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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMMOVABLE

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Astrology, 554:It is the Cross of "fixed vision and of that immovable intent which draws the man from points ofAstrology, 555:is stretched upon it by the directed choice and immovable intent of his soul. From that decisionAstrology, 580:into will; it is not an implacable, unshakable, immovable focusing of all energies in the need toAutobiography, 271:knowledge, wisdom and light; this makes him an immovable point of power against which the lesserDiscipleship1, 82:wrong kind of indifference, leading to an almost immovable preoccupation with their personal ideasDiscipleship2, 436:have been revealed because a light has burned - immovable, secure - within the human heart." TheDiscipleship2, 554:which you are rendering "as if" you remained immovable in the Ashram; live always "as if" the eyesDiscipleship2, 633:and incidental in space when the disciple is immovable in his determination. I refer to the processDiscipleship2, 669:Master that your stability is assured and immovable. Much further training necessarily is demanded,Externalisation, 247:every physical plane requirement - to stand immovable. But you must stand with faces turned towardsExternalisation, 273:intention. Intention here is that unbreakable, immovable determination that a situation shall beExternalisation, 343:into will; it is not an implacable, unshakable, immovable focusing of all energies in the need toExternalisation, 487:only real values, and that the Hierarchy stands, immovable in its spiritual strength, steadilyHealing, 406:the Will of the initiate is now fixed and immovable, and astral sensitivity is no longer required.Healing, 676:goodwill. The will-to-good signifies the stable, immovable orientation of the initiated disciple,Initiation, 38:produce all that is seen and unseen, movable and immovable in the sphere of creation within theMeditation, 283:it with perfect accuracy, being unruffled and immovable. The emotional body will [284] be set apartPatanjali, 213:it might be said that it refers to a steady immovable position of the physical body when inPatanjali, 312:process and gains the power to stand firm and immovable, preserving an unshakable equilibriumRays, 45:I can explain it by limiting words) is "focused immovable Will." Right tension is theRays, 45:of that identification - unchanged and immovable - no matter what the circumstances and theRays, 48:of that identification - unchanged and immovable - in all circumstances and difficulties. I mentionRays, 104:these words; it is for the realization of Being, immovable, immutable, living and only to beRays, 121:confirmed conviction and demonstrates as an immovable public opinion. This sense of synthesis isRays, 236:Standing like a wall of steel, unshatterable and immovable between humanity and the forces of evil.Rays, 255:and general idea can take form and provide the immovable background for later teaching. I wouldRays, 438:dynamic life aspect, plus an ability to stand immovable in pure Being. Here again I find it hard to
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