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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPACT

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Discipleship2, 578:and that, my brother, is all that karma is - the impact of directed energy upon the Earth, upon theDiscipleship2, 700:you insist on subjecting yourself to the musical impact, I suggest great and significant changesDiscipleship2, 742:living which are required to make a definite impact upon the minds of those around you. You playDiscipleship2, 744:of Power. Then again sound the OM and feel the impact of [745] the tidal wave (if I may so call it)Education, 11:of unfoldment in a human being: Response to impact, the infant's sense awakened. He begins to hearEducation, 20:with its power to intuit ideas, to respond to impact, to translate, analyze, and to construct formsEducation, 35:constructed which in due time will make their impact telepathically upon the minds of men. 4. TheEducation, 60:spiritual energies which are constantly seeking impact upon or contact with the world of phenomena.Education, 99:current ideologies, are beginning to make their impact upon public consciousness. These ideals inEducation, 115:of this play with ideas, and in the constant impact upon the human consciousness of the greatEducation, 127:and civilization. This, through its external impact and through the medium of its telepathicExternalisation, 7:and that those who fail and are disrupted by the impact of the powerful forces now flooding ourExternalisation, 21:physical plane [21] and sought to make a deeper impact on the human consciousness. This hasExternalisation, 29:the consciousness of the manifesting deity. This impact of force has evoked a response from thoseExternalisation, 85:point I would remind you that the effect of the impact of energy is dependent upon the nature ofExternalisation, 85:widely different, because each man brings to the impact of His vibration a type of physical body,Externalisation, 86:The Shamballa force, for instance, in making its impact upon first ray types, and upon the otherExternalisation, 86:widely differing results than when it makes an impact upon the second ray line of energy; theExternalisation, 86:second ray line of energy; the results of the impact of Shamballa energy upon the first rayExternalisation, 86:and nations can be potent in the extreme. This impact, being relatively a new one to humanity,Externalisation, 104:for the majority, force has been used and its impact on other forces has been noted and recorded asExternalisation, 104:deal with energy and the result of its impact upon forces. This is the scientific aspect of theExternalisation, 105:intelligent influence can ceaselessly make its impact felt upon the minds of men and produceExternalisation, 107:energy now for the first time is making its impact upon humanity directly and is not stepped down,Externalisation, 109:and move and have our being." These involve the impact upon our planet of Forces and Energies whichExternalisation, 153:has been potential will be the result of the impact of first ray force, of the will-to-good at thisExternalisation, 156:Members of the Hierarchy are conscious of the impact of force from extra-solar centers orExternalisation, 172:struggle to stand steady under the fierce impact of wrong thinking and of worldwide despair; theseExternalisation, 236:goes down in the crash of battle and under the impact of the German war machine. It will emergeExternalisation, 263:of the form quality upon which they make their impact. In the world of chemistry, a catalyst,Externalisation, 265:which it contacts and upon which it makes an impact. Pouring, therefore, upon the selfishExternalisation, 266:quality They emanate reaches out and makes an impact upon the most developed of the sons of menExternalisation, 278:quality of the forms upon which they make their impact. If any intervention is possible and takesExternalisation, 287:down if mankind is to bear the pressure of the impact of the energy They wield and seek toExternalisation, 303:energy and a safer way, than the focused impact of one selected force might be. I realize theExternalisation, 345:is the sensitivity of the lower nature to its impact, and its consequent prostitution to selfishExternalisation, 391:they are all working at high pressure. The impact of circumstance and events has never been soExternalisation, 399:go and fixed ideas to disappear under the impact of new truths and new inspiration, and based alsoExternalisation, 420:energy, and in that form will make its due impact upon the minds of men, convincing them andExternalisation, 438:Moon. I have told you elsewhere that this direct impact of the Shamballa energy upon humanity veryExternalisation, 438:the human kingdom. At other times, it makes its impact directly upon the Hierarchy, and is thenExternalisation, 447:of them, as functioning groups, under the direct impact of the energy which motivates and actuatesExternalisation, 447:Forget not that divine energy must make its impact upon human minds; these minds are the onlyExternalisation, 447:the stimulating and energizing results of that impact, and this will evoke results suited to theExternalisation, 453:and are rapidly growing in strength through the impact of human necessity. [454] The fight willExternalisation, 475:This country was the recipient of the first impact because of her national selfishness, herExternalisation, 481:point in Asia, remote from the throngs and the impact of humanity, Christ will bless the world atExternalisation, 495:had been successfully made; through the impact of this energy upon the atomic substance being dealtExternalisation, 524:to circumstances in the three worlds, to