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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPERATIVE

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Bethlehem, 139:self, a disinherited self, hostile to the imperative domination of the good which is, ex hypothesi,Discipleship1, 141:of work permits (you see, I make not my request imperative) I would like you to write an articleDiscipleship1, 401:vehicle is not young and who submits to the imperative voice of physical fatigue and theDiscipleship1, 604:clear vision of the sources of action are still imperative needs of yours. They will lead to rightDiscipleship2, 79:Ashram is a second ray Ashram - they have had an imperative stimulus given to their love nature,Discipleship2, 287:initiate can grasp it. b. This sacrifice was imperative in the fullest sense, owing to the abilityDiscipleship2, 428:as aspirationally motivated, is faced with an imperative opportunity. This opportunity isDiscipleship2, 453:point I seek to emphasize to you is the need - imperative and permanent where the remainder of yourDiscipleship2, 611:preserving steadfastly in your consciousness the imperative command of your soul to "move forward."Externalisation, 16:in these days of stress and of world need, it is imperative that these various groups should beginExternalisation, 195:and caste distinction exist, but it is equally imperative that they disappear. The world is oneExternalisation, 378:general propositions which must be regarded as imperative when world readjustment starts. TheirExternalisation, 545:of the Protestant churches be bridged is imperative. If none of these things happen, humanity isFire, 198:likewise individually. This topic is of the most imperative importance as it deals entirely withFire, 413:has greatly handicapped Their work, and made it imperative for Them to employ drastic measures inHealing, 600:of evolution. That knowledge of the centers is imperative. That he himself must work as a soulProblems, 138:is today unsuitable for adult mankind. These are imperative changes. Nothing can prevent the newPsychology1, 170:there should be those points of immediate and imperative interest which will make this treatise ofPsychology2, 155:Path of Perfection, he cannot really grasp the imperative demand of his own soul for [156] releasePsychology2, 660:Techniques Two immediate lines of activity are imperative. The members of the New Group of WorldPsychology2, 661:intuitive spiritual perception, but it is also imperative that they possess practical experiencePsychology2, 674:any group or form of control. This is their imperative position. For attack or counter-attack theyReappearance, 69:so, because Their participation and help were imperative. They also necessarily had to be with HimSoul, 155:is not the absolute, nor again the categorical imperative; not the organic and still less the
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