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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMAGINATION

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Astrology, 207:an aspect of thought and - coupled with imagination - is a creative agent because thoughts areAstrology, 225:of the Fixed Cross in Scorpio. The spiritual imagination, which is the factor of greatest serviceAstrology, 235:of a perverted mentality and an unwholesome imagination, which today lie behind so much of itsAstrology, 246:two tangibles through the power of the creative imagination. It is for this reason that so manyAstrology, 597:It is in a very true sense "a figment of the imagination." Ponder on this. The abolition of deathAtom, 50:the understanding of the truth. The use of the imagination will frequently open up a wonderfulAtom, 50:open up a wonderful vision, and if this imagination is based on essentials, and starts with aAtom, 119:certain suppositions before you, drawing upon my imagination. Naturally it is not possible forAutobiography, 38:wishful thinking or an over-vivid imagination. I twice (whilst living and working in Great Britain)Autobiography, 90:of prominent occultists are evidences of a vivid imagination and that they are untrue and misleadAutobiography, 150:of things happening to the girls and as my imagination always works overtime I know that I haveAutobiography, 302:are of more profound significance than our imagination can picture. We have been taught and indeedBethlehem, 112:of God, just as this other figment of the imagination, the devil with horns and tail, is a reminderBethlehem, 112:any solid truth behind them, a mere play of the imagination! The garment which clothes theDestiny, 144:might well be placed) can stimulate your imagination and widen your horizon; for aspirants andDiscipleship1, 28:control and to the activity of the creative imagination. The Hierarchy produces its effects uponDiscipleship1, 29:of suggestion and the response of the creative imagination is a fruitful source of glamor. I would,Discipleship1, 89:the ability to use the creative powers of the imagination, plus mental energy, as a measure toDiscipleship1, 90:body and thus two aspects of the creative imagination are brought into play. 2. The power toDiscipleship1, 90:is the form-building aspect of the creative imagination. This process falls into three parts,Discipleship1, 91:of the Trinity, the second aspect. The creative imagination "pictures a form" through the abilityDiscipleship1, 91:IX This visualizing process and this use of the imagination form the first two steps in theDiscipleship1, 116:lies in the unfoldment of the creative imagination. How shall this be done? The two are closelyDiscipleship1, 116:closely allied. Visualization and the creative imagination [117] are related. A great deal of yourDiscipleship1, 156:into the head center by an act of the creative imagination and hold it steadily there... I wouldDiscipleship1, 156:your eyes. Then, by an act of the creative imagination, see yourself standing in the center at theDiscipleship1, 172:powerful agent in the evocation of the creative imagination. Let me here give you a hint. If youDiscipleship1, 182:high a point as possible and using the creative imagination to your fullest capacity, see theDiscipleship1, 212:by imagining (great is the power of the creative imagination) that you are consciously carrying theDiscipleship1, 227:Exercise: 2. Then look out, in your imagination, over the world of men. See that world as one ofDiscipleship1, 287:visionary, the idealist and the one whose imagination, love of beauty and the sense of innerDiscipleship1, 296:aspects of your thought life - the creative imagination, the mind and the intuition - and it is theDiscipleship1, 308:inaudibly and, with the power of the creative imagination, See the physical body dedicating itselfDiscipleship1, 321:an act of the will and the use of the creative imagination. Having thus vitalized the astral bodyDiscipleship1, 343:is vitalized... I seek to awaken the creative imagination and release your sense of specializedDiscipleship1, 346:processes. Then, by the use of the creative imagination, carry this electrification (if I might useDiscipleship1, 364:the soul, in its own world, using the creative imagination as you do so. Sound the O. M. again asDiscipleship1, 385:First, it trains you in the use of the creative imagination (which is an aspect of the intuition)Discipleship1, 439:consciousness through the power of the creative imagination. Then see it next as a solid triangleDiscipleship1, 456:stabilized interrelation and awareness. Use the imagination whilst so doing, and for three minutesDiscipleship1, 474:each day into the light and, by the use of your imagination, link her with the master of her life,Discipleship1, 506:of the garden and its growth in beauty. Let your imagination guide you day by day into the steadyDiscipleship1, 512:life and of bringing into activity the creative imagination as its potent servant. Suspicion everDiscipleship1, 532:do, however: Ponder upon the use of the creative imagination and the power of visualization. I willDiscipleship1, 536:it to the unfolding opportunity of your creative imagination. I shall be interested to know, afterDiscipleship1, 546:inward in successive stages, using the imagination in so doing. The imagination is a creativeDiscipleship1, 546:stages, using the imagination in so doing. The imagination is a creative activity, producingDiscipleship1, 609:me if I say that you never evidence any imagination or excitement except along the lines ofDiscipleship1, 664:Full Moon work involves the use of the creative imagination, the cultivation of the power toDiscipleship2, 16:attentive, using simultaneously the faculties of