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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPARTATION

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Astrology, 280:I could tell him in this connection. For its impartation also, words are useless and in fact do notAstrology, 686:Venus may have had much to do with the impartation of the stimulation which resulted in greatDiscipleship2, 5:could I say, or do or teach them? The constant impartation of teaching and of information, theDiscipleship2, 25:orientation is a very real one. As regards the impartation of spiritual knowledge, the Masters whoDiscipleship2, 105:with the brain, and then follows the impartation of these reflections to the outside world. TheDiscipleship2, 152:The second meditation was concerned with the impartation of a major concept. I wonder if it was soDiscipleship2, 152:bring this about; it had only one objective: the impartation of an idea and the presentation of aDiscipleship2, 645:been veiled. My task with you is not so much the impartation of new facts, truths, points of viewEducation, 12:Response to knowledge. This begins with the impartation of informative facts, and so to theEducation, 39:the memory (racial and individual) through the impartation of facts - uncorrelated facts - most ofFire, 377:Venus may have had much to do with the impartation of the stimulation which resulted in greatFire, 408:out, and only broad general concepts, and the impartation of fundamental facts (to the exclusion ofFire, 452:No purpose would be immediately served by the impartation of mantric forms. Inevitably the timeFire, 745:(negative substance), and utilizes it. [745] The impartation of color or quality, which moulds thatFire, 893:all mythologies, and all ancient forms of truth impartation, and this for no arbitrary reason. ItFire, 934:as no substantial profit will eventuate from the impartation of further information. Only theGlamour, 182:whom can be entrusted some revelation, some new impartation of truth, some significant expansionHealing, 7:healing and teaching, and this will involve the impartation by me of laws, of techniques andInitiation, 164:were affected in a particular fashion. By the impartation of the Secret, the reason is committed toInitiation, 169:the third initiation, and is prepared for by the impartation of two lesser secrets which concernIntellect, 24:deals primarily with memory training, with the impartation of so-called facts, and with giving theMagic, 401:ray was concerned (which had to do with the impartation of spiritual truth) there had come to beMeditation, 237:written in these letters aims at an exact impartation of a complete thought and is full of matterMeditation, 312:and is concerned with occult lore, with the impartation of cosmic truth, with the abstractProblems, 37:ignored; his memory is developed through the impartation of uncorrelated facts - most of themProblems, 49:at first, for the immediate need is not the impartation of facts but the dissipation of fear, theProblems, 54:biography and learning and thus avoids the bare impartation of facts and the crude process ofPsychology1, xviii:world itself suffices. There should be in all impartation of truth no imposition of authority.Psychology1, 72:with stating a general outline, with the impartation of ideas, with the grounding of a few basicPsychology1, 294:control, as well as training his memory to the impartation of information. The processes by whichRays, 75:already determined point, is concerned with the impartation to the human consciousness of theRays, 261:Radiation. Magnetization. Transmutation. Impartation. Let me very briefly indicate some of theRays, 263:according to his ray and ashramic intent. [263] Impartation. Reference to this is made in the BookRays, 263:to express the higher significance of this. This Impartation marks a climaxing point in theTelepathy, 84:en masse, to group impression and to group impartation of ideas. The sudden response of groups and
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