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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPARTED

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Astrology, 170:never safely be given the information which is imparted to all true initiates. The ancient mode ofAstrology, 274:of effort and is one of the characteristics imparted or stimulated by energies pouring from Vulcan.Astrology, 442:a world distressed? The major usefulness of this imparted information which will condition theAstrology, 519:clearly and will make due application of the imparted truths and for them I write. Our themeAutobiography, 255:and much harm by the foolish detail at times imparted. But They are not as pictured; They do notAutobiography, 259:With this foundation, knowledge may be safely imparted which far transcends the personal experienceAutobiography, 262:Christian terminology. Much knowledge has been imparted. The intricate process of divine creation,Autobiography, 263:must be understood and the right techniques imparted; all this will have to be shifted to a higherAutobiography, 275:be noted that many of the truths, hitherto imparted under the term "esoteric," have either not beenDestiny, 128:occultism (there are others which will [128] be imparted when these two are mastered and rightlyDiscipleship1, 82:of worlds. Inertia or slow reactions to the imparted teaching and to the presented opportunity. Discipleship1, 83:in their environment the knowledge that has been imparted and the stimulation to which they haveDiscipleship1, 282:yourself the value of the instruction then imparted and the reason why I emphasized certain work.Discipleship1, 342:can you give faithful adherence to the imparted instruction? You can at any time drop out. You areDiscipleship1, 459:may emerge in your mind need not necessarily be imparted to your group but much may be given. In soDiscipleship1, 463:for you. Look not either to revelation or the imparted illusory comfort of those who hover on theDiscipleship1, 467:seventh ray brain. If you will think out these imparted facts with care, you will see that theDiscipleship1, 571:yet deeply hidden; only a close attention to my imparted instructions, a humble willingness toDiscipleship1, 689:of the vision by defining it in terms of already imparted truths. The attitude of the neophyte is,Discipleship1, 722:purification, as has thitherto been the symbolic imparted truth; he will impart the fire whichDiscipleship1, 731:experiment." According to their reaction to the imparted truths and Plan, according to theirDiscipleship1, 770:and their misrepresentation of the imparted teaching. Their approach both to the truth and to theDiscipleship1, 787:and much harm by the foolish detail at times imparted. They are not as pictured; They do not issueDiscipleship2, 11:adequate instruction? [11] The limitation to the imparted truth lies on your side and not on mine.Discipleship2, 11:in its relation to that which has already been imparted and which will lay the ground for the nextDiscipleship2, 115:I would have you ponder most earnestly upon this imparted information. The meditation which I wishDiscipleship2, 247:of integration, and one or two hints may here be imparted. Formula One concerns, as I have toldDiscipleship2, 253:no easy adjustment to make, and this the earlier imparted Rules of the Road (Discipleship in theDiscipleship2, 255:- Part II Two things must now happen: the imparted theories which have guided the disciple'sDiscipleship2, 316:picture of the nature of discipleship should be imparted to the waiting aspirant, the misunderstoodDiscipleship2, 460:are. Above, I gave you one important hint or imparted fact, as the case may be, when I said thatDiscipleship2, 493:soul levels) can still differentiate and place imparted truths under categories and sources. It isDiscipleship2, 493:truths under categories and sources. It is the imparted truths, the teaching and the inspirationDiscipleship2, 666:you, the dream is the reaction of a high grade imparted knowledge and world need for service. TheDiscipleship2, 719:But you have by no means mastered what has been imparted, nor have you done the needed meditation;Education, 25:aspect, and not with the imposition of as much imparted organized knowledge concerning phenomenalEducation, 39:citizenship is not emphasized. The teaching imparted stimulates the latent mass consciousness ofEducation, 82:the meaning which lies behind the outer imparted facts. It is the power to apply knowledge in suchEducation, 84:a comparatively new purpose to any curriculum imparted and yet indicates that nothing hithertoExternalisation, 362:facts and the information have been partially imparted. It is dependent also upon the tendency ofExternalisation, 601:evoked the recognition of John the Baptist and imparted the things of the Kingdom of God to theExternalisation, 685:the Plan for humanity - as a Whole - was imparted with emphasis to disciples in the Ashrams, and byFire, VII:in the books published in her name, the truths imparted are so partial and subject to laterFire, xiii:give some information, hitherto not exoterically imparted as to the place and work of those myriadsFire, 139:one channel. Hence the danger. No more can be imparted concerning this subject. He who directs hisFire, 156:here suggested, one point in elucidation may be imparted, leaving the working out of the other twoFire, 173:that which is veiled by it. Not much can be here imparted, as the subject, if dealt with at allFire, 180:urged to link up this fact with the information imparted on the centers of the human being, and seeFire, 183:are the