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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMMEDIATELY

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Astrology, 17:of the present life quality and of the immediately possible group relations. It indicates, from theAstrology, 133:of evolution goes forth and the response comes immediately from the one who "blinds the soul toAstrology, 258:said that Virgo "involves the service of the immediately present" or in other words that GodAstrology, 264:possibilities, then the work of Jupiter will immediately intensify and this beneficent ruler willAstrology, 276:stages of the Path of Discipleship, up to and immediately preceding the third initiation, is basedAstrology, 457:flowing through the Darjeeling center is not so immediately apparent but it is of major importanceAstrology, 570:to do our part. The use of this first stanza was immediately successful and met with a fullAstrology, 598:(limitation) and life balance each other a rift immediately appears and through it flows a freshAtom, 127:of the physical body, in the hours of sleep or immediately after death. Very few human beings canAutobiography, 36:upon me and what I could do and should do immediately. He added that He would be in touch with meAutobiography, 53:and work for her medical degree and I was immediately faced with the problem as to what I was goingAutobiography, 79:with the strong impression that I must leave immediately for Meerut. I had a first class free passAutobiography, 101:(also a clergyman) gave me away. I went immediately after the wedding to stop with Walter Evan'sAutobiography, 104:was studying at the Lane Theological Seminary. I immediately set in and took his various coursesAutobiography, 105:wife whom I knew and told them about it. They immediately came back with me and took Dr. FranklinAutobiography, 114:another opportunity to make good. We moved immediately to another parish. This greatly pleased meAutobiography, 135:friendship of these two women. They took me immediately in hand and gave me books to read and I wasAutobiography, 177:grounds but Foster cabled Mrs. Besant and she immediately squashed the effort. It was just a littleAutobiography, 181:married at once. We returned to the office immediately for the afternoon's work and from thatAutobiography, 206:even if it was only 25 cents. The audiences immediately dropped about half and this pleased usAutobiography, 225:coming down the hillside with her husband, and, immediately through the power of her spiritualAutobiography, 235:receive and these suggestions and injunctions we immediately proceeded to carry out. From 1933Autobiography, 245:out of truth - were due to appear. She refused immediately, having no sympathy with the flood ofAutobiography, 291:the claiming that one is an initiate or a Master immediately indicates deception or grossBethlehem, 26:I, 27.) This is the stage which precedes and immediately follows the new birth, the Birth atBethlehem, 34:in past racial history. Some lie ahead. One lies immediately possible in the present. As man'sBethlehem, 47:manhood, and this attainment was followed immediately by a definite and conscious rejection ofBethlehem, 54:the next step for the race. The events immediately ahead are sensed, to be later intelligentlyBethlehem, 69:the mysteries of Mithras and of Egypt. The sign immediately preceding the Christian era was that ofBethlehem, 101:(Phil., II, 12.) his spiritual status is immediately recognized by his peers, and he is admitted toBethlehem, 140:in human evolution, and expressing all that immediately may be, is God's great gift to man. Christ,Bethlehem, 155:and the future, Christ and those who were immediately His friends, met with God, and so potent wasBethlehem, 166:It was all of this which Christ accomplished. Immediately, on the descent from the mountain-top,Bethlehem, 183:sign Taurus, the Bull, which was the religion immediately antedating the Jewish revelation, andBethlehem, 222:which brought them liberation and freedom, but immediately reorient themselves to the world of menDestiny, 151:Gospel story - one preceding and one following immediately after the apparent death of Christ. TheyDiscipleship1, 22:of any importance whatsoever? They must be immediately eliminated and wiped from the slate of theDiscipleship1, 84:present status, its problems and the opportunity immediately presented. A disciple is one who seeksDiscipleship1, 156:you a wheel of fire with seven spokes. See it immediately before your eyes. Then, by an act of theDiscipleship1, 166:The above is simply a summation of the task immediately ahead of all of you who are seeking to aidDiscipleship1, 370:lonely, astral vehicle. The solution will be immediately clear to you. Your physical body is on theDiscipleship1, 461:of intense preparation. Though you may not see immediately, or during the Festival itself, theDiscipleship1, 472:and, when you have hurt anyone, right the wrong immediately and go forward with humility.Discipleship1, 555:and deepest moments) is the next step which lies immediately ahead of you. As a soul, functioningDiscipleship1, 580:implications, attendant upon this fact, will be immediately apparent to you. Let us look at yourDiscipleship1, 700:energies, their source and their effects. It is immediately obvious that the work of the discipleDiscipleship1, 703:an atom), the potency of the group will become immediately effective and not before. Discipleship1, 705:points of spiritual energy upon the outer plane immediately involves certain factors: A deepDiscipleship1, 763:of them) to be found in the ring of petals immediately around the "Jewel in the Lotus"; from thenceDiscipleship1, 777:out of truth - were due to appear. She refused immediately, having no sympathy with