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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMAGINED

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Autobiography, 38:- at the time it occurred - I could not have imagined, having no indication that such a happeningAutobiography, 70:strange, so utterly different to anything I had imagined. Color, beautiful buildings, dirt andAutobiography, 73:eggs at the walls. The result can easily be imagined. The mess was abominable and their attitudeAutobiography, 87:called) a private in an Hussar regiment. I had imagined myself in love many times. I can wellDiscipleship1, 321:Having thus vitalized the astral body and imagined the fusion of soul, personality, and astralDiscipleship1, 411:You will note how this involves a steadily imagined establishment of consciousness, in love. DoDiscipleship1, 768:how different this stage is from what might be imagined. It is one which marks a new departure orDiscipleship2, 283:unimportant, so-called facts (actual and [283] imagined) which have been so much emphasized by theDiscipleship2, 373:apparently complex planetary system cannot be imagined. In connection with the aphorism that energyFire, 449:produce nearly every possible effect that can be imagined... Well may Isis Unveiled (p. 514) tellMeditation, 180:by the student of occult meditation. As may be imagined, the calling of either the devas or thePatanjali, 86:can identify himself with that which he has imagined. In these three dream states we have thePatanjali, 192:of the effect of that which has been thought and imagined, as it will manifest in the physicalPatanjali, 405:as independent of the subject. Nor should it be imagined how one substance (viz. Prakriti) couldPsychology2, 295:which gives the rays that may be supposed or imagined to govern or control a problematical or
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