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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPEDIMENTS

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Astrology, 229:to be entirely human but finds within himself impediments and urges which drive him on to somethingDiscipleship1, 159:the work in hand and the lower man presents no impediments to that impression. With you, as withDiscipleship1, 307:soul purpose and a definite negating of all the impediments which seek at this time to obstructDiscipleship1, 480:of sacrifice. Your aura is much clearer and the impediments to contact are twenty per cent. less.Discipleship1, 650:will flow with greater freedom, and with less impediments and hindrances, and consequently lostDiscipleship2, 42:the physical body as if it were free from all impediments; it takes courage to ignore frailtiesDiscipleship2, 398:which "destroys all hindrances, breaks down all impediments and removes all individual [399]Discipleship2, 514:I tell you that you need haste in discarding impediments upon the Way but am assured, through studyDiscipleship2, 711:Unless you consider this matter and remove the impediments to the free play of your love nature,Externalisation, 57:and thus clear the way of those intellectual impediments which will (and always have) blocked man'sExternalisation, 243:an intelligent recognition of the hindrances and impediments which block its appearance, and aExternalisation, 536:war - the beneficent bringing to an end of the impediments to the free flow of spiritual energyFire, 948:Dweller on the Threshold." One of the greatest impediments upon the Path of Return and one forGlamour, 226:of light with the objective of destroying the impediments of an emotional-mental nature upon theGlamour, 268:burning ground three successive times are all impediments to the free use of the will destroyed.Healing, 674:viewed from the same level, has removed all impediments and those emotional factors which haveMagic, 290:web" or the "golden bowl". If this is clear of impediments and of sediment, and if its channels areMagic, 558:upon two factors: Singleness of purpose. Lack of impediments. Students would be amazed if theyMagic, 559:all true students know, however, the number of impediments is legion. Hindrances and obstaclesRays, 510:light of the Spiritual Triad clear of all impediments. It reaches (by means of its vibratory
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