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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMMERSED

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Discipleship1, 236:also, owing to our western civilization being immersed in the thought-form of the Piscean Age theDiscipleship1, 433:well nigh over. You are becoming more and more immersed in the service of your fellowmen, and areDiscipleship1, 504:that comes in the light of the Eternal. You are immersed so oft in the terror of the moment (yes,Discipleship1, 518:this group of disciples. You are not so deeply immersed in the fogs of glamor though you are stillDiscipleship1, 675:Responsive to the sounded word, the living soul, immersed in form, emerges from the many forms andDiscipleship1, 719:distorted, myopic vision of the man who has been immersed in the life of matter or form. He is nowDiscipleship2, 243:training has made its just appeal. Others are so immersed in the tests and difficulties incidentalDiscipleship2, 453:these phases of activity cease and he becomes immersed in Being and in Consciousness - theDiscipleship2, 599:you is inherited from other lives. You have immersed yourself in no new glamor in this life, andDiscipleship2, 694:brought about by circumstance), prior to being immersed in any ashramic thought-form. TheseEducation, One of:is necessarily slow and those of you who are immersed in the problems and pains find it hard toExternalisation, 70:is necessarily slow and those of you who are immersed in the problems and the pains, find it hardExternalisation, 332:of the difficulties which comes to the server immersed in the thick of the undertaking is that ofFire, 620:of Spirit. - S. D., II, 66. Spirit becomes immersed in material forms. Forms are the battle ground.Fire, 1212:too pure or, as it is called, "too cold" to be immersed in the matter of the three worlds, belowGlamour, 22:of much of the glamor in which mankind is immersed and which, during the coming Aquarian Age, willGlamour, 29:astral glamor in which you are all more or less immersed, you will enter into a greater freedom ofGlamour, 42:are free from glamor and illusion, but are immersed in the world maya. The Buddha and His 900Glamour, 72:vague, and enveloping. In them, a person is immersed as in the ocean or in a "sea of fog." WithGlamour, 72:he is confronted or faced, but not immersed. It might almost be said that the astral body of aGlamour, 76:humanity, upon the upward arc, is nevertheless immersed. Therefore the Guides of the Race have feltGlamour, 106:that everybody is, figuratively speaking, immersed in it. This aura, in the infancy [107] of theGlamour, 111:sentient awareness of the Self which is today so immersed in glamor that the mass of men areGlamour, 194:of the world of forms in which that life is immersed. The intuition is concerned with nothingGlamour, 271:angle of average man. The latter is necessarily immersed in them, and under their constant impactHealing, 22:karma than bad, little as you may think it when immersed in such a period as the present. The worldHealing, 328:are the two in which he himself is habitually immersed and to which he most easily and normallyHealing, 392:the soul finds itself in new surroundings and immersed in a body which is at first totallyHealing, 488:envelope of astral matter and is for a long time immersed in what we call the astral plane. TheHealing, 517:the soul is, however, still responsive to and immersed in substance-energy, and its higherHealing, 650:hands in the second method, when the hands are immersed in the etheric body of the patient and areHercules, 9:cross of matter. The characteristics of the man immersed in form life and under the rule of matterHercules, 30:[30] signs, back again to Aries. The man who is immersed in form and is living under the influenceHercules, 88:emotional being. The unevolved Cancer native is immersed in the mass; he is an unconscious part ofHercules, 208:will be found to be so inclusive that all of us, immersed in the problems of life, can makeHercules, 210:matter and form. The characteristics of the man immersed in form life and under the rule of matterIntellect, 102:phenomena and of psychical life in which he is immersed. Not only that, but the mind registersIntellect, 224:grade of mental substance, in which the mind is immersed. It is the will which holds this imageIntellect, 240:through us, and working in us, and in it we are immersed. All forms are built of atoms, we areMagic, 160:force which produces all objectivity) and is immersed in a "condition of the waters" which can bestMagic, 204:humanity as relative and fractional, and becomes immersed in the great Will. 3. Service. A study ofMagic, 232:and bring order out of chaos. He is no longer immersed in the world illusion but has risen aboveMagic, 246:freed temporarily from the form consciousness or immersed in the form in order to function inMagic, 273:form absorbs and uses the waters in which it is immersed. As a result it grows in strength. TheMagic, 274:absorbs and uses the substance wherein it is immersed. Our solar system is one of many, and not theMagic, 274:seven parts (or seven solar systems), is itself immersed in the waters of space, is born of desireMagic, 275:which are the waters of desire, in which we are immersed. It is in constant ebb and flux, and isMagic, 275:dealt with in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. Man is immersed in forces which are to him as the watersMagic, 321:energy comes. We have found that each of us is immersed in a sea of sentient forces which haveMagic, 423:to the energy of the universe in which he is immersed; the other will consider man as a unit ofMagic, 464:by tradition and public opinion, are frankly immersed in selfish interests, and are not "takingMagic, 465:groups, the ordinary feeling, active man is immersed, and out of this immersion he must find hisMagic, 468:Responsive to the sounded word, the living soul, immersed in form, emerges from the many forms andMagic, 526:in matter itself and in which all forms are immersed, as they constitute functioning parts of thePatanjali, 86:condition in which the man participates when immersed in sensuous perception of one kind orPsychology1, 53:the consciousness of God Himself. When the soul, immersed in substance, is simply sentiency, itPsychology1, 135:and magnetic forms, in which each form is immersed. Every form, through its radiation, affectsPsychology1, 249:hidden glory. When, however, a unit of life is immersed in form, and when the consciousness isPsychology2, 39:wandered far into the deepest depths and became immersed in chaos and disorder. He could notPsychology2, 39:Teach me the purpose of it all. How can I work, immersed in deepest matter? Tell me the thing thatPsychology2, 173:serves the race by becoming what he knows he is. Immersed, physically, from the angle of thePsychology2, 225:This does not become apparent to the man who is immersed in the detail of life, but could we seeRays, 64:No longer does he struggle in the waves or sink immersed in the deep waters. Above the sea heRays, 581:the realization that "men are as fishes, immersed in the sea of emotions." Aquarius is also knownRays, 607:effect which overwhelms a man who is immersed in materialism of any kind, and is therefore overcomeRays, 675:"is resolved into steam and the initiate is immersed in the fogs and miasmas, the glamors and theRays, 743:working and a recognition that all men are today immersed in vital spiritual happenings may serveSoul, 96:of Ether, we know that [96] 'material' bodies immersed in it can change their places therein. In
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