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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMMORTAL

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Astrology, 295:plus awareness (conscious or unconscious) of the immortal or divine soul; the soul as the ego orAstrology, 367:It will, however, become active when "the immortal brother floods the mortal brother with the lightAstrology, 367:between the mortal self or personality and the immortal self or soul. Sensitivity and quickAstrology, 369:upon the physical plane. Is focused upon the immortal brother. In Sagittarius the same condition isAstrology, 629:is to the manifested Logos what the sensed, immortal Self is to the man in incarnation. As theAstrology, 677:the mortal half of man, the personality, and the immortal part, the ego or spiritual individual.Astrology, 677:to survive and the other half which becomes immortal in its individuality by reason of its fifthBethlehem, 42:"soul" because of its wide use in the West. The immortal soul in man prepares him for the firstBethlehem, 125:and not real; something that passes, with no immortal basis; something that is experienced as partBethlehem, 125:something lasts which is spirit and is immortal. As one studies the way in which Christ met thisBethlehem, 199:the higher may be manifested, and the eternal immortal soul in every man must rise from the tomb ofBethlehem, 242:is, therefore: Is that which we call the soul immortal? What is the meaning of immortality? It isBethlehem, 243:inevitable... This lord of the body dwells ever immortal in the body of each." - The Bhagavad Gita,Bethlehem, 245:He could demonstrate immortality. It is the immortal value which survives, and where that valueBethlehem, 245:What part of ourselves do we regard as desirably immortal? What in each of us warrants persistence?Bethlehem, 247:served to reveal, cannot die. It is essentially immortal, and must live. This is the trueBethlehem, 248:is mortal in him is scattered; that which is immortal and incorruptible withdraws intact." ThreeBethlehem, 248:of the emotional nature, determines our immortal life. Bethlehem, 252:his spiritual life and to function as an immortal. Then the resurrection which lies ahead of him,Bethlehem, 254:to fusion and synthesis. The new race, which is immortal, is coming into being, and yet it is theBethlehem, 276:cannot die, being of the nature of God. To be immortal because one's sins are forgiven seems anBethlehem, 277:the interests of the kingdom whose citizens are immortal, to unfold that which in ourselves isBethlehem, 278:then trained and developed, which is the immortal aspect in man, and for this self are weBethlehem, 280:The divine spark in man has always rendered him immortal. Men have always [281] sensed theirDiscipleship1, 57:a deep seated belief in the persistence of the immortal Being within the forms of soul andDiscipleship1, 703:the higher by the recognition of the immortal nature of the soul, and by the instinct to serve evenExternalisation, 14:so much the better for him, viewing him as an immortal soul, with a spiritual destiny andExternalisation, 560:has conferred is still in the possession of the immortal spiritual entity; that which theFire, xvii:the body of an Arhat; their essence makes him immortal. (Secret Doctrine I. 35) The Three Fires I.Fire, 139:should lift them to the plane where dwells his immortal Spirit, and then by self-discipline,Fire, 604:be, they are but the ramifications of Agni, the immortal" (Rig Veda, L, 59 I). The primary divisionFire, 653:622. It is the spiritual evolution of the inner immortal man that forms the fundamental tenet ofFire, 775:collectively compose the three symbols of the immortal being. Fish - symbol of the buddhicFire, 882:- S. D., III, 62, 63. One recognizes one's own immortal Principle. One knows oneself - S. D., III,Glamour, 116:remains and that is the fact of the Soul, of the immortal Identity, the Warrior behind the scenes,Healing, 363:the deep seated belief in the persistence of the immortal soul proves inadequate, and only servesHealing, 401:(tangibly) the persistence of the "I" or the immortal entity after death, it is non-existent. ThisHealing, 633:the human being is concerned - the will of the immortal soul to incarnate on earth or to withdrawHealing, 684:of true spiritual value is persistent, ageless, immortal and eternal. Only that dies which isHercules, 64:Castor was regarded as mortal and Pollux as immortal. It is an interesting astronomical fact thatHercules, 64:several hundred years ago; whilst Pollux, the immortal brother, is waxing in brightness andHercules, 65:with the