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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ILLUSION

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Glamour, 270:full power and with intention and finality when illusion can no longer control the mind, whenGlamour, 271:I have not considered the problem of glamor, illusion and maya from the angle of average man. TheGlamour, 271:need for the service of men and women, free from illusion and glamor, has never been soHealing, 11:are only to be seen through the glamor and the illusion with which man surrounds all things. TheHealing, 11:and serving first of all to reveal the fact of illusion. Through the light thus cast, the followingHealing, 14:the medium of the general world glamor and illusion. From one angle, disease is a process ofHealing, 20:is at this time so strong and the sense of illusion so potent and vital that we fail to see theseHealing, 22:in such a period as the present. The world illusion and glamor, which prevents the average andHealing, 31:etheric bodies of all forms, just as the world illusion and the miasmas of the astral plane oftHealing, 33:science. Much of it is true, and some of it is illusion. It is illusion because it is based onHealing, 33:of it is true, and some of it is illusion. It is illusion because it is based on false premises.Healing, 341:upset by these same cycles. The veil of illusion is lit up at that time with a consequent result ofHealing, 359:the position to enable the patient to throw off illusion and so stand free. The will of the healerHealing, 359:that of the patient, aids in the breaking of the illusion and of the glamorous thought-form and theHealing, 365:uncertainty which is part of the great [365] illusion. There is as we know no sure touch in thisHealing, 367:and cooperation, [367] and thus dispel the illusion of non-accomplishment which haunts theirHealing, 371:vibration is. If I tell you that vibration is an illusion, as sensory perception is known by theHealing, 422:such events. Death itself is a part of the great illusion and only exists because of the veilsHealing, 423:point of view. Only the soul stands clear from illusion, and only the soul sees things as they are.Healing, 426:thus the world of glamor, the world of deep illusion, the world of falsity. Then learn that thouHealing, 444:Seven Rays: Death itself is a part of the Great Illusion, and only exists because of the veils weHealing, 459:is the need of freeing themselves from the Great Illusion. Arjuna knew this, yet succumbed toHealing, 459:the place where Light and Life are found. Thus illusion ends. - Page 308. Letters on OccultHealing, 487:plane is still being gathered into forms of illusion and still forms a barrier in the path of theHealing, 515:the soul and dealing with the basic fact of the illusion which has controlled the entire cycle ofHealing, 555:of the healing process. It is a glamor and an illusion and is based on the healer's achievedHealing, 675:a poise which brings negation to the world of illusion and of glamor. Divine understanding isHercules, 18:the serpent of matter and that the great illusion no longer had him imprisoned. He slew the serpentHercules, 18:He slew the serpent of matter and the serpent of illusion. If the serpent symbology is studied, weHercules, 18:serpent of matter, another for the serpent of illusion, and the third for the serpent of wisdom.Hercules, 23:sign Scorpio; for the great work was to overcome illusion. It was consummated and carried toHercules, 23:and this stage is always impossible until illusion has been overcome and the power of silence hasHercules, 30:matter aspect follows necessarily the path of illusion and of appearances; but Hercules, the soul,Hercules, 33:and its human form in Leo; the densest point of illusion in form is reached in Scorpio, and inHercules, 36:The conquest of matter and the overcoming of illusion loomed large before Hercules and indicatedHercules, 37:constantly being fertilized by selfishness and illusion. Instead of these brood mares giving birthHercules, Note t:have also the emergence of the idea of the great illusion and glamor. Spirit or God is "lost", orHercules, 47:of sex, and in the other, he overcomes the great illusion. Significance of the Constellations TheHercules, 47:Prince, who slew the Medusa, symbol of the great illusion. He is found in Aries; Orion, whose nameHercules, 48:is tested as to the attraction which the great illusion can exert over him. Maya, or the greatHercules, 48:illusion can exert over him. Maya, or the great illusion, and sex are but two aspects of the sameHercules, 50:the maze has ever been the symbol of the great illusion. The word "maze" comes from an old EnglishHercules, 50:its bull is an outstanding symbol of the great illusion. It was separated from the mainland, andHercules, 50:It was separated from the mainland, and illusion and bewilderment are characteristics of theHercules, 50:which, in their totality, constitute the great illusion. The disciple, like Hercules, is aHercules, 50:the symbol of the group, by the world of illusion and the maze in which he lives. The bull ofHercules, Known:had to conquer, as do all disciples, glamor and illusion; for in the carrying forward of spiritualHercules, 63:and hindrances, the deviations due to glamor and illusion. Despite failures and the length of timeHercules, 65:Nereus, the higher self, but sometimes under the illusion and glamor of the lower self. The dualityHercules, 82:of opposites in Libra, and the one who overcomes illusion, in