the flood ofDiscipleship2, 52:is truly intensified, you will enter almost immediately into, or through, the disk of blue andDiscipleship2, 64:enable them more rapidly to take the initiation immediately ahead of them. This necessarily bringsDiscipleship2, 70:the interim period between incarnations, or else immediately upon return to physical plane life.Discipleship2, 86:of reorganization must be dropped; it would immediately disrupt the present smoothly workingDiscipleship2, 136:this ancient writing: It refers to the cycle immediately confronting us, of which the work I am atDiscipleship2, 152:closely allied to these two, even if this is not immediately apparent to you. It concernedDiscipleship2, 165:them, entirely good and helpful and all that is immediately possible. I have so worded and renderedDiscipleship2, 205:upon that aspect of the Plan which must immediately be put into operation; this is the apportionedDiscipleship2, 239:and simultaneous" meditation which can be immediately effective is organized and developed. [243] Discipleship2, 247:that clearly in your mind. The initiation lying immediately ahead is simply the effect of theDiscipleship2, 290:is now [290] ambiguously called "the third eye." Immediately the personality in the three worldsDiscipleship2, 313:as yet unrevealed purposes of God which can be immediately revealed if the world disciples andDiscipleship2, 354:intuitive perception. The significance which is immediately apparent is the one which probationaryDiscipleship2, 390:is the Plan not imposed?" [390] You will note immediately the relation of this hint to the firstDiscipleship2, 411:and as, therefore, containing much that is not immediately apparent. Hints given by a Master areDiscipleship2, 480:you to prepare for the next great step which immediately confronts you? Disciples seldom realizeDiscipleship2, 521:considerations. The question of motive will immediately enter in, for motive underlies will in aDiscipleship2, 531:the limits of his own beliefs. This makes him immediately a theologian and his usefulness thenDiscipleship2, 581:intact, and with little or no editing. They immediately reached thousands of minds and wereDiscipleship2, 590:for your particular need will, I think, be immediately apparent. I make it very brief, for longDiscipleship2, 629:Master. At this particular time what is that immediately needed truth, information and revelationDiscipleship2, 642:This final instruction to this disciple follows immediately upon the one which is concluded in Vol.Discipleship2, 671:These phrases have a significance which is not immediately apparent; they are what I might beDiscipleship2, 672:complete understanding that I believe you will immediately recognize its reality. My lastDiscipleship2, 720:soul energy, and relates it [720] rapidly and immediately to the brain. Hence much of theDiscipleship2, 746:crisis. You move in another direction and are immediately assailed by that which is to you aDiscipleship2, 751:such moments of nausea as rebellion to be immediately suppressed; you have thrust from you allDiscipleship2, 760:and probably will not succeed in this endeavor immediately, but in due course of time and withEducation, 74:pointed out certain basic ideas which should be immediately inculcated: the unique value of theEducation, 91:on to the bad old lines. But a beginning can immediately be made. Simplicity should be ourEducation, 126:with that hierarchical structure which is found immediately above the human in the scale of being,Externalisation, 51:have to be imposed upon the masses and are not immediately recognized and adopted by those masses;Externalisation, 117:this name. When called the Law of Karma, it is immediately regarded as mysterious, Oriental andExternalisation, 139:wherein this idea can be presented. It will come immediately after the cessation of hostilities.Externalisation, 141:of the gained spirit of goodwill can be immediately offset, and so that understanding can grow inExternalisation, 158:by humanity, and such cooperation now seems immediately possible. The first phase, Let the ForcesExternalisation, 161:of such significance that its import will be immediately recognized by humanity as a whole, leadingExternalisation, 178:of the little nations and the spiritual values. Immediately, the issue was abundantly clear in theExternalisation, 178:of those who were in touch with human affairs; immediately certain nations took sides against theExternalisation, 178:took sides against the forces of aggression; immediately, other nations, biased by similarExternalisation, 178:purposes, stood with the aggressor nation; immediately, panic swept the remaining nations, who tookExternalisation, 189:It is important that people face up to the facts immediately. They must realize what is the natureExternalisation, 210:I call upon those who respond to this vision immediately to set to work. I call you to noExternalisation, 213:masses of well-meaning people (many of them not immediately implicated in the world conflict) whichExternalisation, 322:divine Plan for mankind. In them also the task immediately ahead at the close of the war is clearlyExternalisation, 333:subjectively and objectively, and with reality; immediately the strain is terrific. This is one ofExternalisation, 381:energy and make the winning of the war something immediately possible and the rebuilding [382] eraExternalisation, 425:by Hitler and could have been ended by him immediately if he so chose. [426] There is anotherExternalisation, 459:be called into active response and will [459] immediately release the potency of this Spirit intoExternalisation, 542:and Shamballa. This, however, He does not immediately choose to do. For a few decades longer He
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