higher self, of the mortal and the immortal aspects, is the objective. It was this problemHercules, 68:his own soul, his own star. Canis Major is the immortal Hound of Heaven, that chases forever theHercules, 72:son of God, omniscient and omnipotent. As the immortal twin increases in power and brilliance, thatHercules, 82:the two aspects of his nature, but the immortal aspect begins to increase at the expense of theHercules, 82:register illumination, an ability to contact his immortal aspect and intuitively to recognize theHercules, 140:Nine heads this creature has, and one of them is immortal. Prepare to battle with this loathsomeHercules, 142:did Hercules perceive the mystic head that was immortal. Then Hercules cut off the hydra's oneHercules, 142:immortal. Then Hercules cut off the hydra's one immortal head and buried it, still fiercelyHercules, 142:guide us. The story that the ninth head was the immortal head seems ruled out by the Tibetan'sHercules, 142:nine heads were destroyed and then the mystical, immortal head appeared. Further, the statementHercules, 144:established. One of the hydra's heads is immortal, we are told. This would imply that everyHercules, 144:and discover that jewel is ever futile. The immortal head, dissevered from the hydra's body, isHercules, 144:Beneath the rock of persistent will, the immortal head becomes a source of power. Hercules, 170:thus, and [170] yet he cannot die, being immortal. From heaven he stole the fire; for this he hasHercules, 197:a symbol to the struggling sons of men of their immortal destiny. The human labors ended, yourInitiation, 64:character; sow character and reap destiny." The immortal destiny of each and all of us is to attainInitiation, 76:of the Ego. The Ego persists, knowing itself immortal. The personality becomes discouraged, knowingInitiation, 113:in his mind a realization that he himself is an immortal Existence, an eternal God, and a portionInitiation, 117:to materialize them unduly. The thought of an immortal existence, of a divine Entity, of a greatInitiation, 119:on a recognition past all disproving, of his own immortal nature. He realizes the meaning andInitiation, 222:Will, Intuition and higher [222] mind, - or the immortal part of man which reincarnates in theIntellect, 72:become one with God by becoming one with our own immortal soul, and when that tremendous eventIntellect, 249:constructive to build the realization of their immortal destiny into people than to tell them theyMagic, 295:until such a time as the man awakens to his immortal heritage and so becomes sensitive to forcesMeditation, 356:Will, Intuition and Higher mind, - or the immortal part of man which reincarnates in the lowerPatanjali, 288:the streams that irrigate the fields of charity immortal." Through dispassion, the aspirant andPatanjali, 415:This perceiver, thinker and observer is the immortal imperishable ego, the soul in contemplation. Psychology1, 92:of a temporary and impermanent self; or of an immortal entity who is the dweller in the body? SuchPsychology1, 92:by constructing a body of thought around a happy immortal being, who was to be free, eventually andPsychology1, 92:thought life. Belief in God and Heaven and in an immortal future have grown out of the ancient awePsychology1, 94:and then in its turn disappear, or is there an immortal principle, a subtle intangible entity whichPsychology1, 94:the spiritually minded thinkers who posit an immortal entity are also right? As yet perhapsPsychology1, 105:a spiritual entity in man, - an entity all-wise, immortal, divine and creative. But the processPsychology1, 112:There is but one authority - each man's own immortal soul, and that is the only authority whichPsychology1, 169:evolved individually, unites with it, and the immortal individual Ego starts on its upward climbPsychology1, 391:goal, the ring-pass-not or destiny which the immortal principle, the solar angel, succeedsPsychology2, 186:exists, then something can be formed which is immortal and as lasting as the soul itself. OneRays, 731:To the Knowers of Life such a phrase as "I am an immortal Soul" is not even true. To say "I am LifeRays, 731:To say "I am Life Itself and, therefore, am immortal" approaches closer to the truth, but even thatReappearance, 105:is apparently not in itself intrinsically immortal. The factual nature of the soul, and the fact ofSoul, 76:believed the soul to have three parts. One, an immortal or rational part, coming from God; anotherSoul, 154:the modern man has lost is that "there is an immortal essence presiding like a king over his
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