imagination and of [17] visualization. This tripleDiscipleship2, 26:forward silently by the creative activity of the imagination. Imagine or visualize yourself asDiscipleship2, 27:you. Then each of you can constitute himself, in imagination, as spokesman for his group and offerDiscipleship2, 27:say the words, and listen with care, using the imagination. This will involve intenseDiscipleship2, 52:producing the desired mind control. The creative imagination, involving as it does the power toDiscipleship2, 57:performance in the realm of the creative imagination, and through the medium of its agent,Discipleship2, 79:would be of value to all disciples, using the imagination as far as possible as an instrument ofDiscipleship2, 116:of soul and personality, using the creative imagination in the process. This is a "feeling" orDiscipleship2, 137:The doing of this will invoke the creative imagination of the disciple, and this, in its turn, willDiscipleship2, 139:You will see, through the use of the creative imagination, all the Ashrams in close contact withDiscipleship2, 146:itself if no ideas have come to you, and in imagination formulate it in such a way that it can beDiscipleship2, 146:the world of thought. Then (using the creative imagination and seeing yourself as a responsibleDiscipleship2, 227:fellowmen. Then visualize (through the creative imagination) the vivid light of the Hierarchy,Discipleship2, 230:hierarchical Plan). Then, through the creative imagination and by an act of the will, see untoldDiscipleship2, 247:with initiation and the creative work of the imagination, because these teachings and theDiscipleship2, 298:of personality or of the lower self. Let your imagination run wild for a moment, picturing theDiscipleship2, 344:of these mysterious presentations, the creative imagination must be brought into play; it must beDiscipleship2, 373:with their import - or leaving it to your imagination if the intuition is not yet creativelyDiscipleship2, 373:active; it must always be remembered that the imagination is the seed of the intuition, becauseDiscipleship2, 461:It is dependent also upon the power of sustained imagination which you may possess and is a goodDiscipleship2, 469:All I dare say is that by the use of creative imagination, by a constant application to the way ofDiscipleship2, 495:inward in successive stages, using the imagination in so doing. The imagination is a creativeDiscipleship2, 495:stages, using the imagination in so doing. The imagination is a creative activity, producingDiscipleship2, 508:Ashram. Me, your Master. You thus, through the imagination, create a triangle of energy: [509] AsDiscipleship2, 509:concerned) the use of your confident, creative imagination. Then say the Great Invocation, slowlyDiscipleship2, 515:one long breath and gather up by the power of imagination the energy of the solar plexus. ThenDiscipleship2, 546:adequate then see (by the power of the creative imagination) a distant peak or pyramid and on itsDiscipleship2, 554:will produce in you a fresh use of the creative imagination. Some time ago I told the group thatDiscipleship2, 555:the heart is the custodian of the power of the imagination. The imagination is released intoDiscipleship2, 555:custodian of the power of the imagination. The imagination is released into creative activity whenDiscipleship2, 567:Triad. This will require the use of the imagination, until such time as it is factual. Then takeDiscipleship2, 643:to identify himself with the whole; his trained imagination also presents special difficulty for heDiscipleship2, 660:with the soul. Then carry the line which your imagination has constructed, from the center at theDiscipleship2, 687:center. [687] Then, through the power of the imagination, focus your consciousness in the radiantDiscipleship2, 687:and believe - through the power of the creative imagination - that it evokes such a powerful,Discipleship2, 704:beauty of the picture which you paint with your imagination will depend much that you do andDiscipleship2, 706:to be helped. [706] Study the value of the imagination in this connection. "You move through lifeDiscipleship2, 706:reply. She said: "The need for a more fertile imagination." She is entirely right. The imaginationDiscipleship2, 706:fertile imagination." She is entirely right. The imagination is a creative faculty. Wherein are youDiscipleship2, 706:Can you picture to yourself by any flight of imagination the task ahead of the Arcane School, forDiscipleship2, 707:real and provocative to the neophyte? Can your imagination picture to you your reaction when -Discipleship2, 707:personality easily accepts, and your creative imagination had better begin dealing with theseDiscipleship2, 709:humanity lies in the unfoldment of the creative imagination; this will enable you to tune in uponDiscipleship2, 712:must do this through the power of the creative imagination; you must act "as if"; you must see thisDiscipleship2, 745:the energy just received, and let your creative imagination build for you a structure for yourDiscipleship2, 747:in the ajna center. See (with the creative imagination) the throat center as a radiant, vibrant,Discipleship2, 754:potencies of the lower man by the power of the imagination and careful visualization. This can beEducation, 33:much through the use of the pictorial and visual imagination. Many aspirants have alreadyEducation, 86:with historical and literary facts but his imagination will be fired, and his ambition andExternalisation, 40:down the ages, and is the product of the 'false' imagination and the work of the lower psychicExternalisation, 103:for the development and functioning of the imagination, applied to the lines of outcome and
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