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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMAGINE

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Astrology, 344:and physical effects would lead one to imagine. You will find, I think, that it is these hints andAstrology, 417:attention, for only the inner eye of vision can imagine their progression, position or appearance.Astrology, 503:AND NON-SACRED PLANETS There is, as you may imagine, little that I can say on this matter for itAutobiography, 4:And that is very good. Looking back, I can imagine nothing more appalling than the perpetuation ofAutobiography, 5:and comfortable world I lived when a girl. I can imagine nothing more blighting to the human spiritAutobiography, 5:and condemns the majority to perdition. I can imagine nothing more conducive to unrest, class war,Autobiography, 17:is of one of the loveliest women one can imagine. She married the "Younger [18] of Cardoness" (asAutobiography, 30:as she had confidence in me - why I cannot imagine. At the end of three days I went to her and toldAutobiography, 36:aside for a great work. What it was I could not imagine, but pictured myself as the dramatic andAutobiography, 38:I called it a dream because I could not imagine at that time what else it could possibly be. Now IAutobiography, 82:everybody is going in by your gate." I could not imagine then what she meant and she was wiseAutobiography, 134:very dull and the lecturer very poor. I can imagine no worse lecturer anywhere. He began his talkAutobiography, 209:I looked at him and said, "Nothing. I can't imagine why I am here." "But," said Mr. Roumanoff, "theAutobiography, 209:steps to see the Grand Duke and that I could not imagine what he wanted me for. I told him I hadAutobiography, 220:on the Italian lakes for a few months. You can imagine the excitement of the planning, the buyingAutobiography, 299:ways is as difficult a task as one might well imagine and for this the Arcane School has helped toBethlehem, 171:is unquestionable. One can almost [171] imagine St. Peter or St. John saying them to Christ whenBethlehem, 180:of any special hero or genius, and to imagine that in each case the myth-making tendency of mankindBethlehem, 232:days of His absence it is not hard for us to imagine. Hopelessness, despair, the loss of confidenceDiscipleship1, 22:time and effort are not warranted. You must not imagine that the particular line of work on whichDiscipleship1, 212:to the ajna center. Inhale as you count six and imagine as you do so that you are gathering up theDiscipleship1, 227:in certain localities or centers or areas. Then imagine this web of light with its radiant centersDiscipleship1, 228:rhythm. Love is the consciousness of God." Imagine, as you do this, that the energy of love isDiscipleship1, 235:opportunity its utmost usefulness. You may well imagine, brother of mine, that it is not my [236]Discipleship1, 303:brief and intensive visualization exercise: Imagine a path of golden light, leading from where youDiscipleship1, 385:of golden flowers, wide open in the sun. Then imagine yourself, my brother, putting a foot upon theDiscipleship1, 385:golden gates. As you advance along this path, imagine the two halves of the gate slowly opening asDiscipleship1, 411:I may perhaps know a little more than you. [411] Imagine yourself as the soul, using the lower manDiscipleship1, 411:the soul, using the lower man as an instrument. Imagine the soul as working through and energizingDiscipleship1, 491:that it serves almost to blind you. Can you imagine, as you consider my words, the effect of thisDiscipleship1, 505:suggest to you that in your meditation work you imagine to yourself the pouring in of divine energyDiscipleship1, 573:and slowly being absorbed into its beams. Then imagine yourself acting as a lens or transmissionDiscipleship1, 633:you have a masculine body. As you might well imagine, your physical body is conditioned by theDiscipleship2, 16:a deep electric blue. In the center of that disk imagine that I, your Tibetan brother, am standing.Discipleship2, 26:below: Center the consciousness in the head. Imagine yourself as retreating even more consciouslyDiscipleship2, 26:by the creative activity of the imagination. Imagine or visualize yourself as standing before aDiscipleship2, 27:of the Plan. When you have accomplished this, imagine that you see me rising from my chair. Then asDiscipleship2, 73:me speak the words which I may have for you, imagine yourselves as bathed in a vivid butter-coloredDiscipleship2, 79:an instrument of spiritual perception; learn to "imagine," as far as you can, how a Master wouldDiscipleship2, 297:which you would do well to consider and try to imagine as a step towards development. 