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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMAGINATION

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Psychology2, 248:comes. The focusing of the faculty of the imagination upon the revelation, or upon as much of it asPsychology2, 249:area of external [249] knowledge. It is the imagination or the picture-making faculty which linksPsychology2, 249:three requirements - endurance, meditation, and imagination - he will develop in himself the powerPsychology2, 249:the physical plane. This use of the creative imagination and the fruits of its endeavor will workPsychology2, 383:and the kingdom of God); it brings increased imagination (creative and dynamic) to the emotionalPsychology2, 383:of the Will or first aspect of divinity. Bring Imagination, through the evocation of Love, thePsychology2, 384:technique will so stimulate the faculty of the imagination that an ever expanding or an allPsychology2, 387:ray results, of which the use of the creative imagination is the outstanding characteristic. ThePsychology2, 387:done through the cultivation of the creative imagination. This is one of the great buildingPsychology2, 392:of God will stand revealed to him. The creative imagination will be powerfully evoked in responsePsychology2, 396:theoretical knowledge and belief. The creative imagination will be occupied with those measuresPsychology2, 400:theme opens up a wide range wherein the creative imagination can roam, and provides a fertilePsychology2, 400:the better should be the functioning of the imagination, which is essentially the planned activityPsychology2, 400:life. Ponder on this. This use of the creative imagination will appear to you immediately asPsychology2, 403:to much loss of time. When again the creative imagination can be released in every department ofPsychology2, 428:to the problem. By the use of the creative imagination, the bridge between the lower aspect andPsychology2, 428:of humanity, and seek to develop the creative imagination more constructively, and also to trainPsychology2, 429:human unit to understand the use of the creative imagination and the use of directed purpose, forPsychology2, 429:The sense of fantasy calls into play the imagination, perception of beauty, and the concept of thePsychology2, 429:The sense of fantasy brings the creative imagination into play, thus providing the emotional naturePsychology2, 430:of a definite rhythm composed of the creative imagination, of discriminating choice, of the valuePsychology2, 483:occurrences are the result of his own creative imagination. He is told they are reallyPsychology2, 497:he will frequently draw upon his personal imagination, upon the collective imagination or,Psychology2, 497:his personal imagination, upon the collective imagination or, telepathically, tune in on thePsychology2, 497:imagination or, telepathically, tune in on the imagination of the one who is seeking to treat andPsychology2, 503:his innate truthfulness, his control of the imagination, and his power of verbal expression. [504]Psychology2, 530:pleasure and physical satisfaction, wherein the imagination is beginning to exert its influence;Psychology2, 538:be attached to the sex activity, or the sexual imagination can be dangerously stimulated, leadingPsychology2, 560:Clairaudience 2. Psychometry 3. Clairvoyance 4. Imagination 5. Emotional idealism 5th 4th 3rd 2ndPsychology2, 189:The Fourth Sense - Taste. Physical taste. Imagination. Discrimination. Intuition. Perfection. [562]Psychology2, 570:the wonder of that revelation, his love and his imagination and all that is best in him will bePsychology2, 605:of focused desire, deep inchoate longing, vivid imagination and the construction of a thought form,Psychology2, 630:sinfulness, organized under that figment of the imagination, the devil or some supreme antichrist,Psychology2, 683:of the Group. [683] It takes no great effort of imagination to see that, if this work of educatingRays, 54:consciousness of the disciple and to stir his imagination (the seed of the intuition), so that evenRays, 101:the product of a focused will and the creative imagination; it is not the product of desire, as inRays, 143:figment of wishful thinking or of a hallucinated imagination, but is definitely brought about byRays, 214:reverie and the unwholesome use of the creative imagination. Speech is consequently controlled atRays, 214:inner sources of ideas, of thought and of imagination; it is the precipitation (at a certain pointRays, 244:- the thinking capacity of man and his creative imagination have wrought out the slowly unfoldingRays, 252:upon visualization and the use of the creative imagination; I have presented a system of meditationRays, 357:what might be regarded as the figments of the imagination; yet fundamentally and substanding whatRays, 403:we pass out of the cosmic physical plane (in our imagination, needless to say) and enter thoseRays, 425:not enlarge upon it, but if you have spiritual imagination and speculative ability you canRays, 442:the value, uses and purpose of the creative imagination. This creative imagination is all thatRays, 442:of the creative imagination. This creative imagination is all that remains to him eventually of theRays, 443:the energies of the mind, and the mind, plus the imagination, becomes in time a great invocativeRays, 443:and to bring into effective use, therefore, the imagination with its overwhelmingly powerfulRays, 443:work, the instrument used is the creative imagination. This enables him at the very beginning toRays, 450:much through the use of the pictorial and visual imagination. This bridging must take place: FromRays, 482:which are dependent upon the use of the creative imagination. When these two factors are broughtRays, 487:impression and an act of the creative imagination. A process of energy gathering or of forceRays, 488:has been of a mental nature. The creative imagination has been relatively quiescent; the discipleRays, 488:of the work to be done, by drawing upon the imagination and its faculties as they are to be foundRays, 488:vehicle. This does not relate to the emotions. Imagination is, as you know, the lowest aspect ofRays, 489:in all its beauty and completeness. The creative imagination has to be stepped up in its vibratoryRays, 489:of the bridge. The creative activity of the imagination is the first organizing influence whichRays, 489:occult and significant statement. The creative imagination is in the nature of an active energy,Rays, 489:is the process whereby the creative imagination is rendered active and becomes responsive to andRays, 489:between the buddhic intuition and the creative imagination [490] of the astral body. Consequently,Rays, 491:accumulated energies, organized by the creative imagination and brought to a point of excessiveRays, 501:goes forward uniformly. The use of the creative imagination [502] is now called forth and thisRays, 502:some way be done, because the use of the visual imagination is an essential factor in the buildingRays, 509:Spiritual Triad, using constantly the creative imagination. This line of light (this strand orRays, 511:It is dependent upon the use of the creative imagination. Students would do well to reflect uponRays, 511:do well to reflect upon the relationship of the imagination to the intuition and of both to theRays, 512:tension. Visualization. The use of the creative imagination or the picture-making faculty. ResponseRays, 553:Invocation, accompanied by the creative imagination, will produce that new creative activity whichRays, 648:appeal. It would be good to let your spiritual imagination look forward into the future, and thenRays, 694:to you, even in the wildest flights of your imagination. The first hint of the growth of cosmicRays, 712:when regulated require the use of the creative imagination in their working out or in theirReappearance, 56:of human living. I would ask you to use your imagination and endeavor to think out what must be theReappearance, 57:world situation today and a dedicated use of the imagination will reveal to the sincere thinker howReappearance, 126:some of it the fabrications of an aspirational imagination and some commercially instigated - hasTelepathy, 148:of Non-Separateness The use of the creative imagination is of value here. It may not give a trueTelepathy, 183:form. Preserve, therefore, in your conscious imagination and by means of the innate symbol-making
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