the impact of astral forces, or to the thought currents ofExternalisation, 536:any transmission and consequent modifying of impact, as has also been the case hitherto. When thisExternalisation, 536:dynamic, electrical energy made its first impact on earth (after the Great Council held in 1825),Externalisation, 536:in the Externalization Because of this direct impact between Shamballa and Humanity, by-passing theExternalisation, 537:aspect of the Plan. The "cycle of Shamballa impact" is now over; the appeal of humanity to theExternalisation, 537:was made possible by two factors: The direct impact between Shamballa and Humanity or between willExternalisation, 537:for the results and effects of this direct impact upon the earth. This was effectively carried outExternalisation, 561:of extra-planetary forces which make their impact upon the planet, via Shamballa. Therefore, aExternalisation, 585:on earth as high grade personalities, under the impact of strong motives which emanate from theExternalisation, 633:disciples, qualified as such, but who needed the impact of the influence of a second ray Ashram.Externalisation, 655:or material form upon which it makes its impact. This impact and its results are today entirelyExternalisation, 655:form upon which it makes its impact. This impact and its results are today entirely automatic inExternalisation, 656:They decide also where it should make its impact so as to achieve the best and the mostExternalisation, 657:be most carefully directed and their resultant impact be most scientifically considered ifExternalisation, 658:of humanity" via the Hierarchy. Lately, direct impact has been permitted experimentally and of thisExternalisation, 662:the Avatar of Synthesis will make its primary impact upon this Ashram, which provides the line ofExternalisation, 674:over quite a long [674] period of time), the impact of these substantial energies on matter will beExternalisation, 688:their present easy effort. It is against the impact of this emanating evil that the HierarchyFire, 555:appeal to the subjective consciousness through impact upon whatever may be understood as substance;Fire, 555:whatever may be understood as substance; this impact is transmitted direct to the inner life, andFire, 678:cosmic and cyclic. Solar stimulation, or the impact of direct solar force or energy upon theFire, 832:that which acts or assumes form under the impact of positive force. [833] Light, or harmonic forceFire, 1039:All motion is the result literally of the impact, or intercourse, between atoms, and there is noFire, 1039:within the ring-pass-not, and is produced by the impact of the positive charge upon the negativeFire, 1182:might call its north pole. This is formed by the impact of logoic energy upon solar substance. ThisGlamour, 11:the reaction of a sensitive response to the impact of its qualitative nature. A conceptualGlamour, 18:for your cooperation and assistance. The steady impact of right thought on the human consciousnessGlamour, 95:the inner and subtle man is as yet "weak in impact" (as it is esoterically called), a physicalGlamour, 120:influences and the results of their impact upon the human mechanism is, as yet, in its infancy. IGlamour, 173:stuff, to become more and more sensitive to the impact of the phenomenal world, and to theGlamour, 219:three things: [219] Making a definite impact upon the glamor. Penetrating the glamor and beingGlamour, 225:be set up which will lead to a steady rhythmic impact of the light upon the glamor. They must alsoGlamour, 226:consciously carried forward and specific in its impact. It is a definite method of handling andGlamour, 236:producing an Act of Penetration. This produces impact, penetration and dissipation. The aspirant,Glamour, 271:immersed in them, and under their constant impact he passes his life. By their means he learns. HeHealing, 29:the astral body without being subject to that "impact in the fog," which is the symbolic way ofHealing, 68:somewhat new formulation of truth to make its impact upon the thinkers of the race. Then, ifHealing, 95:are the result of over-stimulation and of the impact of energy (often from the mind and the soul)Healing, 99:of the individual must never be subjected to the impact of a powerfully focused group orHealing, 101:strong, there may be danger to the patient. The impact of the force which is being radiated uponHealing, 123:called "unnoticed in his place and minus impact on other souls." His influence, emanation andHealing, 243:is due primarily, therefore, to an external impact of certain vibratory emanations coming from theHealing, 274:it from disease, making man resistant to the impact of deteriorating or epidemic factors, orHealing, 304:human body. All physical ills emerge out of the impact of these imperfect energies as they makeHealing, 304:of these imperfect energies as they make their impact upon, enter into and pass through the centersHealing, 321:attitude or to an attentive mind, but to the impact of life force in any given direction, anyHealing, 371:possessing a mechanism which is responsive to impact, I am answering your question in part, but ifHealing, 371:does it mean to you and from whence comes the impact? If I give you the scientific definitionHealing, 381:of subjecting large areas of the soil to the impact of fire, will be developed into a new and mostHealing, 407:into a state of reflection. Later, under the impact of [408] the Law of Karmic Liability orHealing, 427:reach a higher point of perfection through the impact upon it of life, via the soul. These areHealing, 538:energies, leaving those energies to make their impact on the automaton of the physical body
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