3. The senseDiscipleship2, 335:and faults will disappear more rapidly than you imagine under the influence of the soul - as theDiscipleship2, 423:of these hints carries in it more than you might imagine or anticipate; each of them hides in itsDiscipleship2, 452:They are also closely related, as you can well imagine, to the rhythm of breathing. It might beDiscipleship2, 478:head. Avoid concentrating upon location. Just imagine the point of attainment as that of theDiscipleship2, 552:the space near to the place where you stand. Imagine yourself achieving, with effort, that completeDiscipleship2, 552:Law of Silence. You now can hear my voice." Then imagine yourself obeying the summons and passingDiscipleship2, 707:are only effects of the esoteric life. Can you imagine your position when - from the teachingDiscipleship2, 744:of love, of strength and of understanding. Imagine next that divine flow sweeping through your mindEducation, 134:fundamental in its implications than you can imagine. Again, we have evidence of a growingExternalisation, 53:period does not lie so far ahead as you might imagine, particularly if the first move in thisExternalisation, 530:This entails far more difficulty than you might imagine or anticipate, because it entails theExternalisation, 540:Hierarchy will externalize Itself. [540] You can imagine the adjustments, therefore, going on inExternalisation, 540:this and - though I touch not upon it - you can imagine the general effect of theseExternalisation, 656:of the New Era. This is, as you may well imagine, a sevenfold energy, emanating from and directedExternalisation, 687:of the earth. This involves, as you can well imagine, the use of an expert ability to remainFire, 738:as you say, longer sometimes than you may even imagine, yet proportionate to the Ego's spiritualGlamour, 68:formulas) for dispelling it? Naught that I can imagine. I shall therefore conclude my remarks onGlamour, 143:from all sources, within the heart center. Imagine that center between the shoulder blades as aHealing, 237:deterrent - a far greater deterrent than you can imagine. Man is indeed his brother's keeper, andHealing, 427:my body to the place from whence it came"? Imagine the change in the human consciousness when deathHealing, 693:and farsighted enough to be able to vision, imagine and plan for the new future. For another thing,Hercules, 136:of these beautiful words. It is difficult to imagine a more refreshing concept of growth, a growthIntellect, 206:the attitude of the Onlooker, the Perceiver. We imagine ourselves to be the One who is thinkingIntellect, 225:from a higher and more powerful center; others imagine the soul as a triangle of force to which isIntellect, 230:his inability to think when and as he chooses: "Imagine you have to give a lecture upon these wordsMeditation, 106:though it lies not so far ahead as you might imagine. Meditation, 110:Type of Body July 30, 1920 ...As you may well imagine it is not my purpose to enlarge upon theMeditation, 195:intuition. Students of meditation must learn to imagine more. The united sounding of certainMeditation, 214:understood in the same sense as you might imagine from the use of the words, red, yellow, orange,Patanjali, 80:- of the others. The student is warned not to imagine that this "gracious peace" can be achievedPsychology1, 92:fact of the soul. They prove only man's power to imagine, to build images and pictures, and to losePsychology1, 123:violet devas of the four ethers form, as you may imagine, four great groups with seven subsidiaryPsychology2, 388:through the Technique of Fusion, the power to imagine or to use imaginative thought power (inRays, 394:This is of far greater importance than you can imagine, for it signifies a new relationship of aRays, 467:mental activity; it necessitates the power to imagine and to visualize, plus a dramatic attempt toRays, 582:activity upon the mental nature is, as you may imagine, a tendency - first of all - to theRays, 716:is far worse than anything which you can imagine, because they are completely detached and divorcedRays, 744:instance, knows nothing but Communism; he cannot imagine another suitable form of government;Soul, 146:which we in this generation can form no idea.' I imagine Dr. Frazer is right in thinking that 'aTelepathy, 116:such impacting impressions (as you can well imagine) will be heavy and yet dynamic; they will haveTelepathy, 124:planet. The relation evoked is, as you can well imagine, interplanetary and extra-planetary; theseTelepathy, 156:a while on these types of energy and creatively imagine their effect when, in due course of timeTelepathy, 161:the lower can go forward. This, as you may well imagine, produces conflict; the personality ethericTelepathy, 178:in the fact that he is aware of space and can imagine this space as the field of divine living
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