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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMMEDIATE

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Astrology, 5:It is this scientific living which it is the immediate purpose of astrology to bring about. AtAstrology, 17:and the spiritual goal and purpose of the immediate incarnation and of the immediate succeedingAstrology, 17:purpose of the immediate incarnation and of the immediate succeeding incarnations. This signAstrology, 18:or rising sign indicates the intended life or immediate soul purpose for this incarnation. It holdsAstrology, 59:possible developments and relationships, and the immediate future objective appear with clarity.Astrology, 60:be indicated, problems will disappear, and the immediate next step will clearly show forth. It thusAstrology, 133:point upon the Path where you now stand and the immediate step, vision, experience and effort whichAstrology, 202:astronomically ascertained the nature of our immediate universe. This is a perfectly unimportantAstrology, 255:that center of spiritual force which it is the immediate objective of those upon the path ofAstrology, 378:and a steady movement forward in spite of the immediate dangers and difficulties. The Bull,Astrology, 413:life and to the subjective consciousness is not immediate. It takes much time (especially in theAstrology, 435:Leo, Pisces and Capricorn. For purposes of our immediate consideration the following threeAstrology, 444:stars, and thus feel sure of the ending of this immediate tragic situation. Astrology, 499:in the realm of quality, and the quality of the immediate divine aspect, the Christ consciousness,Astrology, 520:or mystically. I am pointing out the immediate goal; I am indicating a problem of our planetaryAstrology, 523:ray of India is the first ray and hence the immediate effect of the inpouring Shamballa force is toAstrology, 541:I may speak symbolically) and hand over their immediate future to the forces of evil and of death.Astrology, 565:expression is demonstrated by His sensitivity to immediate and unbroken contact with His "Father inAstrology, 614:the will. It is rightly [614] taught that man's immediate goal is the unfoldment (into fullAtom, 27:this ideal to our own lives, and ascertain our immediate duty so that we may participate in, andAtom, 28:that to something very much better. For us the immediate goal should be to find the group to whichAtom, 129:and a greater love for our [129] family and immediate friends, but we know practically nothing ofAtom, 130:vital interest for us is to get some idea of the immediate stage ahead; and to understand what weAtom, 130:developments which may be looked for in the immediate future, remembering that all that I say isAutobiography, 119:of the creative arts I still fail to see any immediate solution of their crucial and appallingAutobiography, 256:to comprehend the purpose, sacrificing their own immediate progress in order to help humanity. ThisAutobiography, 278:are investigated as a prelude to the future; the immediate step ahead is also deeply considered andAutobiography, 278:purpose and can cooperate intelligently with the immediate task. 7. The Energies and Forces, whichAutobiography, 279:he knows then what is, for him, the next immediate step and his next goal for unfoldment; he knowsAutobiography, 294:the Masters' work. This is one of the new and immediate tasks of the world disciples and spiritualAutobiography, 297:relationship of the Arcane School to some of the immediate aspects of the plans of the Hierarchy.Bethlehem, viii:integration into the kingdom of God are the immediate tasks ahead, embodying our responsibility,Bethlehem, 13:the truth that was; it will indicate to us our immediate goal and duty, which when understood willBethlehem, 22:heritage and the glorious (and for many) the immediate opportunity. These are: The Birth atBethlehem, 26:are slowly but steadily working, and it is the immediate goal for many of the aspirants in theBethlehem, 77:blasphemous to say that had He failed in this immediate duty, the rest of His work would have beenBethlehem, 81:problem is voiced. What is the next step, the immediate duty of the man who knows that, in himself,Bethlehem, 82:order to make the idea a fact are the first and immediate steps. This, Christ taught, and for thisBethlehem, 98:produced a synthesis which is indicative of the immediate objective of our racial endeavor. TheBethlehem, 102:of God. The expansion of consciousness was immediate and deep. Dr. Schweitzer says in thisBethlehem, 109:by the soul may indeed be utterly beyond our immediate attaining, but the command of Christ standsBethlehem, 116:only with the detail, with the problem in the immediate foreground of his life. This he handles orBethlehem, 129:such a grip of His mind that the unreal and the immediate could not delude His consciousness. HeBethlehem, 140:all that had been achieved and all that was immediate in human experience. He was a Personality, asBethlehem, 145:to us by Christ. For us today, and for our immediate goal, Christ stands as the Eternal Prophet, toBethlehem, 155:combination that it evoked from God Himself an immediate response. When feeling and thought meet inBethlehem, 164:experiment, experience and revelation. The immediate problem for all who are seeking this newBethlehem, 205:which brings suffering to those we have in our immediate surroundings, or to the group with whichBethlehem, 209:crucified Saviors, embodied in Himself the immediate and the cosmic, the past and the future,Bethlehem, 212:the fact of His living Presence, of the living immediate