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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ILLUSTRATION

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Astrology, 415:by it. For instance, you have an interesting illustration of this in the nature of fire,Astrology, 415:to you and at the same time constitutes a good illustration of a basic law. Astrology, 424:time and space must always be borne in mind. One illustration of this normally emerges in our mindsAtom, 138:get very confused when considering them, but an illustration that was given me may make the wholeAutobiography, 73:turns towards God. I used the sunflower as an illustration of this, pointing out that it was calledDestiny, 14:activity. I mention these two phases as illustration of the effect of first ray energy in theDestiny, 44:vast a one for me to deal with here, except in illustration of the points which I am endeavoring toDiscipleship1, 241:can serve the entire group of my disciples as an illustration of much that you will later study.Discipleship1, 290:when recognized, negates the application of your illustration. Your illustration is entirely true,Discipleship1, 290:the application of your illustration. Your illustration is entirely true, but has no bearing on theDiscipleship1, 655:to myself yesterday, either in pity, or as an illustration, or to evoke interest? Friday... WhatDiscipleship1, 735:of tension. If you are (to give a very usual illustration) preoccupied with your physicalDiscipleship2, 256:hitherto been regarded as the ultimate goal. An illustration of this is the fact that to theDiscipleship2, 322:Again here (if you could but see it) you have an illustration of the processes and interaction ofDiscipleship2, 329:and are supremely worthy of consideration. An illustration of this can be seen in the response ofDiscipleship2, 416:by a Master to one of his disciples, by way of illustration. He said: "Learn that all Ashrams areDiscipleship2, 422:notes the law which is transcended. The simple illustration of this can be given here in terms ofDiscipleship2, 581:This has oft been noted. Let me give you an illustration. The very first communication I gave toDiscipleship2, 725:unchangeably are. You have, my brother, a good illustration of what I mean in the two plans whichEducation, 11:the human consciousness would prove a profitable illustration of the phenomena of thoughtEducation, 63:will be made. Let me give you one simple illustration: War is, factually, a great explosion ofEducation, 67:and there "grounding them" or anchoring them. As illustration: it was an esoteric activity of aEducation, 108:or of specific personalities, except by way of illustration. In my other writings I have laid aExternalisation, 363:this practical application and this immediate illustration of teaching anent glamor, illusion andFire, 107:like an unstrung web, or (to use a very homely illustration) it resembles a tennis racket which hasFire, 108:with latent physical fire. We have a curious illustration of both of these forms of trouble in sunFire, 108:by destruction of etheric matter. The above illustration has been used with definite intent, [109]Fire, 153:these two types of spheres we might, by way of illustration and for the sake of clarity, say that:Fire, 353:in its sphere of influence. Each of us, in illustration, is the thinking purposeful Entity who actsFire, 365:of the Logos of that scheme. Similarly (again in illustration) globe 2, chain 2 during round 2 inFire, 434:ever the three and the five. Let us see if, by illustration, we can make this idea more simple. HeFire, 571:is that identity ever remains. Let me explain by illustration: Each one of us, in due process ofFire, 582:which makes cohesion possible. We can see an illustration of this on the mental plane. The causalFire, 582:to the final merging with the Monad. Another illustration of the same thing can be found on theFire, 598:and its sixth in a branch race. I give this in illustration, and not as the statement of a fact inFire, 604:1st Logos, 2nd Logos, 3rd Logos cooperate. Illustration: Life of the 3rd Logos - animating atoms ofFire, 643:I seek to convey [643] may be gathered from an illustration. The occult Hierarchy is concerned withFire, 653:I, 183. Compare the atom and the Microcosm, man. Illustration: - S. D., I, 174. Every atom hasFire, 712:In ordinary electric light, we have a faint illustration of the thought I seek to convey. By theFire, 738:impulse to incarnate will again be felt. In illustration of this, we should bear in mind that theFire, 896:Lesser Devas of Liquid Matter A very interesting illustration of the interpenetrating of all theFire, 1105:between systems and constellations, of which an illustration can be seen in the effect of VenusianFire, 1135:the personality, the lower self, or not-self. In illustration of this idea, it might be pointed outGlamour, 43:of the world glamor. It might be expressed in illustration thus: Through alignment and subsequentGlamour, 46:types and kinds of intermediate reactions. In illustration of our point, and thus emphasizing theGlamour, 78:and bring about a lengthy imprisonment. One illustration of