Purifying the mind so that the illusion of the separated self disappears. DrivingDiscipleship1, 505:your astral body (which walks in the veil of illusion) be the dominant and deciding factor in yourDiscipleship1, 508:by. When I last said it to you, I was under no illusion as to the extent of your problem or of theDiscipleship1, 509:look back with amazement upon your past life of illusion and self-induced misery. Your personalDiscipleship1, 509:fact that you are a disciple. The glamor and the illusion which a disciple can evoke is far moreDiscipleship1, 511:precipitates upon himself far more of the world illusion than would otherwise be the case. To thisDiscipleship1, 512:as they really are, for you see them through the illusion induced by criticism of them. That whichDiscipleship1, 544:from human error and, walking oft in the vale of illusion, they may be led to see, hear and relateDiscipleship1, 560:of contact with me, be not deceived by the illusion. This recognition will in reality be based uponDiscipleship1, 578:otherwise you may land yourself in the world of illusion and consequent futility. You have much toDiscipleship1, 591:right and of importance, can so easily cause illusion. From this you are rapidly freeing yourself.Discipleship1, 593:even his own soul seems silent. But this is all illusion. Circumstances are staged to bring thisDiscipleship1, 598:is the problem of understanding the glamor and illusion in which you perforce have to live, and soDiscipleship1, 608:been overcome (as is the case with you) , that illusion can then step in? I would warn you againstDiscipleship1, 609:warn you against two such illusions: [609] The illusion that glamor no longer can hold sway overDiscipleship1, 609:Constant watchfulness will be necessary. The illusion of selection and reward. To this, all sixthDiscipleship1, 611:to you? I will list them briefly: The illusion of selection and reward to which, I warned you (as aDiscipleship1, 635:Your excursions into the world of maya and illusion have held back the group of disciples withDiscipleship1, 658:yourself with the idea is only a form of self-illusion and a way of escape from the responsibilityDiscipleship1, 659:and constitute an easy tuning-in on glamor and illusion. Your physical body is first ray in typeDiscipleship1, 677:in the welcome to the Father's Home; pain is the illusion of the Father's disowning, which drivesDiscipleship1, 678:and fire together blend and cause the great Illusion. Fog is the product of mist and steam andDiscipleship1, 705:in the world of effects and, therefore, of illusion. To work dominantly with the focal points ofDiscipleship1, 718:past, which controls the present (the center of illusion) and [719] with the future. You mayDiscipleship1, 719:the case. For them (having overcome glamor and illusion) the astral plane is non-existent; it isDiscipleship1, 733:They are, in this case, not all glamor and illusion and are not basically reprehensible, for theyDiscipleship2, 29:separation from God (a separation based upon illusion but not on actuality) and upon theDiscipleship2, 46:you must learn to look upon it as a glamor or illusion and as a limitation which must be overcome.Discipleship2, 47:to its rightful place as part of the Great Illusion, the great phantasmagoria of existence and asDiscipleship2, 68:This type of evoked response is in the nature of illusion. He will know to what I am referring.) 5.Discipleship2, 284:in time and space or of the spell of the Great Illusion. It deals with the fact of immortality andDiscipleship2, 349:of the concrete or lower mind are seen as illusion, and the lower mind, the knowledge petals of theDiscipleship2, 349:but they are themselves of a very high type of illusion; they have the quality of illusion andDiscipleship2, 349:high type of illusion; they have the quality of illusion and require the recognition (by theDiscipleship2, 510:this is nevertheless only a part of the great illusion and has to be overcome and dissipated. WhenDiscipleship2, 620:is the [620] great deceiver and essentially illusion. This condition of personality emphasis givesDiscipleship2, 623:without thought which has produced the world of illusion, of glamor, and of delusion. It isDiscipleship2, 624:kingdoms of nature. This has produced the world illusion. Only in the human family, however, is itDiscipleship2, 624:mind into the world of feeling, of glamor and of illusion which reveals man's reaction [625] to itDiscipleship2, 634:conduct. These pillars embody the final phase of illusion - those illusions which bewilder theDiscipleship2, 656:vision. I should perhaps point out to you that illusion more than glamor is your major difficultyDiscipleship2, 683:lead you wisely to protect yourself from glamor, illusion and personality reactions, also fromEducation, 24:be remembered that we are living in the world of illusion - an illusion which is temporary andEducation, 24:that we are living in the world of illusion - an illusion which is temporary and transient andEducation, 24:will some day disappear, taking with it the illusion of appearance, the illusion of evolutionaryEducation, 24:taking with it the illusion of appearance, the illusion of evolutionary [25] unfoldment, theEducation, 