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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ILLUSTRATE

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Astrology, 388:nature upon its own level of awareness. I could illustrate this by pointing out that desire is notAstrology, 424:(for instance) to the soul on its own plane will illustrate with accuracy a still greaterAtom, 100:it might be helpful if I endeavored somewhat to illustrate. It might be done as follows: In ourAtom, 125:respond to the not-self on every plane. Let me illustrate. I could go down to certain halls in thisAtom, 154:Consciousness, if you like. Let us again illustrate this. Our body, we have been told, is made upBethlehem, 184:[184] Another instance can here be given to illustrate the astronomical background of our ChristianDestiny, 37:Nations - The Influence of the Rays Today Let me illustrate these facts for you by means of the twoDestiny, 43:in connection with spiritualism that I can best illustrate the lower expression of the incomingDiscipleship1, 410:do you place your emphasis in life and how can I illustrate to you my point? You state that you areDiscipleship1, 449:A case in point, my brother, which may serve to illustrate my point was your reaction to the ---.Discipleship2, 355:I can only hope for your right approach. If - to illustrate - you interpret the sixth hint, whichDiscipleship2, 481:to offset it, actuated by right motive. Let me illustrate. The Master knows that it is the destinyDiscipleship2, 549:field of determined self-government. Let me illustrate in a manner which I believe will convey toDiscipleship2, 691:phrase each month with three questions. Let me illustrate for you what I mean by taking two wordsEducation, xii:members will be seekers after synthesis. To illustrate the type of courses contemplated, theEducation, 25:of the child is capable of grasping. How can I illustrate this changed attitude to you in theEducation, 132:the symbolism of natural process in order to illustrate and make clear the needed instruction, andExternalisation, 101:group difficulty lies. Let me be specific and illustrate. I, your Tibetan brother, friend andExternalisation, 636:the human spirit and impair its freedom. To illustrate - the Hierarchy demonstrated against theFire, 132:which it has gained through experience. Let us illustrate: The matter of the solar system, whenFire, 197:of this very faculty of touch or feeling. Let me illustrate briefly so as to make the problemFire, 372:higher triangle or the major three schemes. To illustrate by means of a human being, the microcosm:Fire, 573:subplane on each plane. Let me briefly illustrate: The fourth law, Magnetic Control, for instance,Fire, 596:how in time to become a creator. We might illustrate this by remarking that one of the mainFire, 600:they are facts for the present. Let me again illustrate: we have been told that the three majorFire, 662:influence. To be explicit, and thus to illustrate this point: the little elemental lives which formFire, 696:refers only to the psychical development. Let me illustrate: The five-pointed star on the mentalFire, 701:how in time to become a creator. We might illustrate this by remarking that one of the mainGlamourof their informative value and because they illustrate the practical value of the teaching given.Glamour, 45:- A World Problem - The Nature of Glamor Let us illustrate my point from two angles, both of whichGlamour, 146:and I would remind you of it. I might also illustrate this point by pointing out to you that theHealing, 21:understood as we now interpret it. There is, to illustrate, a law called the Law of Gravitation,Healing, 420:which it has gained through experience. Let us illustrate: The matter of the solar system, whenHealing, 434:All these phases, rightly understood, illustrate or demonstrate the unique potency of the Law ofHealing, 584:but not effective. Ponder on this and let me illustrate my point. In the life of the aspirant, theHealing, 584:very slowly, coming into effective action. To illustrate further: the energies of the personalityIntellect, 229:The words taken in this particular form can illustrate [230] this, and the process depicts aMagic, 29:'Unknown God' a recognized reality. Let me illustrate. Magic, 76:The meaning is disclosed in a flash. Let me illustrate: - The words "the One enunciates the wordMagic, 112:indicates the clarity of the channel. Let me illustrate. The ego of the average [113] man has itsMagic, 203:process is that of character building. Let me illustrate! A man is the victim of an irritable andMagic, 203:a newer and higher motive emerges. Again, let me illustrate: An aspirant in the early stages isMagic, 208:all the three bodies synchronously. Let me illustrate: - When you are practicing your dailyMagic, 451:"Unknown God" a recognized Reality. Let me illustrate: Man knows himself to be a living being andMagic, 487:by the alchemy of love. Let me be practical and illustrate, for the matter is of importance. SomeMagic, 550:worker in white magic has to grasp. This I might illustrate, for instance, by stating that workingMagic, 555:Lords of Time and Space depend. It is hard to illustrate this in simple terms, but it might be saidMagic, 573:contacts with my fellowmen? You ask me if I can illustrate this for you? Now let me attempt to doMeditation, 15:lowest reflection on the mental plane. Let me illustrate briefly: When the egoic ray is what isMeditation, 20:Meditation A Practical Illustration Let me illustrate, if in any way I can elucidate the matter;Meditation, 90:as planned by the three Great Lords. Let me illustrate: One of the things accomplished inMeditation, 108:a temporary loss of time. Let us be specific and illustrate: An Ego has formed his threefold bodyMeditation, 118:hinders, and again that involves danger. Let me illustrate, for clarity is desired: A student isMeditation, 156:and not a field for experimentation. Let me illustrate the type of work that these forms which workMeditation, 195:or other plane in the three worlds. Let [195] me illustrate, for clarity is desired. I must warnMeditation, 207:interchangeably for purposes of blinding. Let me illustrate: The Lords of the Flame, in their workPatanjali, 41:in touch with the Archetype. It is, if I might illustrate in this way, that this class of yoginsPatanjali, 408:those aspects are undeveloped and latent. To illustrate: we fail to see the divine in our brotherPsychology1, 9:to use the sustained will, is also rare. Let me illustrate. There is need for clear thinking onPsychology1, 73:distorted and curtailed and misapplied. Let me illustrate. I have said that first ray energy worksPsychology1, 279:instance, would produce naught but good. Let me illustrate my point in two ways, both of whichPsychology2, 175:highest knowledge. A brief example will serve to illustrate this, and we can then consider somePsychology2, 334:found on our planet, at any one time, who will illustrate in their lives and activities some onePsychology2, 696:race. It is just here that I can perhaps best illustrate this law and aid our work at the comingRays, 29:being dependent upon an intermediary? Let me illustrate: In the group I have under trainingRays, 541:the appearance of a point of tension. Let me illustrate. In the work of creating the antahkarana,Rays, 643:have both an exoteric side and esoteric. (To illustrate further: The exoteric side of the workRays, 756:and life. This has not yet been done. Let me illustrate: The spiritual statement by Shri Krishna,
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