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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPARTED

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Initiation, 169:the physical and astral planes, and which are imparted at the first two initiations by theInitiation, 170:his amazed vision. The two secrets previously imparted, and the knowledge which they gave havingInitiation, 171:Imparting of the Secrets By the knowledge thus imparted, and the progress which the initiate hasInitiation, 172:in this. The initiate, through the knowledge imparted, is now in a position to understand his ownInitiation, 175:of unfoldment. This fifth revelation is only imparted to those who pass to the Schemes ofInitiation, 207:the first letter of the Word which has been imparted, or the hidden name egoic. This rule cannot beIntellect, 23:in the West, a specialized culture was imparted to those who could profit by it, and rareIntellect, 43:His mind is regarded as a storehouse for imparted facts and the training given every child isIntellect, 143:registers the ideas, impressions and concepts imparted to it by the contemplating soul, formulatingIntellect, 156:and the freer from deterioration will be the imparted truths. A comparison of the way of the KnowerMagicconsciousness expands through use of the truth imparted. Third, that a dynamic adherence to theMagic, 64:the form; we have emphasized the effects of the imparted activity but have not understood theMagic, 95:of the soul and broods reflectively upon the imparted message. During this period "the EnergyMagic, 141:will make it possible for further uses to be imparted later. May I add, that the sound is onlyMagic, 153:practical living on the physical plane will be imparted, but in the training of the new type ofMagic, 176:They must accept nothing that contradicts facts imparted through the Lodge's great Messengers, andMagic, 178:to understand the nature and quality of the imparted thought and ideas. 3. They write because ofMagic, 178:must be carefully chosen and the accuracy of the imparted information, as expressed on the physicalMagic, 178:render, through his agency, the knowledge to be imparted. Frequently the dictated data may beMagic, 179:the physical brain consciousness of information imparted: Direct from Master to pupil; fromMagic, 200:out in your daily life the teaching so steadily imparted, you would be standing ere now before theMagic, 200:of daily living before new truth can be safely imparted? Magic, 206:progress is made will the needed instruction be imparted. Let me point out however that noMagic, 257:but perhaps a few of the deeper meanings can be imparted. It is interesting to note that asMagic, 480:exoterically. I realize that that which I have imparted here is difficult of comprehension, but theMagic, 488:none strictly occult, for those later shall be imparted, but methods available for the many. TheMagic, 543:avails and none of the great secrets can be imparted. You might well say here: We have also beenMeditation, 6:and the intelligent explainer of the higher imparted truth, - even then, I say, it takes muchMeditation, 6:act as a direct receiver and transmitter of the imparted teaching, and may reflect with accuracyMeditation, 33:for general communication. Three things may be imparted, which - when wisely meditated upon - mayMeditation, 42:from even those limitations, bearing with it the imparted faculty and the essence of theMeditation, 43:value to the individual than aught esoterically imparted. Therefore, ponder and consider. Meditation, 71:Certain facts have been, and can be, imparted. They will lead to the development of the intuition,Meditation, 71:If then it seems to you that I have but imparted only sufficient to arouse interest, know then thatMeditation, 71:to give you another division, based on earlier imparted facts, those anent the solar system. TheseMeditation, 88:and right, and the object of all that has been imparted, but at this juncture it may be wise toMeditation, 89:devas under the control of man will not yet be imparted. Human beings are not yet to be trustedMeditation, 94:totality. In this way some specific facts may be imparted. I begin with the mental body as it isMeditation, 155:actions and reactions. These forms will be imparted gradually, and at times the pupil (thisMeditation, 155:achieved. He will obey the orders, say the imparted words, or work through the outlined formulas,Meditation, 156:in his life, then these forms will be gradually imparted. But until he can distinguish somewhatMeditation, 157:Dweller within them, then certain things will be imparted to him, which - when carefully followedMeditation, 158:to the pupil. You will find that though I have imparted but little on this subject, yet, if youMeditation, 161:he has the ability to conscientiously follow the imparted formulas, and only when his object isMeditation, 163:by the ordinary student and are only orally imparted during preparation for initiation. There are aMeditation, 164:[164] Other and greater formulas are sometimes imparted by which the three Great Lords may beMeditation, 166:greater sway, these occult mantrams - rightly imparted and rightly enunciated - will be part of theMeditation, 180:currents of the solar system governs all I have imparted on meditation in all its branches -Meditation, 180:may serve somewhat to sum up what I have lately imparted anent forms, mantric or otherwise, as usedMeditation, 183:on forms connected with fire. Today the matter imparted suffices. Meditation, 187:of Initiation. Ponder