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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMMEDIATE

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Fire, 457:development of the animal consciousness and its immediate future is as yet but little understood.Fire, 462:in the next round. Let us now consider the immediate present, and the advent of this seventh ray ofFire, 465:life, to newer and better forms. Our subject for immediate consideration concerns the [466] devaFire, 474:levels, and aware of their inhabitants. The immediate effect of this greater etheric energy will beFire, 650:so closely connected with man that one of the immediate developments ahead will be his awakening toFire, 652:of an extra-planetary nature owing to the almost immediate availability of comparatively largeFire, 662:he does and says, and his goal of evolution (his immediate goal) is to liberate himself from theirFire, 680:of the spiritual evolution of man, this immediate section is of the greatest interest andFire, 715:by the Great Ones. To act as a dynamo for the immediate group which all advanced souls, disciplesFire, 738:do not, as a rule, go to devachan, but immediate incarnation becomes the rule in the turning of theFire, 751:of karma by [751] his Guru - he may take immediate physical birth. A hint as to the mystery of theFire, 756:of the times, and be not discouraged over the immediate future. The appearance of the Great Lord onFire, 759:the astral plane and, should they so choose, an immediate incarnation, provided they have achievedFire, 793:effect of the lesser planetary bodies upon their immediate neighbors is known, and the extent ofFire, 1087:are available for His use which give Him the immediate information as He studies the influencesFire, 1132:units in the three kingdoms of nature with their immediate group soul, and their continuedFire, 1132:of the disciple, or man on the path, to his immediate group, and the laws which govern hisFire, 1141:to past achievement, present opportunity and the immediate [1142] future of any unit or embodiedFire, 1151:a variation of this reason for rapid and immediate incarnation is seen when an initiate (who hasFire, 1215:greater whole. It might be noted here that the immediate objective of the human kingdom isGlamour, 5:need, and it produces in one who loves as a soul immediate identification with that which is loved.Glamour, 5:peculiar sense? Where it is present, there is an immediate decentralization of the dramatic "I," ofGlamour, 22:will later be briefly dealt with, but the immediate problem before man and the significantGlamour, 34:you do the same for your group brothers and the immediate world need, you will lose no time in theGlamour, 35:not that as you look out upon the world and your immediate environment, that you look out throughGlamour, 37:a binding and bewildering mystery, but his own immediate way begins to clear, and he standsGlamour, 97:vision, a grasp of truth, and a picture of the immediate way to go - serves temporarily to glamorGlamour, 134:a temporary [134] aid towards the attainment of immediate and imminent reality which it is the goalGlamour, 134:right human relations (the ideal). This is the immediate goal of humanity. This result will beGlamour, 135:the intuition, with its real power to reveal the immediate future; they frequently exclude in theirGlamour, 136:to reveal divinity in his own life and to his immediate small circle (through the medium of theGlamour, 137:Plan at high intuitive moments and know what the immediate future holds. I do not refer here to theGlamour, 137:who, from analysis and deduction, assessed the immediate future and indicated immediateGlamour, 137:assessed the immediate future and indicated immediate possibilities. They had no direct revealingGlamour, 139:the curious and unique quality of revelation, of immediate dissipation, and of illumination. TheGlamour, 170:I have made this practical application and the immediate illustration of the teaching anent glamor,Glamour, 171:and the third initiation becomes possible as an immediate goal. The intuition is the applied powerGlamour, 189:Therefore, whatever revelation may emerge in the immediate future will be better "protected by theGlamour, 198:This particular work of dissipation is our immediate theme. It is of vital importance that thoseGlamour, 201:and aspirant, with the emphasis upon the immediate need or any particular and current world glamor.Glamour, 224:perspective has necessarily to be that of the immediate foreground. Secondly, they must have anGlamour, 271:personal self in three successive stages is the immediate and normal result. It was to this thatHealing, 105:at this time. In all teaching to be given in the immediate future, the main emphasis willHealing, 167:and attention, plus faith. Interfered with the immediate design or pattern of the patient's life,Healing, 175:may be applied so as to give the initiate immediate and conscious control over the astral body andHealing, 191:and Christian Science. These systems present as immediate, demonstrable possibilities the stage ofHealing, 198:express for you a future probability but not an immediate possibility. Man will some day have theHealing, 215:here given and not pay too much attention to the immediate factual detail. The downward trend -Healing, 229:The penalty was obvious and the results immediate; the Teachers of the race saw to it that causeHealing, 243:in the nature of extraneous irritants, producing