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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPERFECTION

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Atom, 22:of chaos; ultimate perfection out of temporary imperfection; good out of seeming evil; and out ofBethlehem, 283:I a being universal. Other beings still suffer imperfection, existence, and resultant death.Bethlehem, 283:of my own character and personality is but imperfection while one other being - one single gnat -Bethlehem, 283:other being - one single gnat - still suffers imperfection of its identical kind. 'No being mayDiscipleship1, 689:are basically non-critical; the recognition of imperfection is automatic with them but in no wayFire, 102:and termination result as the effects of imperfection giving place to a gradual perfection. EveryFire, 980:He has to say, and hence the present apparent imperfection. When that great divine phrase orHealing, 10:in nature, share in this general limitation and imperfection. More than this general premise isHealing, 10:to the task. Such terms as "cosmic evil, divine imperfection, limited areas of consciousness, theHealing, 293:solar system are imperfect, the effect of this imperfection must inevitably affect Their planetaryHealing, 294:wholes; seven the ways to oust the dark of imperfection and demonstrate the clear cold light, theHealing, 295:maintenance of health. Law IX Perfection calls imperfection to the surface. Good drives evil alwaysHealing, 297:also for the three subhuman kingdoms. The Law of Imperfection exists because the Great RealitiesHealing, 297:perfection. Disease is only a form of transient imperfection, and death is just a method forHealing, 298:They are. The problem of humanity in respect to imperfection is complicated, not only by the factHealing, 298:informing vitalizing Energies are "tainted with imperfection," but also by the fact that the LordHealing, 298:in His body, and they are tainted with imperfection because of His imperfections; their completeHealing, 299:stanza in relation to our theme of disease, the imperfection of this divine energy produces aHealing, 299:attracted all and gave to all too much." The imperfection of this great energy with its building,Healing, 302:most difficult to describe the nature of the imperfection of the energy of the Lord of the fifthHealing, 303:words of an ancient writing which says that "the imperfection of the Lord of the Sixth Ray openedHealing, 304:This, however, when viewed from the angle of imperfection, is a bringing together (if you canHealing, 305:to misinterpret the significance of the word "imperfection" which I have used so constantly inHealing, 535:with soul energy. Law IX Perfection calls imperfection to the surface. Good drives evil from theHealing, 636:of an involutionary entity. The result of this imperfection, which is not that of the planetaryHealing, 660:spiritually understood. Law IX Perfection calls imperfection to the surface. Good drives evil fromHealing, 663:center the healing energies will be drawn. Imperfection has been drawn to the surface; the evils toHealing, 663:Applied In considering the general subject of imperfection and of evil, we are dealing here withHealing, 664:slow but safe method. It is a method in which imperfection is only very gradually eliminated,Healing, 665:become known. I deal not here with the nature of imperfection or the purpose of evil. Do I need toHealing, 665:both are present? I might point out that imperfection is inherent in the nature of matter itselfHealing, 665:plane. It might also be stated that when the imperfection of matter is realized and corrected, andHealing, 666:the Forces of Evil and humanity, to bring imperfection into the light so that evil can "find noHealing, 667:have spread over the Earth. The emergence of imperfection and the planned effort of evil have beenHealing, 669:or wise to discuss the source of evil (not of imperfection), the Black Lodge. Energy followsHealing, 669:potent enough intelligently to use the latent imperfection in humanity and to impose the vast evilHealing, 671:complete mastery over evil, and not mastery over imperfection; it was because He was the "PerfectIntellect, 192:any thought of other than God is a veil and an imperfection, and the more a man's thoughts areMeditation, 222:long as there is differentiated color there is imperfection. Remember, color as we know it is thePsychology1, 284:words signify in reality simply perfection and imperfection, conformity to a divine standard ofRays, 675:Kumara is learning and advancing from a relative imperfection to perfection. This baptism of fire
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