this is the sentiment of devotionGlamour, 134:form. I have used the current situation as an illustration of the idea taking form as the idealGlamour, 170:this practical application and the immediate illustration of the teaching anent glamor, illusionGlamour, 209:by his personality forces and expediency. An illustration of this and of its effectiveness can beGlamour, 225:any very real conscious understanding. An illustration of this would be the work done by the ChurchHealing, 359:This is a psychological healing and only one illustration of it. Then there is a type of healingHealing, 446:with the soil on which it falls, we have a tiny illustration of this great and eternal process ofHealing, 669:these others do not learn. I have used the above illustration so as to make my theme somewhatHealing, 685:even when assumed with no true understanding. An illustration of this is the instinctual care of aHercules, 164:is an individual revelation is sectarianism; an illustration of Sagittarius misused. I had aInitiation, 18:lower, and of all that forms a barrier. Take, in illustration, the web that separates the ethericInitiation, 30:body and its subtler bodies are to man. Hence in illustration it might be said that the coming intoInitiation, 30:all the remaining centers. This is by way of illustration, and an attempt to show the relation [31]Initiation, 46:of these different schools of thought. In illustration: The Master Jesus, the inspirer and directorInitiation, 182:this information is of value to the student. In illustration of this it would be wise if studentsInitiation, 183:business concentration might be considered an illustration. The one-pointed application of the mindInitiation, 201:which man functions on the physical plane. In illustration: Man can then transfer consciously theIntellect, 242:himself to utilize them correctly. A practical illustration of this can be given here, and oneMagic, 20:in God. Carrying the concept, for the sake of illustration, into other realms of thought thisMagic, 71:to handle it. We have in it an interesting illustration of the microcosmic correspondence to theMagic, 118:ideas may come some helpfulness. You have an illustration of what I say in the fact that many ofMeditation, 20:considered when assigning Meditation A Practical Illustration Let me illustrate, if in any way IMeditation, 208:line of the second Aspect. I give the above illustration to demonstrate to you the great complexityPatanjali, 20:that he may not mistake these for reality. An illustration might well be given here, in respect toPsychology1, 121:shines forth in both. I mention this as an illustration of an externalization of ray force, and asPsychology1, 153:as to be incomprehensible at this time. An illustration of this waxing and waning of influence andPsychology1, 235:treatise for initiatory training. Take, as an illustration of this, the words found in Book III.44,Psychology1, 255:love and attention towards his master. In this illustration some of the responsibility of man toPsychology2, 80:gathering workers and forces around them. An illustration of this can be seen in the work of thePsychology2, 116:to bring home to you its exactitude. The second illustration which may perhaps make clearer thePsychology2, 164:trace the basic meanings. Let us, by way of illustration, trace or indicate the relation betweenPsychology2, 164:means to Yoga, because this will give us an illustration of the difference existing between thePsychology2, 173:with the soil on which it falls, we have a tiny illustration of this great and eternal process ofPsychology2, 535:stages, [535] cause definite psychic trouble. In illustration of this I would like to indicate thePsychology2, 541:factor, as he is intended to be. The second illustration is connected with the unfoldment of thePsychology2, 543:relation remains still the best symbol and illustration as the writings of the mystics of allPsychology2, 566:to induce the reception of the [566] message. An illustration of this would be the recognition by aPsychology2, 678:our modern philanthropic enterprises are an illustration), the ideal of group welfare inRays, 125:most important lesson. It is also an interesting illustration of the technique of the Masters,Rays, 296:destroys Churchianity) you have again a striking illustration of the truth of what I am seeking toRays, 306:conditioned human thinking. Perhaps the simplest illustration I can give you of this type ofRays, 310:which we are concerned? Ponder on this as an illustration of this form of destruction, and seekTelepathy, 4:and works and fights for his thought-forms. An illustration of this is to be found in the historyTelepathy, 114:will be the instinctual reaction - as in the illustration which I have given and which is basedTelepathy, 144:as a consequence; animal magnetism is an illustration of this radiation. This emanation from theTelepathy, 153:ago, produced animal-man. I give this as an illustration and a key to a great mystery. CuriouslyTelepathy, 175:a home or an institution. I give this as an illustration. One radiant, creative life, consciously
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