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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMMINENT

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Astrology, 103:which death is the man preparing? Is there an imminent crisis at hand which indicates a birth intoAstrology, 565:say, when confronted with full knowledge of the imminent sacrifice which He would have to make: "IAtom, 72:old relationships and ties, and the apparently imminent disruption of civilization. We need toAutobiography, 16:days). The fear of tuberculosis lay like an imminent threat over both of us in our early years andAutobiography, 230:to become smug isolationist and, therefore, in imminent danger of collapse. We have been permittedBethlehem, 36:new interpretation and the next revelation are imminent. This coming revitalization of theBethlehem, 51:and the first initiation is, at this time, an imminent happening for many. "To every man thereBethlehem, 91:upon which the present is based. Similarly, the imminent revelation of the coming century willBethlehem, 241:refuse to think at all until faced with the imminent and personal issue. People face death in manyBethlehem, 275:succeeded kingdom. The same great expansion is imminent today. Man, the self-conscious being, canDestiny, 13:with second ray force) that tremendous crisis - imminent in the human consciousness - which we callDestiny, 61:you. It will be the product of the great and imminent Approach which will take place betweenDestiny, 85:lines of affinity and also point the way to imminent possibilities of adjustment, if the love whichDestiny, 111:word) to come into manifestation during the imminent Aquarian age; this age will be predominantlyDestiny, 115:process and of the emerging events and of the imminent happenings which may logically be expected.Destiny, 121:of the sixth ray has prepared humanity for the imminent happenings with which it is faced. What IDestiny, 142:in preparation for the "crisis of love," and an imminent major planetary initiation. At this time,Destiny, 143:collaboration with each other and because of the imminent spiritual Crisis of Approach, the Lord ofDiscipleship1, 404:production of a creative adjustment of [404] the imminent changes in your life and the establishingDiscipleship1, 510:there abide. In moments also of distress or of imminent failure mount to your tower and steadfastDiscipleship1, 631:your co-disciples for certain possible and even imminent expansion of consciousness. Later I willDiscipleship2, 35:also the clarity with which he can view the imminent possibilities. I would not have it otherwise;Discipleship2, 41:gradually gaining control. The withdrawal (quite imminent in time, my brothers) of the evil groupDiscipleship2, 47:of the next step which humanity must take in the imminent Great Approach (for this must be aDiscipleship2, 79:within the Hierarchy itself, necessitated by the imminent reappearance of the Christ. This hasDiscipleship2, 276:an open mind. I have told you that changes are imminent in the training of the initiates of theDiscipleship2, 295:upon the [295] entire theme of initiation is imminent. I would like, if possible, to be somewhatDiscipleship2, 299:and what it is. 6. The sense of that which is imminent. This concerns the "raincloud of knowableDiscipleship2, 299:It is not the recognition of that which is imminent in man, in nature, or latent in manifestation.Discipleship2, 299:of no true importance. It is what is spiritually imminent which concerns the true disciple, if IDiscipleship2, 299:is the sense of timing, with which that which is imminent or impending is connected; the discipleDiscipleship2, 300:disciples this recognition of that which is imminent, so that they can be the intelligent agentsDiscipleship2, 324:veiled a secret and that its revelation was imminent. That every initiation permits a closerDiscipleship2, 327:secret and that the revelation of that secret is imminent. Just what this secret is, I may notDiscipleship2, 339:recognition of the appearance of an eventual yet imminent cycle, i.e., prevision. [340] AnDiscipleship2, 426:planetary angle, great and momentous events are imminent, as the planetary Logos is taking a cosmicDiscipleship2, 585:of death, nor am I [585] referring to the imminent passing away of any of you in the group. I referEducation, 149:development and of new educational processes is imminent. What I have given here and elsewhere onExternalisation, 21:contact, a moment of "spiritual intercourse," is imminent, and out of that moment a new world canExternalisation, 38:times, and the climaxing of its effort is imminent and immediate. It takes the form (for allExternalisation, 107:the energy of love) that tremendous crisis - imminent in the human consciousness - which we callExternalisation, 114:the form is more potent than the life, danger is imminent; where attachment to the material aspectExternalisation, 225:and the Christ, some stupendous appearing may be imminent and suddenly take place? May it not beExternalisation, 239:have placed humanity in a position of imminent though not inevitable disaster. These are pointsExternalisation, 264:seated conviction that the return of Christ is imminent; there is widespread acceptance of theExternalisation, 290:domination over physical law and humanity's imminent triumph over the forces which have for so longExternalisation, 296:The second Coming (according to prophecy) is imminent, and from the lips of disciples, mystics,Externalisation, 302:the world will awaken to the opportunity and the imminent and waiting possibility. The plight ofExternalisation, 333:through a group whose ears are attuned to its imminent emergence, and through the lives of thoseExternalisation, 350:the general public. Do