immediate effects upon the sensitive organism ofHealing, 271:be added correct astrological interpretation, immediate recognition of ray types, and then theHealing, 274:already been posited by me: That disease, in its immediate cause, can be traced to the individualHealing, 289:was largely dependent upon them. They are the immediate karmic cause of physical plane existence.Healing, 336:fully demonstrated nor entirely reliable. In the immediate future, when our planetary life isHealing, 358:his own physical body, suffices to effect an immediate cure. The magnetism in the body of theHealing, 361:astral plane. Hence the sensitive's correct and immediate response to His energy there expressed.Healing, 385:by the initiate healer. A belief in the law of immediate Karma. By that I mean an ability on theHealing, 391:attitude when referring to His coming and immediate decease at the hand [392] of His enemies; HeHealing, 447:[447] condition. For the aspirant, death is an immediate entrance into a sphere of service and ofHealing, 454:empty. Activity ceases, except that amazing and immediate activity which is the prerogative ofHealing, 481:to the power of thought. I am concerned with the immediate necessity of right psychologicalHealing, 484:cremation is the rule, there is not only the immediate destruction of the physical body and itsHealing, 490:awake or equally conscious of circumstances or immediate experience. However, as most people areHealing, 499:to elaborate. We have studied at some length the immediate processes which take place when theHealing, 524:this power involves. The healer is not only in immediate and conscious touch with his own soul, butHealing, 546:miraculously and suddenly from a world in the immediate period, heralding the New Age. If it did,Healing, 549:confined to the objective symptoms and their immediate apparent cause, and therefore to effects andHealing, 557:that I have here given you all that you need for immediate study and reflection. I have shown youHealing, 618:vehicle. In continuing our consideration of the immediate transmitting agency of the centers intoHealing, 620:symbol of that essential alignment which is the immediate goal of directed relationships, carriedHealing, 622:response is withdrawn from the head center an immediate effect is felt in all the petals of all theHealing, 713:word which seems to be descriptive of possible immediate reaction. We are on the verge of enteringHealing, 713:in the handling of disease will, in almost the immediate future (from the occult angle) be regardedHercules, 67:problems and tests that offer to the disciple immediate opportunity. It is Saturn that opens theHercules, 193:into the consciousness of [193] the immediate members of your family and know why they think asHercules, 199:that humanity needed in order to take the immediate next step forward. In their acts they haveInitiation, viii:are those who think that it is not of sufficient immediate importance to engross their attention,Initiation, 1:statements made which are not susceptible of immediate proof by the reader. Lest it be inferredInitiation, 29:of man. He is the Silent Watcher, as far as our immediate humanity is concerned, although literallyInitiation, 29:this includes very few, until lately, from our immediate earth humanity. Those who are now theInitiation, 30:- Chapter IV - The Founding of the Hierarchy The Immediate Effect The result of their advent,Initiation, 33:out certain eventualities. For ages after its immediate founding, the work was slow andInitiation, 42:of the Planetary Logos. He knows what is the immediate objective for this cycle of evolution overInitiation, 52:to a disciple the objective in view for an immediate little cycle, and suggests to him that suchInitiation, 53:or utilizing it when it suffices for the immediate need. Initiation, 72:self, which rebels at being transmuted. A man's immediate group, friends, or family, who rebel atInitiation, 125:one life, but he knows what is to [125] be the immediate bit of the plan - involving maybe severalInitiation, 146:with his relations to The Lord of the World, His immediate superior, His fellow workers in theInitiation, 199:When these ideas are realized by applicants, the immediate consequence will be important changes inIntellect, 9:eyes are blinded by the fog and the smoke of our immediate foreground, yet there do come flashes ofIntellect, 105:focused or centered on the object of our immediate attention, without wavering or distraction. ItIntellect, 162:Chapter Seven - Intuition and Illumination This immediate access to Truth is the ultimate destinyIntellect, 162:is in some sort an assimilation; intuition is an immediate 'information,' without an objectivelyIntellect, 189:discursively, but by a direct awareness and an immediate 'assent') that everything is Atma." -Intellect, 190:- the cessation of suffering - or invisible - immediate perception of Being which is the object ofIntellect, 249:definitely destructive. They foretell great and immediate cataclysms, and breed fear in the world.Magicof the measure of truth grasped to the immediate problem and environment, and that theMagic, 60:of disciples is contacted; the plan for the immediate share of work he must assume is realized andMagic, 98:its recognition in the three worlds of a man's immediate environment. Magic, 116:at once to the intuition and calls out an immediate reaction of assent from the man's higher Self.
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