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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPERFECTIONS

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Bethlehem, 117:require the protection of theology, despite its imperfections and dogmatic or untenable assertions.Discipleship1, 689:still lies ahead for them but their own imperfections are not their major point of soul attack orDiscipleship2, 138:not from the angle of the consciousness of your imperfections, qualifications or capacities, yourGlamour, 106:He is among the "imperfect Gods." These imperfections, hindering unfoldment or the perfectHealing, 10:await mastering. These limitations and relative imperfections may cause definite effects in TheirHealing, 10:subject also to these limitations, and to the imperfections growing out of these unconquered areasHealing, 293:the world; it deals with the seven ray causes of imperfections in our planetary manifestations. ToHealing, 294:The stanzas I have selected are from The Book of Imperfections. Part Fourteen: "The sevenHealing, 294:Book of Imperfections. Part Fourteen: "The seven imperfections issued forth and tainted substanceHealing, 294:ring. (The three lower worlds. A.A.B.) The seven imperfections entered the seven races of men, eachHealing, 294:the greatest One to the littlest ones. Seven the imperfections. Seven the perfect wholes; seven theHealing, 295:comprehend. It must be remembered that the seven imperfections are related to the sevenfold natureHealing, 298:are tainted with imperfection because of His imperfections; their complete "healing" will set theHealing, 300:is the energy of substance itself that its imperfections demonstrate profusely in the humanHealing, 304:carrying life, disease or death, stimulating the imperfections in the body or bringing healing toHealing, 305:to no further unfoldment. These are the imperfections which we are considering - the seven aspectsHealing, 310:condition, manifesting as a weakness or as imperfections; these, in their turn, are a tendency fromHealing, 536:therefore having taken a cosmic initiation, His imperfections are demonstrably lessened; there willHealing, 636:the form nature itself, being indicative of the imperfections from which the spirit of the earthHealing, 663:which has made its presence felt, and when the imperfections which have been drawn to the surfaceHealing, 665:be looked for as a consequence: first, that the imperfections and evil (one latent and the otherHealing, 668:gangsters are the result of the emerging massed imperfections; they are the victims of ignorance,Healing, 670:which I have earlier dealt has relation to the imperfections with which humanity is wrestling, andIntellect, 191:pronouncement that one has become separated from imperfections, while unification is theMeditation, 92:development) it is dependent upon His transitory imperfections. The imperfections of nature - as weMeditation, 92:dependent upon His transitory imperfections. The imperfections of nature - as we term them - areMeditation, 92:of nature - as we term them - are the imperfections of the Logos, and will eventually be
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