Christ. It is the realization of the factBethlehem, 213:yearning for understanding, and the nearer more immediate pull of those living affections andBethlehem, 224:exists today, subjective as yet, but awaiting immediate tangible expression... "One body, and oneBethlehem, 233:will see death vanquished. That they expected an immediate kingdom and that they looked to see theBethlehem, 254:world program is thus being readjusted, and the immediate result is chaos. But the new direction isBethlehem, 255: From Bethlehem to Calvary - Chapter Seven - Our Immediate Goal - The Founding of the KingdomBethlehem, 255:- The Founding of the Kingdom CHAPTER SEVEN Our Immediate Goal - The Founding of the Kingdom KEYBethlehem, 259: From Bethlehem to Calvary - Chapter Seven - Our Immediate Goal - The Founding of the KingdomBethlehem, 263: From Bethlehem to Calvary - Chapter Seven - Our Immediate Goal - The Founding of the Kingdom IfBethlehem, 266: From Bethlehem to Calvary - Chapter Seven - Our Immediate Goal - The Founding of the Kingdom WeBethlehem, 270: From Bethlehem to Calvary - Chapter Seven - Our Immediate Goal - The Founding of the Kingdom WeBethlehem, 272:into that kingdom, become the only dear and immediate duty. The soul who has made contact with theBethlehem, 273:forth into manifestation that which is awaiting immediate revelation. This is the challenge whichBethlehem, 273: From Bethlehem to Calvary - Chapter Seven - Our Immediate Goal - The Founding of the Kingdom As weBethlehem, 276: From Bethlehem to Calvary - Chapter Seven - Our Immediate Goal - The Founding of the Kingdom YetBethlehem, 277:divine life within the racial form. It is our immediate duty therefore, in the interests of theBethlehem, 280: From Bethlehem to Calvary - Chapter Seven - Our Immediate Goal - The Founding of the Kingdom II.Bethlehem, 283: From Bethlehem to Calvary - Chapter Seven - Our Immediate Goal - The Founding of the Kingdom ThisDestiny, 7:points: The situation and its ray causes in the immediate present. The situation in the future whenDestiny, 13:became a living soul. The second crisis is the immediate one of racial initiation, made possibleDestiny, 16:constructively within the desired limits of the immediate plan. I would also like to state that theDestiny, 19:life of nations - a matter of more immediate interest. The new forms are, however, being built andDestiny, 24:love, intelligently applied. They know what the immediate purpose is and Their major occupation isDestiny, 26:and the seventh, which are in many ways of more immediate moment to the masses and of a tremendousDestiny, 28:from past and present events which condition the immediate future and which must inevitably lead toDestiny, 34:dealing with the situation is inevitable and immediate. Four problems will be solved in the nextDestiny, 37:for you by means of the two rays which are our immediate consideration. Both of them - as is everDestiny, 42:task of bringing together in accordance with the immediate intent and plan and for the benefit ofDestiny, 45:in your minds in relation to the initial and immediate activity of these two rays - the sixth andDestiny, 54:will fulfil the same office for the world of the immediate future, whilst Brazil will eventually -Destiny, 68:dealt with in the above table. The focus of the immediate response of the peoples of the nations isDestiny, 81:that the destiny of the race, of men in the immediate future lies, and again the question arises:Destiny, 95:or mystically. I am pointing out an immediate and possible goal; I am giving a clue to a scientificDestiny, 98:soul ray of India is the first ray and hence the immediate effect of the inpouring Shamballa forceDestiny, 111:Idea, Who, in His Own Person, expressed the immediate ideal of the time and age. He demonstratedDestiny, 111:vision of the sons of men as their possible and immediate goal. In these manifestations - as I haveDestiny, 113:of his peculiar and formulated idea. Under the immediate expression of the sixth ray, the divineDestiny, 143:the ideas and the ideals which are seeking immediate expression. Many people claim to be on theDiscipleship1, 13:to you my suggestions for this simple and immediate work. First of all, all disciples practiceDiscipleship1, 13:and the stage of discipleship which is the immediate objective. These cannot be given here. TheseDiscipleship1, 18:free choice and because they have realized the immediate and coming need of humanity and haveDiscipleship1, 19:working disciples at this time to appreciate the immediate emergency. There is a crisis in theDiscipleship1, 24:therefore, at Shamballa. They are also in immediate telepathic rapport with each other. The slowlyDiscipleship1, 53:is of vital importance; it expresses our immediate objectives and the nature of the field ofDiscipleship1, 65:of the past and that unity is the goal of the immediate future; that hatred is retro-active andDiscipleship1, 65:in illumination and a working knowledge of the immediate aspects of the Plan. That of thoughtDiscipleship1, 68:the alignment is good, there can be an almost immediate response to my thought; where it is notDiscipleship1, 74:triumph but the Hierarchy does not know what the immediate future holds for humanity because menDiscipleship1, 83:Cultivate insight and a fluid response to the immediate need and not a sensitive reaction to aDiscipleship1, 85:and more ready to grasp and see a way out of the immediate impasse than the mystic or the occultistDiscipleship1, 86:the instant recognition of what is new, for its immediate grasp and the treading of the new step in
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