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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPARTED

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Rays, 106:of the picture, only the quality which it has imparted in substance is left as its contribution -Rays, 124:given in a different manner and the teaching is imparted in the inner Ashram. Therefore, as youRays, 247:the first letter of the Word which has been imparted, or the hidden name egoic. [248] In thisRays, 248:"hidden name egoic" or the first letter of the imparted Word. Two things should be noted here. TheRays, 252:qualities, and the Masters on the rays, was imparted but not much else. I have given out muchRays, 292:correctly understood apart from the earlier word imparted to applicants - the word Touch. I wouldRays, 392:student or disciple returns to incarnation, this imparted knowledge (stored in the soul's content)Rays, 408:His will and intention; these are progressively imparted as the etheric body is brought into anRays, 472:paradoxes of the occult science. Do the above imparted facts make sense to you? Have they meaningRays, 669:endeavoring to make practical application of the imparted information; either that which I give toRays, 742:They are easily led and also easily swayed by imparted fears. The evil in the world and that whichSoul, 110:objectivity called matter, certain qualities are imparted to matter developing into what are calledTelepathy, 88:is, first of all, received by the mind and then imparted to and registered by the brain. The oneTelepathy, 104:astral body, the energy body, or the brain) the imparted and registered impression has made impact.Telepathy, 106:that true and effective interpretation of the imparted impression is dependent largely upon theTelepathy, 159:statement, beginning with a few points earlier imparted but which should here be repeated for
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