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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMMEDIATE

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Discipleship2, 139:the mind, and not in the head. It presupposes an immediate mental focusing of the disciple at theDiscipleship2, 150:during this war, will take place within the immediate future. It will be soon. The evil referred toDiscipleship2, 160:and revelatory storehouse of energy which is the immediate cause of all events on Earth and whichDiscipleship2, 163:of all created things on Earth - these are the immediate results of the pressure of theDiscipleship2, 168:downpouring of light and goodwill (which is the immediate aspect of love required today among men)Discipleship2, 172:is that aspect of the divine will which seeks immediate expression on Earth. The Hierarchy is theDiscipleship2, 198:which is undesirable - from the angle of the immediate spiritual goal. Meditation is essentiallyDiscipleship2, 199:inflow which hierarchical service in the immediate future requires. It is also - in a unique senseDiscipleship2, 216:the divine Plan, flourish; it is focused on that immediate aspect of the Path which humanity needsDiscipleship2, 221:aspirational men (no matter what may be their immediate aspiration) are necessarily polarized uponDiscipleship2, 223:activity in order to receive impression of the immediate, desired hierarchical activity, toDiscipleship2, 223:"inform" the Hierarchy of that which merits immediate attention. Again, upon a lower level of theDiscipleship2, 235:by men upon their own thinking. This is the immediate task of the New Group of World Servers,Discipleship2, 238:reaction - a reaction which is evoked by the immediate response of a soul, in touch with itsDiscipleship2, 244:subject of initiation, and then consider the immediate steps ahead which the disciple must take,Discipleship2, 257:on fact, on vision and on time pressures. Two immediate objectives face the disciples, plus theDiscipleship2, 259:are they to present. Only those who are on the immediate verge of initiation will understand; theDiscipleship2, 277:Hierarchy and Humanity. They are the product of immediate human endeavor; they set the pace forDiscipleship2, 278:of new life. Think this out in its modern and immediate implications and see the way that the worldDiscipleship2, 296:will produce fundamental changes also in the immediate objectives before human progress, and in theDiscipleship2, 299:success, therefore evoking wise activity. Its immediate objective - to which all the past has led.Discipleship2, 302:events in time and space, and as to future or immediate possibilities were given out in plain termsDiscipleship2, 313:equally correct format so that it can meet the immediate human need. You will see, consequently,Discipleship2, 328:atom and its subsequent constructive use is the immediate problem before modern science, and (IDiscipleship2, 338:being initiated involve prevision? That is the immediate question which arises to your lips. I willDiscipleship2, 358:changes in the human consciousness which are the immediate results of world affairs; from theirDiscipleship2, 358:from the quality of their recognition of immediate need, and from their efforts to present theDiscipleship2, 359:direction"; he sees them in terms of humanity's immediate purpose and becomes aware of the tinyDiscipleship2, 360:things emerge in his thinking at this time: The immediate steps to be taken in order to carry theDiscipleship2, 379:of the task which he must fulfil and the next immediate step which humanity must take - through oneDiscipleship2, 391:of the stage reached by average humanity and the immediate aspects of the Plan which the MastersDiscipleship2, 391:the speechless masses; his suggestions as to the immediate mode of turning the hierarchical ideasDiscipleship2, 397:is under hierarchical influence, through his own immediate efforts. Ponder on this, for in theseDiscipleship2, 399:aligning procedure which will carry him from the immediate point of revelation on to the finalDiscipleship2, 411:the hint which he deemed appropriate to the immediate need. Decisions as to the need of a discipleDiscipleship2, 415:therefore, to find a truth which is for him an immediate necessity. The Master will not tell himDiscipleship2, 425:amazing at the first glance, and they demand an immediate recognition of the two factors of timeDiscipleship2, 432:stimulate and create that which is needed in any immediate field of divine activity. OccultDiscipleship2, 451:that unit of life, the essential process for the immediate moment. In all breathing exercises,Discipleship2, 465:definitely how valuable has been to you the past immediate experience... Though you are a trainedDiscipleship2, 465:touch with world affairs in relation to their immediate working out, whilst K.H., being a Chohan,Discipleship2, 471:incident to the disciple's family life or his immediate daily relationships, and of these you haveDiscipleship2, 506:be successfully carried forward. Such is your immediate task. Only your second ray personality canDiscipleship2, 509:out the inflowing spiritual power into: Your immediate environment, The Arcane School, of whichDiscipleship2, 512:to truth, to me and to humanity. There lies your immediate problem - simplification. This involvesDiscipleship2, 519:or the individual. It consequently has its immediate application to your own requirements and yourDiscipleship2, 522:the midway point (which is my Ashram) you have immediate access to both "points of call." I haveDiscipleship2, 547:own effort. Light is within you. Seek not for immediate instantaneous solution of your problems.Discipleship2, 554:all the glamorous which may hide or veil the immediate point of illumination for the