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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMAGINATIVELY

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Astrology, 618:From that high point in consciousness (imaginatively reached at first and practically achievedDiscipleship1, 309:holding it as long as you can. Assume imaginatively (if you cannot in reality) the attitude of aDiscipleship2, 109:as yet think truly constructively, but only imaginatively) [110] the place in this hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 118:of you, symbolically, pictorially and imaginatively around your Teacher, and - with him - face theDiscipleship2, 137:the Ashram as outlined above, and having thereby imaginatively "fixed" the fact of Shamballa in hisDiscipleship2, 180:in nearly every land - either factually or imaginatively - could "feel" no more; the solar plexusDiscipleship2, 261:that which I have given and grasp as far as you imaginatively can the magnificence of theDiscipleship2, 573:throat center and there focus. From that center, imaginatively breathe out the OM throughout theDiscipleship2, 590:Hold it steadily there. Then look forth imaginatively in three directions: Upward to the world ofDiscipleship2, 605:center, holding these two withdrawn energies imaginatively in the ajna center. Repeat the processDiscipleship2, 660:as rapidly as possible. Hold in the mind, imaginatively, the straight line of the spinal column,Externalisation, 156:(which for most of you at present means imaginatively) to align or link soul, mind and brain soExternalisation, 555:faith and vision are asked [555] to link up (imaginatively, because anything else would scarcely beExternalisation, 556:ordained ceremonies. I would ask all to think imaginatively and to act as if they were acceptedGlamour, 143:center, by a definite act of the will. Then, imaginatively, stand with your back to the world ofPsychology2, 433:clothes, and of personality human relations are imaginatively displayed, and the "recovery of pastPsychology2, 501:fulfilment of what he desires, which is always imaginatively possible upon the astral plane. SuchPsychology2, 531:interpreted in terms of duality. Sex is still imaginatively in his consciousness and is notRays, 128:even if you are only able [128] to do so imaginatively and theoretically. They "onward move inRays, 509:which a line of light or of living substance is imaginatively and creatively sent out or projected
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