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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMMORTALITY

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Astrology, 41:Hierarchy is regarded as the great donors of immortality whilst Themselves "standing aloof fromAstrology, 316:in the earth sign Capricorn. The other word is "immortality" which is the divine aspect ofAstrology, 366:the condition of controlled health and chosen immortality which is the stated objective of manyAstrology, 596:secret guide to the significance of death and immortality. This is something which the averageAstrology, 677:Individuality." (Vol. II, 130) "Castor owes his immortality to Pollux. Pollux sacrifices himself toAutobiography, 1:from the unreal to the Real and from death to Immortality. [2] I want to make the Disciples of theAutobiography, 61:the human heart can lead all men from death to immortality. I know that because Christ lives weAutobiography, 120:But the Jewish religion lays no emphasis upon immortality or upon the life after death, and this isBethlehem, 136:that kingdom, and the final crisis wherein the immortality of the soul is demonstrated andBethlehem, 212:We have fought over the fact and the denial of immortality, and what man must do in order to beBethlehem, 220:and to us, that God existed, and that the immortality of divinity is an established and unalterableBethlehem, 231:of service and sacrifice can the fact of immortality and its true meaning be revealed to us. HowBethlehem, 233:kingdom and that they looked to see the fact of immortality universally recognized is evident fromBethlehem, 233:of death is as strong as ever, and the fact of immortality is still but a source of speculation toBethlehem, 233:to themselves, and in the world, the reality of immortality. Bethlehem, 235:We have evolved such doctrines as conditional immortality, and the at-one-ment through the blood ofBethlehem, 238:and through His illumined Sons, the fact of immortality, as before our Christian world, through theBethlehem, 238:Jesus Christ. This whole problem of death and immortality is engrossing a great deal of publicBethlehem, 239:conviction of divinity and of man's consequent immortality seem to be inherent in the humanBethlehem, 239:death has been demonstrated. The fact of immortality has not been proven as yet, though itBethlehem, 239:be a basis for it. The entire question of immortality is closely linked with the problem ofBethlehem, 241:verity of Christ's Resurrection and the truth of immortality are of far greater importance than theBethlehem, 242:purpose. We can live with the consciousness of immortality, and it will give an added coloring andBethlehem, 242:consciousness into another. If one believes in immortality and the soul, this transition may makeBethlehem, 242:call the soul immortal? What is the meaning of immortality? It is urgent today that we recover someBethlehem, 242:questioned - and the fact of the soul and its immortality perhaps most of all. This is a necessaryBethlehem, 244:attitude to the whole question of death and immortality can frequently serve to clear one's mind ofBethlehem, 245:possible, to hold the clue to the problem of immortality. The entire story of Christ goes to proveBethlehem, 245:of His contribution, He could demonstrate immortality. It is the immortal value which survives, andBethlehem, 246:experience of resurrection and for the gift of immortality. Nor are we desirous, surely, of seeingBethlehem, 247:triumph of value, and the demonstration of its immortality. For that which is of value, the divineBethlehem, 247:whatsoever. Yet an aspect of oneself longs for immortality and the sense of infinity. The "endlessBethlehem, 248:Socrates pointed out this basic argument for immortality when he said that "no-one knows what deathBethlehem, 248:which was the true reason why He rose again. His immortality was based upon His divinity. HisBethlehem, 248:His liberation. The first thought is that immortality is the safeguarding of what we really careBethlehem, 248:with the absolute values, we are sure of immortality." What we really care about, then, in ourBethlehem, 250:They are in themselves proof of the fact of immortality and of man's divinity. He has intuited theBethlehem, 251:of universal restoration, and of conditional immortality. To these we must add the speculations ofBethlehem, 251:his many speculations as to his future and his immortality. Bethlehem, 251:the natural man. Surely, then, we can say that immortality consists for us in three stages: First,Bethlehem, 254:and deathless race - a race in which the germ of immortality will flower and in which divinity canBethlehem, 261:is the resurrection from among the dead. Immortality must take the place of mortality. For ourBethlehem, 262:the problem of a new world, and the problem of immortality. That humanity is on its way to greatBethlehem, 264:of being brought into recognition, and of his immortality as a citizen of that kingdom. What we areBethlehem, 265:and to develop those values which will warrant immortality. Someone has remarked that our troublesBethlehem, 275:upon our shoulders; thirdly, the attaining of immortality, based on the development of that withinBethlehem, 275:value and which deserves to stand the test of immortality. This last thought is one which warrantsBethlehem, 276:the primary characteristic of its citizens is immortality. They are members of a Deathless Race,Bethlehem, 278:who understand the true inner meaning of immortality. Those in whom the sense of values isBethlehem, 279:of the true values is yet ready for the immortality which is the prerogative of the sons of God.Bethlehem, 280:That He overcame death and opened the gates of immortality to all humanity is likewise true. ButDestiny, 43:the nature of survival and the probability of immortality; hence again the appearance of the modernDestiny, 151:hence demonstrate the paralleling fact of the immortality of the soul, of the spiritual man. TheDiscipleship1, 207:of all, of a mental attitude towards time as immortality and, secondly, of a command of time soDiscipleship1, 213:from the unreal to the Real, from death to Immortality." 