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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPENDING

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Astrology, 267:the forms of life upon another planet and the "impending energies," as they are called, which areAutobiography, 7:from the primeval age to the dawn of the impending new civilization is of interest and all ofAutobiography, 245:be of value in the new spiritual era which was impending. She, therefore, overcame her disgust ofDiscipleship1, 57:you are in preparation for initiation and that impending condition of consciousness implies threeDiscipleship1, 777:be of value in the new spiritual era which was impending. She, therefore, overcame her disgust ofDiscipleship2, 160:things" to which Patanjali refers. It is that impending, over-shadowing and revelatory storehouseDiscipleship2, 243:The more advanced among them are conscious of impending possibilities. The significance of theDiscipleship2, 299:of timing, with which that which is imminent or impending is connected; the disciple has to awakenDiscipleship2, 311:in connection with initiate training, is the impending realization for which any opening cycleDiscipleship2, 343:steps for initiation, and the possibility of impending revelation? This would involve constantDiscipleship2, 398:are of use here in considering the nature of the impending revelation. The recognition of theseExternalisation, 176:the conflict every week. The real issues, the impending economic results and the politicalExternalisation, 337:III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process An Impending Crucial Decision December 1941 As theExternalisation, 366:the steps which might be taken to avert the impending cataclysm. Among the most important uponExternalisation, 388:most careful preparation for the event which is impending at the time of the Full Moon of May, soExternalisation, 474:could not appreciate the true nature of the impending danger. Some recognized it and did theirExternalisation, 657:conflict, and its first major conflict is now impending. I have dealt with this conflict elsewhereExternalisation, 687:all disciples who seek to cooperate with the impending activity of the Hierarchy to study with careFire, 716:perfection. In the tremendous event which is impending, in the great revelation which is near atFire, 755:and energy of the Buddha. It is this impending probability which is held in mind during the centuryHealing, 118:of his personality, its problems and its impending opportunity. The spiritual technique, however,Problems, 29:the immediate world process should include: The impending crisis of freedom. This involves freePsychology2, 718:in May, 1937, and which are all related to the impending world crisis), it is needful that weRays, 121:the case. The forms through which these new and impending ideas must take shape and manifest haveReappearance, 62:for us to speculate. The uniqueness of the impending mission of the Christ and the uniqueness ofReappearance, 138:be attained; they sense the approach of new, impending spiritual revelations but are apt to shrink
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