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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMBALANCE

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Astrology, 250:and variability - A secure and settled position. Imbalance - Balance. Bias. Prejudice - Justice.Healing, 55:to heart trouble, to nervous disorders, mental imbalance, and over-stimulation. They are [56]Healing, 84:today in modern medical investigation anent the "imbalance" of the endocrine glands, and manyHealing, 84:difficulties are ascribed to this frequent imbalance. But behind this condition of the glandularHealing, 84:condition of the glandular system lies the basic imbalance of the centers themselves. Only whenHealing, 87:nervous trouble, migraine, mental and emotional imbalance and, in some cases, lead to insanity. IHealing, 129:and when I say this I do not refer to mental imbalance (though that can happen), but toHealing, 129:and inactive. He is therefore subject to the imbalance of the glandular system, with all itsHealing, 160:correctly active. At present, the general imbalance of the endocrine system militates against theHealing, 201:of the brain (a constantly increasing mental imbalance), and of eye difficulties, until the natureHealing, 201:and, perhaps even more prevalent, glandular imbalance, are on an expanding arc. To date, in theHealing, 212:nervous system are in a state of complete imbalance. [213] Disciples need to learn to focus theirHealing, 218:the health of the body, and that where there is imbalance, over-development or underdevelopment youHealing, 316:Those wherein certain hereditary forms of mental imbalance occur. These forms of imbalance areHealing, 316:forms of mental imbalance occur. These forms of imbalance are caused by happenings in other livesHealing, 317:not listing these different forms of insanity or imbalance under the various headings, as the themeHealing, 340:time. The tremendous increase in insanity and imbalance today is due to three major causes: TheHealing, 342:involve the brain of course, indicate mental imbalance, produce various types of heart disease andHealing, 434:forms - the second aspect. It brings about the imbalance which results in the act ofHealing, 581:such as fear in some form or other, emotional imbalance and certain psychological difficultiesHealing, 625:little or no attention to the balance or the imbalance of his endocrine system or set-up (if I mayHercules, 148:power far more than that of love. The result is imbalance and disequilibrium. Power, when unrelatedRays, 671:part of the general endocrine system and past imbalance is avoided. Simultaneously, the head center
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