disciple. YouDiscipleship2, 574:ray. It is also the incoming ray for the next immediate cycle. A knowledge of the ray influences,Discipleship2, 579:most loving "right relations" with all in your immediate environment. What I am referring to, myDiscipleship2, 592:of the integral parts already built. It is of immediate importance that each cooperating serverDiscipleship2, 594:of the right use of soul energy. This is your immediate problem. Every time that first ray energyDiscipleship2, 608:balancing head increasingly. The so-called kind immediate thing or the thing which the studentDiscipleship2, 611:of the related Ashrams should form your 612] immediate objective and the goal of your endeavor.Discipleship2, 614:testing time for you and - to date - the immediate issue is uncertain, though the final issue isDiscipleship2, 614:matters not if you will attempt to establish immediate contact with your second ray soul. Look backDiscipleship2, 619:life. When I say group, I mean neither your immediate circle of co-workers nor the group of myDiscipleship2, 629:truth, some aspect of understanding and some immediate revelation which you know (past allDiscipleship2, 629:mind, upon quiet reflection, what is your one immediate spiritual need. Then seek the pinnacle ofDiscipleship2, 643:to apply his knowledge of this plan to the immediate environing [644] situation and is strenuouslyDiscipleship2, 645:of crisis and you stand alone. Those in your immediate environment are of no special service to youDiscipleship2, 646:in this life. Fortunately for you, your past immediate incarnation as a personality wasDiscipleship2, 674:is very great. Therefore, brother of mine, your immediate problem is one of glamor, plus a feelingDiscipleship2, 690:than almost anyone else in the group and in his immediate circle of co-disciples. It is becauseDiscipleship2, 699:is a clear statement of fact and indicates your immediate and essential endeavor. Your focus ofDiscipleship2, 720:confident, regulated effort. The plan and the immediate service-activity are known, and disciplesDiscipleship2, 728:to those in your environment lies for you the immediate solution of your problem. A simple, humbleEducation, ix:vague philosophical fantasy but an urgent and immediate need is indicated by a document drawn up byEducation, 6:man, and also of linking him up in turn with his immediate environment, and then with the greaterEducation, 20:consciousness and is the consciousness of the Immediate. Through education, this self-consciousnessEducation, 26:objective is to deal with the more universal and immediate necessity of bridging the gap betweenEducation, 37:a man and his activities, will bring about immediate changes. [38] Education, 49:curriculum to be planned for the youth of the immediate generations: Primary education CivilizationEducation, 60:to community life and world affairs, or to the immediate conditioning levels of experimentalEducation, 69:The Present Transition Period There are three immediate steps ahead of the educational systems ofEducation, 69:order to demonstrate the new ideal. These three immediate steps are: First: The development of moreEducation, 71:of present attainment and possible goal in the immediate life) will be carefully [72] considered,Education, 74:all of these I would like to add that one of our immediate educational objectives must be theEducation, 87:What is needed is a realization of the immediate opportunity, plus the recognition that theEducation, 94:of the Science of Right Relations is the next immediate step in the mental unfoldment of the race.Education, 94:of the bridging work which will be done in the immediate one hundred and fifty years ahead of us,Education, 109:may give in these instructions may not prove of immediate application, but students are asked toEducation, 110:the objectives and to cooperate with the immediate plans in this time of planetary crisis andEducation, 131:The revolt of youth, in spite of all the immediate and individual disasters, has been a desirableExternalisation, 6:no use at this time to close one's eyes to the immediate problem or to endeavor to lay the blameExternalisation, 25:of the Council of the Hierarchy to meet the immediate human emergency. As I told you before, theExternalisation, 25:establishing of the necessary momentum in the immediate cycle. I call you, therefore, to a month ofExternalisation, 30:the physical plane of the plan of God for the immediate future. This is the vision which liesExternalisation, 38:and the climaxing of its effort is imminent and immediate. It takes the form (for all illusionsExternalisation, 54:any idea enters the religious field, it gains immediate momentum from the fact that the outstandingExternalisation, 55:understanding of the "deeper Being" evokes an immediate response and reaction. There isExternalisation, 57:formulate the new hypotheses upon which the next immediate steps forward in any particularExternalisation, 57:will precipitate with rapidity the Plan for the immediate present. They will release through thisExternalisation, 61:Hierarchy - Section I - Introductory Remarks The Immediate Task September 28, 1938 The Hierarchy isExternalisation, 62:triumph but They do not know what [62] the immediate future holds for humanity because menExternalisation, 69:portray and not be entirely engrossed with the immediate situation or dilemma; too close aExternalisation, 69:place in the general world picture which the immediate happenings outline. It is a platitude and aExternalisation, 93:speculations. Be content with your duty and the immediate service which will lead you a stepExternalisation, 97:except to realize the urgency and the need for immediate action which is demanded at this time.
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