25:illusion of evolutionary [25] unfoldment, the illusion of separateness, and the illusion ofEducation, 25:the illusion of separateness, and the illusion of distinctive identity - that illusion which makesEducation, 25:and the illusion of distinctive identity - that illusion which makes us say "I am." The educator ofEducation, 29:discovers the soul and then passes through the illusion of duality. This is a necessary but not aEducation, 112:and thus develops into a glamor and an illusion, confusing the real issue and blinding men to theExternalisation, 12:myself and where the intuition is unawakened the illusion is complete and real. Devotees canExternalisation, 13:learn to look out, as souls, upon the world of illusion in which they are undertaking to work; fromExternalisation, 15:of what he sees and contacts on the plane of illusion, the astral plane, should be cultivated. ThusExternalisation, 36:astral plane, with its quality of freedom from illusion and glamor. This freedom will be broughtExternalisation, 36:of the light of the soul throughout the plane of illusion. The Aquarian Age will be predominantlyExternalisation, 38:is, at this time, the dissipation of the world illusion. That has been its problem since AtlanteanExternalisation, 38:of light," esoterically understood. This is an illusion and at the same time a great and [39]Externalisation, 39:White Magic that the astral plane is itself an illusion. When the first task of the groups workingExternalisation, 39:all working in some measure upon the plane of illusion and of glamor, and for you the world [40]Externalisation, 40:and of glamor, and for you the world [40] illusion exists and the astral plane is for you a fact.Externalisation, 40:aid in the task of dispelling the great illusion and can act also as a bridging group so that thoseExternalisation, 40:major task it is to work solely in the world of illusion and with astral matter. This departmentExternalisation, 42:is found to be predominantly upon the plane of illusion and therefore, as the Old Commentary says:Externalisation, 42:The exclusion of the astral world, and therefore illusion. The utilization of the healing energy inExternalisation, 42:astral body and working in and with glamor and illusion. The effect of their work, if successfulExternalisation, 43:body. They may intensify the effect of the illusion of desire in the physical brain consciousnessExternalisation, 43:sense, and of the power of light to dispel illusion. Disease is not an illusion; it is a definiteExternalisation, 43:of light to dispel illusion. Disease is not an illusion; it is a definite effect of a real causeExternalisation, 43:To stand in spiritual being To work, free from illusion To achieve true perspective upon theExternalisation, 44:which is free from glamor and from much of the illusion which today colors the Aryan peoples, and aExternalisation, 46:psychic, releasing the lower psychic nature from illusion so that the psyche or soul can have fullExternalisation, 65:this time. Is it? Your work is partly to dispel illusion, but primarily to impress the Plan uponExternalisation, 124:man to find his own way out of the mirage and illusion of materialism in right ways and eventuallyExternalisation, 217:from the glamor of propaganda and of world illusion into the clear light of your own soul, whoseExternalisation, 292:world of reality [292] and out of the world of illusion. Each revelation brings him nearer to theExternalisation, 310:accomplished, it was not enough. The blindness, illusion, separativeness and inertia of theExternalisation, 354:express the three aspects of world glamor (illusion, glamor and maya) in an amazing manner, andExternalisation, 356:is today (and has been for ages) battling illusion, glamor and maya. Advanced thinkers, those uponExternalisation, 356:mentally polarized, is the expression of world illusion. The United Nations, with all their faults,Externalisation, 356:and conditions which will eventually dispel illusion, dissipate glamor and devitalize the prevalentExternalisation, 358:the intuition which will gradually dispel world illusion, and produce automatically a greatExternalisation, 359:entire problem of ending the world glamor and illusion which fundamentally lie behind the presentExternalisation, 359:the dissipation of glamor. Within the world of illusion - the world of the mental plane - appearedExternalisation, 359:attractive will of God. He undertook to dispel illusion by drawing to Himself (by the potency ofExternalisation, 359:revealed. The result will be the disappearing of illusion. [360] The combined work of these twoExternalisation, 360:Their initiates must and will inevitably shatter illusion and dispel glamor - the one by theExternalisation, 360:first planetary effort towards the dispelling of illusion. Their work must now be intelligentlyExternalisation, 361:matter; it will produce, also, the dispelling of illusion and the recognition of truth as it existsExternalisation, 363:immediate illustration of teaching anent glamor, illusion and maya because the whole world problemExternalisation, 363:and quick a submergence in the fire of the Great Illusion. [364]
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