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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPACT

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Astrology, 15:constellations. We thus have a ninefold energy impact. This is a major chart but it should beAstrology, 32:of expression and of response is adequate to the impact, and this statement is true of the solarAstrology, 54:and qualities revealed and made possible by the impact of energy from the zodiacal signs isAstrology, 140:and outer activity; we are concerned with the impact of many forces upon the human, the planetaryAstrology, 162:in their turn, are being subjected to the impact of energies from Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces -Astrology, 188:but responsiveness and sensitivity to their impact is dependent upon the nature of the responseAstrology, 213:of the beneficent or the malefic effect of the impact of sixth ray force upon the form nature.Astrology, 277:of the dead lives to the outer spiritual impact. The central idea of occultism that even theAstrology, 277:Sagittarius and to Pisces. This is an exoteric impact but produces a constant stimulation of theAstrology, 313:awoke to renewed activity under the impact of divine desire, impelled by the divine Breath, byAstrology, 387:the sign, Taurus, are concerned with the initial impact of energy upon form or of energies upon theAstrology, 396:signs of the zodiac. Under its energy impact, profound disruptions and alterations in character,Astrology, 399:of the planetary instrument subjected to the impact. In this sign, the Moon is exalted.Astrology, 412:the effect of these energies as they make their impact upon man will depend upon whether responseAstrology, 433:remind themselves that we are considering the impact of energy upon energy units (all qualified andAstrology, 434:the uninitiate, I simply say, "Respond to soul impact." Sensitivity to that which emanates from theAstrology, 442:existing conditions by the force of its energy impact, thus enabling the influence of Mercury to beAstrology, 443:arrest this happening; for who can arrest the impact of these energies which play upon and throughAstrology, 451:transmitted by it. As a general rule, the impact of Shamballa force (particularly in the case of aAstrology, 452:the above conditions are fulfiled, then the impact of the inflowing energies will produce theAstrology, 459:spiritually oriented, the result of the energy impact will be good and will lead toward the workingAstrology, 472:Leo, Virgo, Pisces. It has been the steady impact of Piscean force which has at long last broughtAstrology, 500:and in such cases destruction parallels the impact of the descending spirit upon opposing matter.Astrology, 515:and of the forces upon which they make their impact; this, when concerning man, the individual, andAstrology, 515:of forces, of their origin, their point of impact and the methods of their [516] assimilation andAstrology, 527:to the vehicle of expression which receives its impact so will be the reaction and activity and soAstrology, 547:to the type of vehicle which reacts to their impact. The type of conscious response and resultantAstrology, 560:in terms of the soul. The energies make their impact upon him and drive him into material activity.Astrology, 584:is the sensitivity of the lower nature to its impact and its consequent prostitution to selfishAstrology, 588:somewhat the nature of [588] the direct impact of the first aspect upon the human consciousness,Astrology, 588:from the hierarchical center altogether - an impact made without any of the absorbing andAstrology, 603:undeniable for only the Monad responds to its impact, and only after the third initiation does manAstrology, 622:has brought the Hierarchy into being, under the impact of the Shamballa or first ray force. It is,Autobiography, X:triumphantly she opened herself to receive the impact of many types of destructive forces soAutobiography, 253:School and the New Group of World Servers. The impact made upon the world by these three aspects ofAutobiography, 298:to her task and that through her the direct impact of spiritual force as wielded by the HierarchyBethlehem, 91:of ideas, how they come and how they make their impact upon the human consciousness, thus changingBethlehem, 119:the mysteries. "Illusion" is more mental in its impact. It concerns the ideas whereby we live, andBethlehem, 147:The Bhagavad Gita, Book X, 40, 51, 42. Under the impact of the evolutionary urge God moves towardsBethlehem, 155:personality that the transfiguration made its impact and produced revelation. Thus again theBethlehem, 263:response to the new ideals may be due to the impact of the force of the kingdom upon the minds ofDestiny, 14:this Shamballa force and are sensitive to the impact of the will energy of Deity. According toDestiny, 18:are rare and infrequent. As time progresses, the impact of the Shamballa force will be moreDestiny, 19:of permitting man to receive it and, its impact, free from the mediation of the Hierarchy. It mayDestiny, 22:if asked to do so. You are affected by their impact upon your emotional bodies (not your minds)Destiny, 30:and seventh rays or who are bewildered by the impact of forces generated by those rays, are thoseDestiny, 33:and another comes into manifestation and their impact upon the earth and upon all the forms in allDestiny, 33:world period. The cause of this is not only the impact of the two types of energy, beating upon theDestiny, 94:spiritually oriented, the result of the energy impact will be good and will lead towards theDestiny, 102:to the vehicle of expression which receives its impact so will be the reaction and activity, and soDiscipleship1, 47:the "voice of the Teacher," an