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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ILLUSIONS

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Astrology, 62:throughout the body of space are by no means illusions but definitely express eternalAstrology, 63:reality to humanity today as are the personality illusions of any individual. These illusions areAstrology, 63:personality illusions of any individual. These illusions are due to the polarization of theAstrology, 307:therefore, free from the ordinary glamors and illusions which color the reactions and life of theAstrology, 397:and this will finally dispel the self-engendered illusions and glamorous of the aspirant;Bethlehem, 248:then, in our highest moments, when free from the illusions of the emotional nature, determines ourDiscipleship1, 13:is that you can then avoid the glamors and the illusions of the astral plane whereon thought-formsDiscipleship1, 25:and to see that reality free from glamor and the illusions of the three worlds. When the intuitionDiscipleship1, 37:which will break up the existing glamors and illusions, and so dissipate the ancient deceptiveDiscipleship1, 91:corroborate an already known truth, or to create illusions or responsibility until it is eitherDiscipleship1, 234:or potent, for you are more [234] subject to illusions than to glamors, being so predominantly aDiscipleship1, 310:opens up before you. I hold out before you no illusions of a great work to be performed for whichDiscipleship1, 494:body, or to moods and feelings or to mental illusions. The body exists and must receive due care;Discipleship1, 608:then step in? I would warn you against two such illusions: [609] The illusion that glamor no longerDiscipleship1, 616:struggled for years to overcome the glamors and illusions which overwhelm you with such frequency.Discipleship1, 620:and dreams, my brother, and work with no illusions and with no time for consideration ofDiscipleship2, 262:effort of the disciple. Glamor is disappearing; illusions are being dissipated; the stage ofDiscipleship2, 262:respite from war. The war itself is shattering illusions, revealing the need for change andDiscipleship2, 415:work of the mind, with its deviousness, its illusions, its errors, its dogmatisms and itsDiscipleship2, 634:embody the final phase of illusion - those illusions which bewilder the disciple but have no effectEducation, 114:are spread, and personal preferences and illusions find expression, bringing about the deception ofExternalisation, 38:and immediate. It takes the form (for all illusions take to themselves form of some kind or other)Externalisation, 139:is characterized by pronounced and developed illusions, by separative attitudes and by speciousExternalisation, 355:forward out of one or other of these "glamorous illusions of mayavic impressions" of the human soulExternalisation, 362:the mental plane and the dispelling of all past illusions and the gradual revelation of the newExternalisation, 571:his constant warfare on conditioning glamors and illusions meet, in these early stages, with littleGlamour, 9:what aspirations it arouses, and what dreams, illusions, and reactions are consciously registered.Glamour, 30:thoughts. So many are these thought producing illusions that the effect in the world today has beenGlamour, 45:of the glamors which beset his path and the [45] illusions which build a wall between him and theGlamour, 45:not; they deify their glamors and regard their illusions as their prized and hard won possessions.Glamour, 45:it the disciple can build the easily formed illusions of the mind which is just beginning to findGlamour, 46:the glamor of the astral plane, though not the illusions of the mental levels of consciousness.Glamour, 68:and master more definitely the glamorous and illusions of your personality. The time has now comeGlamour, 71:is the sumtotal of the desire life, plus the illusions, of any nation. These we term nationalGlamour, 85:is added the condition of glamor and also the illusions of the advanced disciple, it will be seenGlamour, 94:to cover all the aspects of those deceptions, illusions, misunderstandings and misinterpretationsGlamour, 112:and thus constituting a difficulty and that the illusions of the mental plane are now added to theGlamour, 112:added to the glamors of the astral plane. These illusions are theoretical and intellectual inGlamour, 112:of all the glamors and the emergence of the illusions of the mental plane. Today we have aspirantsGlamour, 118:under this term I include the various maya and illusions) to which the ray types predispose theGlamour, 119:people. In the mental body, imposing mental illusions of many kinds, such as control byGlamour, 120:approaches to truth. These produce powerful illusions to which the individual man easily succumbs.Glamour, 120:are evoking glamors in the emotional nature and illusions in the mental nature. Those easilyGlamour, 132:present day, and the rapid growth of ideological illusions, which are nevertheless based on a trueGlamour, 133:many possible ones, so that you may realize how illusions come, how they develop and how they mustGlamour, 161:forward out of one or other of these "glamorous illusions and mayavic impressions" of the humanGlamour, 170:the mental plane and the dispelling of all past illusions and the gradual revelation of the newGlamour, 184:World Illusion Today the world is full of illusions, many of them veiled under the form ofGlamour, 223:problem by saying that they tend to bring their illusions down to the astral plane and there clotheGlamour, 243:made. These are some aspects of the glamors and illusions which must be dispelled and dissipatedHercules, 178:The tail made of serpents typifies all illusions that impede the progress of spiritual life; theInitiation, 77:therein, are not; that is known when all the illusions of the lower planes are experienced, passedIntellect, 91:in God that we might strive and suffer amid the illusions of time and sense. We have to overcomeMagic, 561:are, after all, ephemeral, the ambitions and illusions must all go. If the workers would practiceMagic, 614:meaning clear. How can one who is subject to the illusions of the senses, as are all humanMagic, 614:of those who have freed themselves from the illusions of the astral plane or realize the state ofPatanjali, 152:merges himself in the great world of thought illusions nor identifies himself with that which isPsychology1, 180:are spread, and personal preferences and illusions find expression, bringing about the deception ofPsychology2, 34:of isolation and the battle itself are only illusions and figments of unreality; they are the lastPsychology2, 138:then sweeps into manifestation all the astral illusions, the grandiose delusions and the glamors ofPsychology2, 276:the approach of acquiescence, they fall into the illusions of self-pity. These prevent the processPsychology2, 495:dreams can embody in themselves ancient astral illusions and glamors, potent and strong because ofPsychology2, 503:of cases, and mixed in nature, for the glamors, illusions and the perceptions of the doings ofRays, 600:definitely are, and there are great and basic illusions governing life within the Hierarchy.Rays, 600:within the Hierarchy. Nevertheless, they are illusions of such a high order that - for advancedReappearance, 131:upon the three aspects of world glamor: the illusions which the mind creates, the glamor of theTelepathy, 54:the lower psychic can contact the glamors, the illusions and delusions of the astral world. The
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