carefully on this which is imparted, for, by brooding upon it in the silenceMeditation, 188:elementals of fire there is naught to be said or imparted. They are, in many ways, the mostMeditation, 210:or reason which the Lords of the Flame imparted, and which stimulates and guides the life of theMeditation, 215:and publication of these letters and of the imparted data, whereas the responsibility for that dataMeditation, 224:meaning of the exoteric colors is not yet wholly imparted, as I have already told you. Some ofMeditation, 224:exoteric red, green and orange may not yet be imparted to the general public, [225] though studentsMeditation, 226:Couple up this information that I have here imparted with that given in an earlier letter on theMeditation, 231:in a practical sense. Much that I have imparted to you has provided food for thought and forMeditation, 248:continuance of their work. We might sum up the imparted data under definite statements: That theMeditation, 249:and the inculcation of virtue will be likewise imparted in terms of color. People will eventuallyMeditation, 263:Will as applied in the system. These Words are imparted orally, and through clairvoyant faculty butMeditation, 264:further elucidate the matter for you, but that imparted today suffices. The point reached by aMeditation, 268:is therefore no need to recapitulate the earlier imparted data, save to point out that by strenuousMeditation, 273:All this, coupled with what has been earlier imparted, will give you some idea of the rights andMeditation, 273:though not so technical as some of the earlier imparted data, yet carries with it a vibration thatMeditation, 289:at, but I may somewhat enlarge the already imparted data. Meditation, 291:Memory of the Master's Ashram and the Lessons imparted there [292] As the student perseveres in hisMeditation, 304:of consciousness that are the result of the imparted training; these lead a man on from step toMeditation, 305:of the Master Hilarion. Ponder on these imparted facts, for the significance is of profoundMeditation, 305:we will deal with the future. Today I have but imparted facts in present manifestation. Meditation, 316:for instance, in this book. Occult facts will be imparted to these pupils by them and the basicMeditation, 317:to profit by the instructions there to be imparted. Here I would point out that I have planned outMeditation, 325:and puts, into practice that - which earlier was imparted. During the earlier months of the year heMeditation, 326:save that associated with the practice of the imparted occult meditation. He mentally follows thePatanjali, 254:by self illumination must be shared, and clearly imparted to others. It is the corollary ofProblems, 53:the meaning which lies behind the outer imparted facts. It is the power to apply knowledge in suchProblems, 55:and certain basic and important facts of living imparted, plus the inculcation of self-control. TheProblems, 57:a comparatively new purpose to any curriculum imparted and yet indicates that nothing hithertoPsychology1, xx:read the teaching profited by the information imparted? Will you not, with determination andPsychology1, xxi:was dealt with; emerging out of the mass of imparted facts, and underlying all the teaching, wasPsychology1, xxv:Let me also add that your attitude to the imparted instruction should be that of the student who isPsychology1, 9:surely you will comprehend that which may be imparted. As you study you must not forget the basicPsychology1, 110:endeavor to make practical application of the imparted truths, and so minimize theirPsychology1, 110:try to live as souls, and to use as much of the imparted teaching as can be understood. What usePsychology1, 114:in training to be attempted, and the technique imparted will not be given personally and privatelyPsychology1, 157:more rapidly illumined world. The scope of that imparted vision warrants careful study, and thePsychology1, 190:mass of possible analyses and intricacies of the imparted detail, he will not emerge into the realmPsychology1, 294:group good will be the keynotes of the teaching imparted. Emotional control and right-thinking willPsychology2, 150:the personality. Therefore, all that can be imparted in connection with this law can bePsychology2, 195:to register in the brain that which the soul has imparted to the mind. We have here a definition ofPsychology2, 235:the light of the Plan and of the knowledge here imparted, and let him seek to trace for himself thePsychology2, 484:from them. Under the system of training, imparted under the name of esoteric development, the goalPsychology2, 490:thus given can be consciously or unconsciously imparted, and can be, in quality, good, bad, orPsychology2, 492:The mind must make right application of the imparted truth or guidance. Where there is true andPsychology2, 492:Plan of God, he may regard that Plan as being imparted to him by a Master or by some Member of thePsychology2, 566:and formless. The recipient simply knows and the imparted knowledge takes form in the consciousnessPsychology2, 566:step down into form the knowledge which has been imparted; they will see the message, word orPsychology2, 711:of your daily lives upon the basis of the imparted truth, if it is to you indeed a truth. It isRays, 19:like to bring into a close relation the earlier imparted Rules for Applicants and the new Rules forRays, 23:the first letter of the Word which has been imparted, or the hidden name egoic. For Disciples and
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