aliveness to the impact of new ideas and to the delicacy ofDiscipleship1, 165:the third year must be the making of a definite impact upon the public consciousness, by theDiscipleship1, 170:deal with circumstance and must not make its impact upon personalities. It is needed to forceDiscipleship1, 175:spiritual aspiration and mental attention to the impact of the soul is much needed by you all, andDiscipleship1, 203:the group, and will establish a kind of rhythmic impact upon the patient, thereby weaving a path ofDiscipleship1, 295:in the usual books on discipleship. The impact of ray force upon people embodying differing aspectsDiscipleship1, 295:you would find it of interest to watch the impact of your second and fourth ray energy upon people,Discipleship1, 326:there will be nothing, eventually, in your outer impact upon people to throw them away from you.Discipleship1, 406:of your body and head, and to make a violent impact upon all those with whom you are associated. ItDiscipleship1, 439:pouring in of vital forces, which make a violent impact upon a frail body than it is with disease,Discipleship1, 446:particular life, to the possible effect that the impact of that force - regulated or unregulated -Discipleship1, 470:where you will have to make your soul [470] impact; it is not upon the world in general. To meetDiscipleship1, 498:who is disciplined by the constant, ceaseless impact of others upon his consciousness. You standDiscipleship1, 534:that his work is of such a kind that it makes no impact on his surroundings and his associates. It,Discipleship1, 534:by one or two) will appear and make its impact upon a wider circle. This will be done not byDiscipleship1, 573:wears out your physical body and makes your impact upon your co-disciples (whenever you contactDiscipleship1, 587:very frequently because it reacts to the violent impact of your first ray personality and mind. LetDiscipleship1, 643:to do), you may react unduly to the group impact in which you will find yourself as you takeDiscipleship1, 652:for service. Your opportunity to make a real impact upon the consciousness of those around you isDiscipleship1, 653:you could count for much. You make very little impact upon the public consciousness in spite ofDiscipleship1, 660:bringing radiance and rest, fails to make an impact upon your life. So rest, my brother, and ceaseDiscipleship1, 662:and so fail to [662] make the needed impact upon those who need your help. They get the impact ofDiscipleship1, 662:upon those who need your help. They get the impact of your cares and fears and your demand to beDiscipleship1, 662:can do great and good work; you can make a soul impact upon those around you; you can cease fromDiscipleship1, 701:felt as the energy of spirit makes its impact upon soul force and personality force. Forget notDiscipleship1, 701:of three groups of energies which all make an impact upon him: Those within his own natureDiscipleship1, 701:to him from his own soul. Those which make an impact upon him as they come to him from otherDiscipleship1, 710:form as much as the creativity of vibration, its impact upon the world of men and the consequentDiscipleship1, 752:through the medium of their own astral body. The impact of a truth or of a mental concept and itsDiscipleship1, 762:or shadow in the three worlds) simply make no impact whatsoever upon the soul consciousness. As theDiscipleship1, 785:School, and the New Group of World Servers. The impact made upon the world by these three aspectsDiscipleship2, 61:- be stable enough to stand steady under the impact of hitherto undiscerned spiritual energy? CanDiscipleship2, 63:would normally take. Will they break under the impact of self-discovery and the opportunity toDiscipleship2, 153:upon the life of the Ashram as it makes its impact upon their consciousness. What impact, myDiscipleship2, 153:makes its impact upon their consciousness. What impact, my brother, are you individually aware of?Discipleship2, 255:on such a sound reality that it can stand the impact of the new incoming solar and cosmic forces?Discipleship2, 321:or initiate and express the stages of the impact of the revelation upon his mind. There areDiscipleship2, 322:the "advancing" potency. The stage of spiritual impact. Again here (if you could but see it) youDiscipleship2, 322:stages of Advancing Light, Right Direction, Impact. You have here also an indication of the closeDiscipleship2, 331:of a person are unavailing and make no real impact upon the conscious life of the Ashram. The evilDiscipleship2, 347:of the light potency. The stage of spiritual impact. The Outer Objective Technique: Penetration.Discipleship2, 385:as it emanates from his high place under the impact of his will-to-good, is redemptive in nature.Discipleship2, 392:of sequential steps and is not the violent impact of an unrealized idea. It might be said that theDiscipleship2, 396:energy and illumining love can make an impact upon the receptive disciple. As indicating (again inDiscipleship2, 396:always in a world of energies; they make an impact upon him from many and varying directions. HeDiscipleship2, 464:until the time comes when he can make a world impact and achieve a measure of world salvaging. ManyDiscipleship2, 501:via their Ashram, and thus the work makes its impact upon the outer world. I explain this to you asDiscipleship2, 512:It affects also at times the quality of your impact upon people and occasionally the fruitfulnessDiscipleship2, 527:force to your consciousness. It was the impact of this Shamballa force (which you can touch and toDiscipleship2, 578:has been no exception. Great waves of karmic impact have beaten upon our Earth - that little ship
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