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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMMATERIAL

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Astrology, 7:and the Rays - Three Basic Statements It is immaterial to me whether modern astrologers accept orAstrology, 636:upon the knowledge of the Initiate of those immaterial Forces and spiritual Entities that affectAstrology, 669:(S.D. Vol. I, 541) "The solar substance is immaterial." (S.D. Vol. I, 542) "The sun (i.e. the solarAutobiography, 92:I did in a previous life, I failed. Details are immaterial but the fear of failure is deeplyBethlehem, 116:test and trial may differ is relatively immaterial. That the tests may first be focused in oneDiscipleship1, 637:- whether you accept my conclusion or not is immaterial - you give ten minutes each morning toEducation, 42:Such an expression of the material and the immaterial, of the seen and the unseen, of the tangibleExternalisation, 201:and service is reproduced among men; it is immaterial to Him whether the emphasis laid upon theHealing, 180:and distorted a divine idea and prostituted an immaterial urge to material desire. We have reversedInitiation, 193:suffering and pain of the lower self, if it is immaterial to him whether happiness comes his way orIntellect, 9:overtones which testify to a world which is immaterial. Our eyes are blinded by the fog and theIntellect, 10:the gates of the future seem to open upon an immaterial world, and upon a realm that is intangible,Intellect, 225:in us, the hope of glory. It is relatively immaterial what imagery we choose, provided that weMagic, 190:numbers, and their location. Their colors are immaterial at present from the standpoint of theMagic, 245:two things: That states of feeling are quite immaterial and are no indication of the state of theMagic, 437:astrologer on our planet that discussion is immaterial. In casting the horoscope of a human beingPatanjali, 425:nature and in no way affect reality. It is immaterial from the standpoint of the soul whether itsPsychology1, 93:ideas and intuitions which deal with the immaterial and the intangible, and which testify to anPsychology2, 54:we call bodies, sheaths or vehicles (material or immaterial) is incidental to the main issue, whichPsychology2, 658:is of course often true but is relatively immaterial. Rightly or wrongly, they are working underPsychology2, 689:name these Living Forces are called is entirely immaterial. They can be regarded as thePsychology2, 693:the time of the full moon. The exact hour is immaterial, provided as many people as possibleSoul, 75:and on the other hand the spirit or immaterial soul of man." [76] - Hollander, Bernard, M.D., InSoul, 76:human. This rational soul he regarded as immaterial and metaphysical in nature, incapable of beingSoul, 132:God have used different terminologies, but it is immaterial for our purpose whether they call the
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