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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMMEDIATE

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Magic, 165:of knowledge which seem unaccountable and of no immediate value. He contacts vibrations and theMagic, 173:a chela is being definitely prepared for an immediate initiation or, having taken initiation, isMagic, 235:deal of time over this rule for it covers the immediate work and activity of the intelligentMagic, 258:desire". Perhaps a more just rendering for the immediate present would be "reorient desire" orMagic, 266:which is needed for the right production of that immediate fraction of the Plan which his age andMagic, 280:has to be conformity to the purpose for his immediate cycle and life period; the subordinating ofMagic, 301:similar condition. For the aspirant, death is an immediate entrance into a sphere of service and ofMagic, 304:to distinguish between their own destiny in the immediate future and the destiny of others in theirMagic, 322:with that which lies far ahead of the race. Immediate problems call for attention - problems whichMagic, 377:coming of the White Brotherhood to earth and the immediate problem before Them; this will involveMagic, 404:that tiny aspect of the whole which is the immediate step ahead and with which cooperation isMagic, 404:Their objective, but - and herein lies the immediate interest of what I have to communicate - TheyMagic, 418:are. What should therefore be the work of the immediate present? Let me outline the program as farMagic, 421:of world intercourse. There comes to them an immediate flashing forth of the light, anMagic, 424:each other. I have therefore pointed out the immediate future development of the individualMagic, 424:the individual disciple. What lies ahead in the immediate future for the group? First of all, aMagic, 427:in any part of the world, there will be an immediate and united impulse to facilitate the work thatMagic, 428:to the group of world Saviors - this is the immediate work to be done and this must engross yourMagic, 497:empty. Activity ceases except that amazing and immediate activity which is the prerogative ofMagic, 542:That which lies closest to us and in our immediate foreground is often overlooked, and it hasMagic, 582:of strenuous inner experience, to see the immediate vision and to grasp those concepts in which theMagic, 590:uninterrupted work. It is essential that for the immediate and focused work on the centers thereMagic, 595:of the world. Students must attend to the immediate duty and prepare their mechanisms for serviceMagic, 608:intuitively the goal for all kingdoms in the immediate future, all their united effort is bent toMagic, 618:aspirant I seek to do two things: Indicate the immediate goal for students in this century, andMagic, 618:made and faults are condoned. First of all, the immediate goal must be well recognized, if lostMagic, 630:lower their standard until it conforms to their immediate mass psychology, or their chosenMagic, 634:(for all have failed), on a realization of the immediate need and opportunity, and on an acuteMagic, 635:time in constant self-analysis. Therefore the immediate goal for all aspiring disciples at thisMagic, 635:clarity of thought as to their own personal and immediate problems and primarily the problem as toMagic, 636:High. We have merged our first point as to the immediate goal and the steps to be taken to reach itMeditation, 15:nature. The condition of his Causal Body. The immediate need of the period and his availability.Meditation, 39:- Points considered when assigning Meditation 5. Immediate Need of Period and Man's AvailabilityMeditation, 46:fully developed, will apply the method to the immediate need. Later I may further expand the futureMeditation, 93:an approximation of the necessary method to the immediate need. To the man therefore who undertakesMeditation, 115:necessarily incidental but are not the goal. His immediate environment and his close associates onMeditation, 119:judgment and a comprehension of the work of the immediate moment. Anything that militates againstMeditation, 238:They but indicate three ways that are of immediate and practical use to the student. Color may beMeditation, 245:and physical body is the etheric body. The next immediate step is to consider the etheric body inMeditation, 248:That the violet ray holds the secret for this immediate cycle. [249] That the next point ofMeditation, 249:I have summed up the practical points requiring immediate attention for the purposes ofMeditation, 250:hid the next step ahead for the science of the immediate future. The laws of vibration are going toMeditation, 254:will be so demonstrated in the life that its immediate and practical attainment will be earnestlyMeditation, 275:in other spheres than the earth sphere. His immediate goal in working with the pupil is to prepareMeditation, 288:of certain results along the line of our immediate topic, - access to the Masters. This narrowsMeditation, 344:of the world's dire need, an apprehension of the immediate point of world attainment, and aPatanjali, 42:not only an understanding of what is his immediate problem and of where he stands, but also anPatanjali, 134:and full use of the sixth sense as his immediate objective, and will bear in mind the threePatanjali, 161:the forms and their true significance in his own immediate environment and in his own tiny world,Patanjali, 234:22. Karma (or effects) are of two kinds: immediate karma or future karma. By perfectly