Scorpio. These are the four signs ofHercules, 82:to the disciplining effect of the world of illusion and form in Scorpio. In the final four signs,Hercules, 104:in its lower aspect, and this we call the great Illusion; and in Scorpio we see the aspirant uponHercules, 104:we see the aspirant upon the cross, sacrificing illusion to reality. In Aquarius, we have the lightHercules, 106:and of experience to drink, the serpent of illusion to overcome, and the bird of prey to eliminateHercules, 106:Virgo. In Scorpio, this serpent of matter or of illusion, with which the soul has identified itselfHercules, 132:aware that man lives in a swirling mist of illusion, clinging to life as an end in itself, oftenHercules, 151:but to himself, that he has overcome the great illusion; that matter, form, cannot hold him anyHercules, 151:for selfish or divine ends. The great illusion is the utilization of that personality for selfishHercules, 153:self, the real or the unreal, the true or the illusion. That is the underlying story of Scorpio.Hercules, 153:First, there is Serpens, the serpent of illusion, the serpent we meet in Genesis, which deludedHercules, 154:Ophiuchus, struggling [154] with the serpent of illusion, with the crown held before him, towardsHercules, 157:he could no longer be taken in by the serpent of illusion. He was free from fear and glamor, fromHercules, 159:it and clears away the great mire, the great illusion and stands free with the goal clear in frontHercules, 160:The moment we have freed ourselves from illusion, that moment we enter into Sagittarius and we seeHercules, 167:in the way he did it. He had freed himself from illusion and Athena had given him some cymbalsHercules, 195:to that dark place called Erytheia where Great Illusion is enthroned where Geryon, the monster ofHercules, 218:to note that the Zodiac is spoken of as an illusion and as an imaginary path, an appearance.Hercules, 218:the fact that it is all appearance, the great illusion. One writer tells us that: "... to theHercules, 222:Scorpio The final freeing from illusion. Aquarius Server of the race, pouring out the living waterHercules, 225:that, as we shall see, which produces the great illusion, but which can, eventually, become theHercules, 226:secondly, to demonstrate that he has overcome illusion, that the magical glamor that matter imposesHercules, 227:before Hercules was his emancipation from illusion and the freeing of perception from the mists andInitiation, 221:activity and its seven races. Maya Sanskrit, "Illusion." Of the principle of form or limitation.Intellect, 69:as blind guides leading to the morass of illusion. Closely connected with this belief is theIntellect, 70:its belief that all evil is mere appearance, an illusion produced by the divisions and oppositionsIntellect, 84:regarded as the psychical world - the world of illusion, of feeling and of emotion. But in theIntellect, 119:with the Primal Cause (he) had eliminated the Illusion of Duality. - Rechung (from the Tibetan) WeIntellect, 157:creatures, and will endure even though this illusion of individuality perishes... He will live hisIntellect, 179:knower with the instruments of knowledge... The illusion that the Perceiver and that which isIntellect, 244:of some great and revered Teacher. The world of illusion is full of these thought-forms,Intellect, 248:It is less interesting, but preserves him from illusion. If he does this, the higher results willIntellect, 252:they will be able to guard themselves from illusion, and from the intrusion of personalities, andIntellect, 253:It is possible to mention other forms of illusion, for the first world the aspirant contacts seemsIntellect, 253:be the psychic world, and that is the world of illusion. This world of illusion has its uses, andIntellect, 253:and that is the world of illusion. This world of illusion has its uses, and entering it is a mostMagic, 59:has tasted the joys of life in the [59] world of illusion and has learnt their powerlessness toMagic, 61:see only the fogs and miasmas of the planes of illusion, and fails to be interested. If he looksMagic, 80:bodies are trained in the art of distinguishing illusion from the center of reality, the real fromMagic, 86:importance at this time. In the vale of illusion, the symbol oft engrosses attention and that whichMagic, 120:is needed here however, lest the glamor of illusion tempt to the path of inertia. Ponder theseMagic, 121:Only he who knoweth the five senses to be illusion, and that naught remaineth save the two ahead,Magic, 175:and their work is necessarily part of the great illusion. They are unconscious mediums and areMagic, 180:is, and that which will be. Therefore you have illusion and inaccuracy. This is a method, however,Magic, 193:swayed by astralism and wander in the vale of illusion regarding themselves as different from otherMagic, 205:a strengthening of the shadows in the vale of illusion and brings to full growth the serpent ofMagic, 208:practice by each of you. Discover the serpent of illusion by the help of the serpent of wisdom andMagic, 221:to the center, pierce through its veiled illusion, and eventually stand poised, untouched,Magic, 222:Plane Secondly, the astral plane is the plane of illusion, of glamor, and of a distortedMagic, 223:into the trap set for him by the serpent of illusion, but let him shut his eyes to the colorfulMagic, 223:traverse the miry halls of maya." No glamor, no illusion can long hold the man who has set himself
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