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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMAGINATION

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Externalisation, 144:aspiration and a small awakening of the creative imagination. This means that the results achievedExternalisation, 154:of this and a creative impassioned use of the imagination may serve to add greater potency to yourExternalisation, 226:the world and in all nations, using the creative imagination. Eliminate out of your consciousnessExternalisation, 239:World Picture I would ask you to exercise your imagination in an effort to visualize a world inExternalisation, 400:all the power which in you lies, the creative imagination as you endeavor to do this and to believeExternalisation, 556:in these two ceremonies with a full play of the imagination; these ceremonies will later beExternalisation, 608:human living. I would ask you to use your divine imagination and endeavor to think out what must beExternalisation, 609:situation today, and a dedicated use of the imagination, will reveal to the sincere thinker howExternalisation, 652:it is essentially necessary that the creative imagination [653] of the advanced man, of aspirants,Fire, 173:and of logical reasoning, employing the imagination, and thereby effecting two things: These are anFire, 173:mind; hence the necessity for the use of the imagination (which is the astral equivalent to mentalFire, 188:Clairaudience 2. Psychometry 3. Clairvoyance 4. Imagination 5. Emotional idealism 5th 4th 3rd 2ndFire, 189:The Fourth Sense - Taste. Physical taste. Imagination. Discrimination. Intuition. Perfection. TheFire, 971:Hence will be seen the great value of a true imagination, and its ordered scientific use.Fire, 971:imagination, and its ordered scientific use. Imagination is kama-manasic in origin, being neitherFire, 971:impulse is sufficiently strong, and when the imagination, or power of visualization, is adequatelyFire, 972:be careful to hold the balance, and not to let imagination unduly assume too large proportions. TheFire, 1250:accompanying the work with a vivid imagination, it might be possible to attract into our systemFire, 1251:who add to that search a cultivation of a vivid imagination and an intense power to visualize areGlamour, 143:of the soul, through the power of the creative imagination, direct to your astral body and fromGlamour, 203:which were developed by means of the creative imagination, thus laying the foundation for theGlamour, 210:mental plane through the power of the creative imagination. This enables man eventually toGlamour, 211:existence, upon a trained use of the creative imagination and upon the unquestioning following ofGlamour, 215:and to do this the activity of the creative imagination is employed. The stage of meditation whichGlamour, 217:Technique or Formula By an act of the creative imagination the worker endeavors to see and hear theGlamour, 218:then (by an act of the will and of the creative imagination) turns on the searchlight and sees aGlamour, 234:doing this by an effort of the creative imagination. Each will do this in his own way and accordingHealing, 63:men and women, and is based upon a too active imagination, plus a powerful physical or sex nature,Healing, 103:emotional natures. Do this by the use of the imagination, realizing that energy follows thought andHealing, 104:the etheric externalization of the creative imagination. Think this last sentence out. Then useHealing, 105:of the visualizing faculty and of the creative imagination, plus a sense of deep and steadfastHealing, 149:multiple petals of the ajna center. It expresses imagination and desire in their two highest forms,Healing, 245:substance of the planet. A focused use of the imagination will aid you in discovering how vitallyHealing, 286:information should be studied. The faculty of imagination and the power of visualization should beHealing, 354:Questions Answered On Using the Mind and the Imagination to Develop Group Consciousness When aHealing, 355:and not their individual minds. In using the imagination to this end, you have to cultivate theHealing, 355:of God Himself. It is the creative use of the imagination which produces an integrated groupHealing, 355:possibility of such creative use of the united imagination. To become entirely free from this willHealing, 364:of love. Through the power of the creative imagination, and not through intellectual concepts (noHealing, 367:revert to the curative power of his own creative imagination. Release comes through acceptance ofHealing, 409:plane, the astral body is "a figment of the imagination"; it is not a principle. The massed use ofHealing, 409:it is not a principle. The massed use of the imagination in the service of desire has neverthelessHealing, 575:of his work involves the use of the creative imagination, the power to visualize and a knowledge ofHealing, 582:visualization and the power of the creative imagination. As he imagines, through visualization, theHealing, 698:head center, through the power of the creative imagination, with the center between the eyebrows,Healing, 700:technique. Then, having through the use of the imagination worked at an imaginary healing, lookHercules, 74:faculty which we all possess, a creative imagination. But in some form or another, the aspirant whoHercules, 88:mind, hereditary instinct, and the collective imagination. It stands, individually, for theHercules, 219:test. Death is also said to be "a figment of our imagination". Testimony as to the Effectiveness ofIntellect, 30:acting with intention and utilizing the