only correspondences that may as yet be imparted. What lies beyond the solar ring-pass-notFire, 198:law of Attraction. Let us now finish what may be imparted on the remaining three senses - sight,Fire, 200:senses as laid down in the tabulation earlier imparted, and note the occult significance of theFire, 213:are not transmissible. More has been here imparted on this matter than hitherto, though there areFire, 259:to its initiatory impulse, can only be safely imparted when the bridge between higher and lowerFire, 381:will be studied, and information, that is now imparted only to initiates of the third Initiation,Fire, 386:goal. [386] If we link this up with that earlier imparted concerning initiation and the sun Sirius,Fire, 400:and beyond the systemic. Through the ideas here imparted it may be possible for the student toFire, 447:by which the work is carried out and which is imparted to the Builders, being latent in theirFire, 452:must all three exist before the sounds can be imparted. Selflessness and sincerity are sometimesFire, 472:anent the deva evolution; much that might be imparted is perforce withheld owing to the dangerFire, 480:consideration, that only certain facts can be imparted, whilst the detailed work concerning processFire, 538:and when he has received the stimulus which is imparted at initiation, through being brought intoFire, 624:this no further, but the few words here imparted open up a tremendous range of thought, and giveFire, 680:by a cautious amplification of the data already imparted, the thoughts of the wise student mayFire, 708:adds to these four those which have been already imparted in various occult books anent the effectFire, 778:to adeptship). But nothing practically has been imparted anent the many egos who reach a certainFire, 848:and will seem inexplicable, but this hint is imparted in order that man may realize theFire, 888:up the approximate accuracy of that which is imparted will be through a careful meditation upon:Fire, 889:we endeavor to make practical what is here to be imparted, as it is useless for man to study theFire, 895:If the intuition suffices, knowledge may then be imparted which will make clearer the connectionFire, 928:sound and rhythm and upon the syllabic emphasis imparted to them when enunciating and intoning.Fire, 946:is very superficial, and only that has been imparted which has a profound significance for man atFire, 984:safeguarded, and at the same time sufficient is imparted to those who have the inner ear attentive,Fire, 989:be given in this connection, but what is here imparted suffices for our purpose. Fire, 997:student to bear in mind that all that is here imparted concerns "white magic," and is given fromFire, 1001:to that Voice consciously, and broods over the imparted plans. He then sounds the Sacred Word,Fire, 1006:(through the use of certain words which are imparted to him by the solar Angel) to protect himselfFire, 1015:and until these sounds and mantrams are imparted and known, it is not safe for the man on theFire, 1050:later individual students the expansion of the imparted ideas. Three impulses inherent in the threeFire, 1196:Secret Doctrine concerning them. What is here imparted is not in itself new, but is theGlamour, 61:of a disciple by his Master and are imparted to him through mental telepathy, and as a result ofGlamour, 169:facts and the information have been partially imparted. It is dependent also upon the tendency ofGlamour, 174:and at the same time a graded, wisely imparted series of revelations which have led humanity as aGlamour, 182:These forms constitute true revelation, imparted or embodied; they are still rare but willGlamour, 182:The presentation of the revelation or of the imparted truth and its precipitation into the world ofHealing, 23:is concerned; they are inherited and also can be imparted by contact. These I will deal with underHealing, 423:for you. Look not either to revelation or to the imparted illusory comfort of those who hover onHealing, 591:ray, will have to be recognized. I have here imparted a point of much importance to you. All theseHealing, 693:to the energies of the seven rays - were exactly imparted to you, it would be rare indeed to find aInitiation, 48:must bear in mind that all that is herein imparted concerns the work of the Hierarchy in connectionInitiation, 67:in the work of instruction, knowing that certain imparted facts will be understood. Instruction isInitiation, 69:devas or angels. These teachings are usually imparted at night in small classes, or individuallyInitiation, 74:from that Presence certain sounds and secrets imparted to him under the pledge of silence. TheInitiation, 94:At that time the needed stimulus will have been imparted, and as three fifths of the human familyInitiation, 102:to the apprehension by the physical brain of an imparted fact or apprehended circumstance, so withInitiation, 108:he faces the Planetary Logos. These facts are imparted to teach two things, first, the unity of theInitiation, 161:the Word for the higher mental plane is imparted. At the fifth initiation the Word for the buddhicInitiation, 165:oval of a specific hue, according to the secret imparted, containing five peculiar hieroglyphics orInitiation, 166:To enable him to picture again accurately the imparted secret, so that it may instantly be of useInitiation, 168:Sun. Their Sequential Revelation The secrets, as imparted sequentially to the initiate, are roughlyInitiation, 168:three fundamental secrets of the solar system is imparted to the initiate, immediately after he has
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