3. Then, still holding the consciousnessDiscipleship1, 306:from the unreal to the real, from death to immortality." Proceed with your meditation as youDiscipleship1, 548:from the unreal to the real, from death to immortality." Discipleship1, 669:you - the idea of death and proving the fact of immortality. Survival, my brother, has been proved.Discipleship1, 669:spiritualistic movement throughout the world. Immortality, however, has not been proved. When youDiscipleship2, 276:true [276] meaning of the words "from death to Immortality." Thus this prayer of the ancient pastDiscipleship2, 284:of the Great Illusion. It deals with the fact of immortality and with the unshatterable continuityDiscipleship2, 305:to the Real. Formula III - Lead us from death to Immortality. This brings us to a statement of theDiscipleship2, 345:soul nature. Time and space. The Eternal Now or immortality. Formula IV... Deals with the LifeDiscipleship2, 365:worlds. Formula 3. Transition from death to Immortality. The nature of Life. The creative processDiscipleship2, 434:Beings who work from the angle of a proved immortality, and who - because of their livingness - canDiscipleship2, 660:Patience, signifying the embryonic immortality and persistence which is a soul characteristic.Discipleship2, 697:are the seed thoughts: Looking forward. Hope. Immortality. Radiation. Freedom from partisanship.Education, 26:of consciousness. One thread is the basis of immortality and the other the basis of continuity.Education, 42:and feeling. The sense of God, the sense of immortality, the sense of subtler inner relationships,Externalisation, 7:for the next thirty years, bringing assurance of immortality and a fresh revelation of the divineExternalisation, 116:- in its higher aspect - is the instinct to immortality; it tends to focus humanity's attentionExternalisation, 401:cut of darkness into light, from death to immortality and from the unreal to the Real. I would haveExternalisation, 404:of God Man's Relationship to God The Fact of Immortality and Eternal Persistence The Continuity ofExternalisation, 415:to the divine (God Immanent) The fact of immortality The Brotherhood of man (God in expression) TheExternalisation, 441:by the Hierarchy, and the demonstration of immortality. The will-to-organize will further aExternalisation, 485:from the unreal to the real, and from death to immortality. That most ancient of prayers comesExternalisation, 485:it gains meaning: Lead us, O Lord, from death to Immortality; From darkness to Light; From theExternalisation, 593:from the unreal to the Real, and from death to Immortality; They stand ready to carry out HisExternalisation, 642:pass from 5darkness into light and from death to immortality. Fire, 97:root of life was in every drop of the ocean of immortality Every atom in matter was impregnatedFire, 165:with the Monad, with the will aspect, with immortality, with existence, with the will to live, andFire, 319:man to concern himself with the things of his immortality. This is suggested in the words of theFire, 633:Solar Angels. - S. D., I, 203. They have to win immortality. - S. D., III, 518, 519.Fire, 1199:Hierarchy is regarded as the great donors of immortality whilst themselves "standing aloof fromGlamour, 198:from the unreal to the real; from death to immortality." "Lead us from darkness to light" refers toHealing, 178:subtle bodies after death, and the principle of immortality which is seated in the soul andHealing, 191:of disease and to the reason for an established immortality; it will be understood with greatHealing, 351:- and through our uncertainty as to the fact of immortality, and also through our deep attachmentHealing, 397:present - mental uncertainty as to the fact of immortality. Beyond the proven fact of some form ofHealing, 397:established by the psychical research groups, immortality or the permanent existence of what weHealing, 398:occupying themselves with the attempt to prove immortality and to penetrate into those fastnessesHealing, 400:investigation. The discovery of the fact of immortality will come from the people; it willHealing, 401:Victorian age. The theory of conditional immortality. This theory is still held by certainHealing, 401:pronouncements, can receive the gift of personal immortality. The highly intellectual also argue atHealing, 401:thus at the same time arguing for a form of immortality. Owing to the innate kindness of the humanHealing, 402:Such are the major solutions of the problems of immortality and of the persistence of the humanHealing, 404:in the universe. Therefore the use of the term "immortality" infers timelessness and teaches thatHealing, 411:this may not necessarily prove the fact of immortality...That something survives the process ofHealing, 412:back of all manifested forms...Our essential immortality will be demonstrated and realized to be aHealing, 412:use the "reawakened third eye" will demonstrate immortality, for they will with facility see the
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