you see, therefore, the imminent and vital possibilities? Do you recognizeExternalisation, 358:of men's minds throughout the world. These three imminent energies are The energy of the intuitionExternalisation, 387:III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process An Imminent Spiritual Event March 1943 We are nearingExternalisation, 387:year. The greatest Approach of all time is imminent and possible. Much depends now upon theExternalisation, 415:Approaches and the possibility of a third and imminent Approach. It is here that the churches, ifExternalisation, 452:up past grievances, foretell (with foreboding) imminent difficulties; they foster ancientExternalisation, 470:I am dealing with facts - facts as real and as imminent as the coming Cycle of Conferences, andExternalisation, 474:to save humanity and to arouse men to their imminent peril; They endeavored to arrest theExternalisation, 497:be noted here that three great discoveries are imminent and during the next two generations willExternalisation, 509:man discovering how to penetrate it. The date is imminent. Through the increasing sensitivity ofExternalisation, 546:is concerned. Great and stirring events are imminent, and they will take place when the effect ofExternalisation, 558:emerging from the theme of this amazing and imminent event (the reappearance of the Hierarchy onExternalisation, 595:written; a new expansion of consciousness is an imminent happening; a fresh recognition of divineExternalisation, 595:It is the recognition everywhere of the imminent return of Christ (if such a phrase can be true ofExternalisation, 598:found in all the world Scriptures anent this imminent event will prove their veracity; theirExternalisation, 611:following facts: That the return of Christ is imminent. That the Christ, immanent in every heart,Externalisation, 614:are faced by those who recognize and accept the imminent return of the Christ. As the discipleExternalisation, 674:knowledge that this important development was imminent which made the Hierarchy in the last centuryExternalisation, 674:Approach of the Hierarchy to humanity and its imminent appearance upon the physical plane, theExternalisation, 701:the fact that the reappearance of the Christ is imminent. You must tell men everywhere that theFire, 767:transpired given over to a preparation for the imminent event. Through the activity of the solarFire, 1038:and an impulse from the second aspect is imminent. It is not safe for students with limited visionGlamour, 23:task and in the spiritual significance of His imminent Coming (and in the language of symbolism) HeGlamour, 81:That is the major problem and its solution is imminent and urgent for all disciples and seniorGlamour, 134:aid towards the attainment of immediate and imminent reality which it is the goal of the man or theGlamour, 160:thus the influence of the Angel, refusing imminent opportunity and postponing - until a much laterGlamour, 164:of men's minds throughout the world. These three imminent energies are: [165] The energy of theHealing, 277:of the etheric vehicle. This is a new and imminent development in astrological research. [278] Healing, 362:[362] the Bible. This is a true statement of an imminent fact. This healing will be brought aboutHealing, 362:and through their responsiveness to His work and imminent appearance. Healing, 446:are an instant and overwhelming sense of imminent peril and destruction and something closelyHealing, 484:in which to adjust themselves to the fact of the imminent disappearance of the outer and usuallyMagic, 300:are an instant and overwhelming sense of imminent peril and destruction, and something closelyMagic, 333:be noted here that three great discoveries are imminent and during the next two generations willProblems, 66:is unpredictable. The changes which are imminent are so far-reaching that it is apparent that theProblems, 158:organized and spiritual movements, for the fifth imminent Approach; the method employed will be thePsychology1, 73:a truer appearance. This is owing to the imminent appearance, or manifestation, of certain greatPsychology1, 101:evolution in particles of light. Through this imminent development we shall find ourselves seeingPsychology1, 112:towards the close of this century, unless the imminent outpouring evokes greater change than is nowPsychology1, 184:reduced to a true science. Nevertheless, certain imminent happenings will do more to annihilate thePsychology1, 279:of the zodiac, and the "coming of Christ" is imminent. These three great happenings are the causePsychology1, 370:the world and the spiritualists prophesy as an imminent happening. [371] Much of profound interestPsychology1, 374:physical sense of the words. One of [374] the imminent discoveries will be the integrating power ofPsychology1, 375:mystery. There are two happenings of close and imminent occurrence. Today the bulk of human beingsPsychology2, 180:achievement of the Lodge of Masters is now imminent and all aspirants and all disciples can bePsychology2, 182:groups are properly established (and the time is imminent) and after they have worked togetherPsychology2, 246:of the New Age, of the coming revelation, of the imminent leap forward into an intuitivePsychology2, 448:it is that which will bring about the great and imminent fusion between intelligent humanity andPsychology2, 669:is no opportunity to precipitate that which is imminent. It is not possible for the new ideas,Psychology2, 718:dealt, is in fact, the precipitation of an imminent crisis. This precipitation is inevitable andPsychology2, 718:point out two things: 1. That this crisis is imminent and of epoch-making effects for two reasons.
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