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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPELLING

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Astrology, 173:the place of worldly ambition, and become an impelling impulse, until finally the moment arrivesAstrology, 376:influence upon the sorrowful planet, the Earth, impelling the Bull upon its onward rush." So speaksAstrology, 403:point of bewilderment the vast aggregation of impelling energies which play throughout our cosmos;Astrology, 458:or Tokyo. Together, they form five centers of 'impelling' energy today. It may interest you also toAstrology, 459:center. An evocative expression of the initial impelling energy. [460] A synthesis of two forces,Astrology, 508:with Venus behind the scene acting as the impelling soul acts towards a rapidly integratingAutobiography, 260:unknown reaches of consciousness and impelling the later more particular study, which is so much toDestiny, 59:difficulties. Hence also its strong desire life, impelling it to sex [60] expression and toDestiny, 93:Tokyo. Together they form the five centers of "impelling energy" today. It may interest you also toDiscipleship1, 604:need a period for the quiet consideration of the impelling motives for daily action. Right motiveDiscipleship1, 699:This is a parallel process to the work of prana, impelling the animal instinctive nature intoDiscipleship1, 721:inflowing energy. Interpret to humanity the new impelling forces which are occupied with theDiscipleship1, 753:enlarge upon this theme as it proceeds under the impelling force of volution. I am only hereDiscipleship2, 62:for them simplify. For the "goats" must come the impelling call from the highest aspect of theDiscipleship2, 353:nature of a sidetrack and a glamor, brought into impelling and compelling use by the enemies ofDiscipleship2, 429:of initiation; they have therefore posited an impelling [430] goal, and they have consequentlyDiscipleship2, 448:opportunity in your next life. What motives are impelling you to action in your personality life,Discipleship2, 478:the symbolic "diadem of attainment." Using the impelling "eye of the soul" as a directing agent,Education, 61:certain activities. To become sensitive to the impelling energies of the soul, emanating from theExternalisation, 223:world of forces and a thing of power, of impelling and guiding activity, and therefore theExternalisation, 446:watching and waiting, but acting today with impelling wisdom and fixed decision in order toExternalisation, 492:call natural laws; they are the result of the impelling work of certain great Lives, working inExternalisation, 536:and plunged mankind into the vortex of war. This impelling downpouring energy from the highestExternalisation, 583:case), but the work to be done will seem to them impelling and necessary and something which theyFire, 240:expression of pure will or necessitous desire, impelling to manifestation. It is the fundamentalFire, 594:in demonstration on all the planes. Love was the impelling motive for manifestation, and love it isGlamour, 176:The fact of the Presence. This Presence is the impelling force behind all revelation and is inHealing, 553:of the will upon a negative person, thereby impelling the patient to action and imperilling evenHealing, 587:crossed, and life in abundance and in a new and impelling sense, and a fresh impulsing sense canHercules, 146:used to produce that of motion. Can the impelling energy of the emotions analogously beHercules, 146:of spiritual striving. The will to search, the impelling drive to solve the mystery in the acorn ofMagic, 160:world to gather to itself a body of desire (the impelling force which produces all objectivity) andPsychology1, 288:and the [288] relation are emphasized. But the impelling result of that relation is creation andPsychology2, 195:which is both balancing and, at the same time, impelling. In December, 1935, the energies ofPsychology2, 282:written. An understanding of the rays and of the impelling forces in, through, and with which theRays, 15:because they are - in their turn - evoked by the impelling impact of the coming Avatar Whose "noteRays, 176:that evil disappears. Evil is after all only an impelling sense of difference, leading inevitablyRays, 187:and increasing in potency as time elapses. The impelling power of material desire, focused in theRays, 210:might call "ashramic acquiescence," but the all-impelling motive of world need. So the discipleRays, 262:with life, and consequently can work with the impelling Law of Evolution which (as worded in theRays, 269:rays and by means of which They express Their impelling energy. [270] - 5. Two interlacedRays, 305:disciple is based upon the following impelling influences: Lack of self-control along some line.Rays, 335:of the inherent spiritual impulse which is impelling hierarchical action in two directions butRays, 338:of love, and as one who determines - under the impelling will of Shamballa - the phase or aspect ofRays, 363:Chamber at Shamballa, do condition and are the impelling, motivating and relating power behind allRays, 598:of the third degree made possible. This produces impelling and new contacts. It should here beRays, 653:karmically linked to him, a right use of an impelling attractive force which will, occultlyRays, 658:four kingdoms to the direct stimulation of His impelling will, you will realize the long, longRays, 721:upon His ray energy or upon what might be the impelling force of the planetary rays; i.e., that ofSoul, 14:man as a system of needs, impulses, and desires impelling him to study, to use, and to master his
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