concentratedPatanjali, 259:simultaneous. Recognition of an object and the immediate control of the responsive chitta occurPatanjali, 272:essential nature of spirit can be inferred. The immediate field of knowledge, however, which thePatanjali, 278:aura at the time of his meditation, Those in his immediate environment, Those of his presentPatanjali, 284:Results 22. Karma (or effects) are of two kinds: immediate karma or future karma. By perfectlyPatanjali, 285:it is done in such a way that: The effect is immediate and culminates within the scope of thePatanjali, 291:The Light in the head (Johnston), The Light of immediate cognition (intuitive knowledge) (Tatya),Patanjali, 362:pursuing their own evolutionary path, but their immediate objective and their state ofPatanjali, 405:of the indwelling thinker and is therefore of immediate practical value to the student of RajaProblems, 5:optimism as to human destiny. Events in the immediate foreground do not blot out the long historyProblems, 6:relations between men and between nations. The immediate spiritual problem with which all are facedProblems, 10:our eyes are no longer focused upon our immediate foreground. The family unit is now recognized inProblems, 29:the angle of the spiritual Forces of Light, the immediate world process should include: TheProblems, 32:enterprise unless there is a grasp of the immediate problem and of the immediate possibilities,Problems, 32:is a grasp of the immediate problem and of the immediate possibilities, plus a willingness toProblems, 40:- The Problem of the Children of the World The Immediate Need of the Children The magnitude of theProblems, 41:they want the implements for agriculture, immediate relief in food and clothing, plus theProblems, 46:Problem of the Children of the World One of our immediate educational objectives must be theProblems, 49:Too much must not be demanded at first, for the immediate need is not the impartation of facts butProblems, 56:curriculum to be planned for the youth of the immediate generations: Primary education -Problems, 60:the World What is needed is a realization of the immediate opportunity, plus the recognition thatProblems, 66:problems will grow out of this discovery - one immediate in nature and the other to be laterProblems, 83:of God can appear on earth, and this in the immediate future, but the members of this kingdomProblems, 85:minorities, the inflammatory condition of their immediate and expressed ambition and the violenceProblems, 92:are doomed still to suffer through the years of immediate adjustment. Some have suffered more thanProblems, 114:the world population in the next generation and immediate cycle and they are a group with which weProblems, 114:Give us peace in our time! If by an act of immediate legislation the Negro minority gained its fullProblems, 118:right human relations. The major need is an immediate campaign, carried forward by all men ofProblems, 123:it possible? The New World Religion. Today the immediate need of mankind is emerging with clarity,Problems, 168:major war, there is no peace, no security and no immediate hope of either. It is essential for theProblems, 171:that the steps taken by humanity in the immediate future will condition the new age and determineProblems, 176:give the world or any solution which will carry immediate relief. To the spiritual leaders of thePsychology1, 20:atom and cell and organism within the radius of immediate influence and also upon every other humanPsychology1, 103:the Pyramid, lead students to believe that the immediate future will see some great event and somePsychology1, 104:and foretell with accuracy events coming in the immediate future, or distant happenings. There arePsychology1, 112:watching Hierarchy. Some of the teaching is of immediate usefulness to all of you. Some of it willPsychology1, 127:on the yellow and red rays, the recognition is immediate and mutual, for the primary color is thePsychology1, 134:The intuition is literally the synthetic and immediate grasp of the truth, as it essentiallyPsychology1, 170:concepts there should be those points of immediate and imperative interest which will make thisPsychology1, 209:not lift a finger to help those outside of his immediate sympathies. As a soldier, he hatesPsychology1, 223:the mass of detail in which they are lost in the immediate present and foreground. By a willingnessPsychology1, 245:value to the average reader. What is not of immediate esoteric value at this time of world urgencyPsychology1, 254:Kingdoms in Nature The two problems which are of immediate concern to mankind in relation to thePsychology1, 272:sad though it may seem to you to be. There is no immediate solution of the problem of sex withPsychology1, 282:world for that significant series of events. The immediate future will show. The point I seek toPsychology1, 288:centers in the etheric body. These, for our immediate purposes, can be divided into three centersPsychology1, 313:evolutionary cycle, and such is the task of the immediate future. The true drama of this triplePsychology1, 341:of ideas and causes must be, for him, in the immediate future, the main center of attention. WhenPsychology1, 359:and students should grasp the relation of the immediate past to the immediate future, and see inPsychology1, 359:grasp the relation of the immediate past to the immediate future, and see in this relation thePsychology1, 376:determining the present, and governing the immediate condition of the planetary types. It is
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