creative imagination. Could it be said that this is theIntellect, 139:which man sees and knows God without using the imagination and without discursive reasoning, andIntellect, 168:of selfhood; either by the force of a heated imagination which vividly apprehends a sensibleIntellect, 206:largely, but also upon the use of the imagination. Through the imagination, we assume the attitudeIntellect, 206:upon the use of the imagination. Through the imagination, we assume the attitude of the Onlooker,Intellect, 223:in the practice of meditation is the use of the imagination; we picture to ourselves the threefoldIntellect, 224:It [224] would seem that visualization, imagination and will are three very potent factors in allIntellect, 224:physical plane. The practice of visualization, imagination and the use of the will are activitiesIntellect, 225:source of being. Thus, through the use of the imagination and visualization, the desire body, theIntellect, 244:is not the result of a vivid and over-stimulated imagination. The power of the creative imaginationIntellect, 244:imagination. The power of the creative imagination is only just beginning to be sensed, and it isIntellect, 244:condition. Whilst in that condition, his imagination begins to function, and he sees what he wantsMagic, 190:or lotuses have, theoretically, a place in his imagination. I use the word imagination withMagic, 190:a place in his imagination. I use the word imagination with purposeful intent, for until there isMagic, 303:blend of instinctual memory and anticipatory imagination, and few there are who escape this menace.Magic, 343:Utter fearlessness. The cultivation of the imagination, balanced wisely by the reasoning faculty.Magic, 345:of great unpleasantness are crowding in; your imagination is running riot, and your mind enforcesMagic, 418:a certain standing or because it intrigues their imagination or gives them scope for gatheringMagic, 466:of the creative art or faculty of creative imagination. They pass through life after life ofMagic, 615:finds that the astral plane is a figment of the imagination and has been created through theMagic, 615:through the uncontrolled use of the creative imagination and the misuse of the magical powers. TheMeditation, 195:think out other conditions. The use of the imagination in these matters is of real importance andMeditation, 231:of the higher mind and by stimulation of imagination it somewhat develops the intuition. Much of itMeditation, 289:with due and elaborate care, with the aid of the imagination and loving effort, working daily onPatanjali, 16:to the wrong use of the image making faculty (imagination), to the self-induced passivity of thePatanjali, 59:have to [59] utilize the potent factors of the imagination, visualization and perseverance inPatanjali, 86:comes into play, and this might be called the imagination, bringing its own form of knowledge.Patanjali, 86:imagination, bringing its own form of knowledge. Imagination involves certain mental states suchPatanjali, 86:of dream consciousness. The true use of the imagination necessitates a high degree of control andPatanjali, 175:but the fears of the mind, based upon memory, imagination and anticipation, and the power toPatanjali, 190:"When transgressions hinder, the weight of the imagination should be thrown upon the oppositePatanjali, 192:be ascertained and considered. The use of the imagination comes next in order to bring the thoughtPatanjali, 194:of ignorance. Every time that the "weight of the imagination" is thrown on the side of the realPatanjali, 276:experience and those astral pictures created by imagination and keen desire. The planetary "DwellerPatanjali, 277:can be true. They are the result of a vivid imagination and the assumption that the flashes ofPatanjali, 323:5th 2. Psychometry 4th 3. Clairvoyance 3rd 4. Imagination 2nd 5. Emotional idealism 1st Mental 1.Patanjali, 323:d. Fourth Sense - Taste. Physical taste. Imagination. Discrimination. Intuition. Perfection. e. TheProblems, 59:with historical and literary facts but his imagination will be fired and his ambition andProblems, 181:given. [181] It takes no great effort of the imagination to see that, if this work of spreadingPsychology1, 94:down the ages? Is the soul a fiction of the imagination and has science satisfactorily disprovedPsychology1, 99:of great scientific investigators, the inspired imagination of the poets of the world and thePsychology1, 182:a God will not be a figment of man's creative imagination or an extension of his own consciousness,Psychology1, 204:developed, i.e., he can by the power of his imagination grasp the essence of a truth; his idealismPsychology1, 250:of the lower mind - anticipation, memory, imagination, the power to visualize, remorse, and thePsychology2, 73:futile and useless; it fertilizes unduly the imagination, causing love of uncheckable detail, lossPsychology2, 91:purpose. The wonder of the idea staggers human imagination. If this is a statement of fact, and ifPsychology2, 222:to creative life, through the divine faculty of imagination. This urge is, as can easily be seen,Psychology2, 243:are known. Through the use of the creative imagination, the soul creates; it builds thought-formsPsychology2, 243:applied force, creatively actuated by the imagination of the etheric or vital vehicle. Yet becausePsychology2, 246:to creative life through the divine use of the imagination. As we have seen, it is necessary forPsychology2, 247:brought about by the cultivation of the creative imagination. As yet, humanity knows little about
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