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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPERSONALITY

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Autobiography, 157:to life and truth, freedom of interpretation and impersonality were the characteristics whichAutobiography, 159:between those who stood for brotherhood, for impersonality, for non claim-making and for dedicationAutobiography, 193:myself embroiled. His clear legal mind, his impersonality and his constant failure to get excitedAutobiography, 196:the probationary path and that our emphasis was impersonality and mental development. I added thatDiscipleship1, 16:which I have called you is also an experiment in impersonality, in willingness to work and learn,Discipleship1, 33:to emphasize is the most difficult one of a true impersonality. On two points, disciples in theDiscipleship1, 43:be chosen for training. These were: Sensitivity, Impersonality, Psychic Gifts, Mental Polarization.Discipleship1, 45:they will learn; together, they will stand with impersonality; together, they will render serviceDiscipleship1, 47:qualities for which we look are sensitivity, impersonality, psychic capacity and mentalDiscipleship1, 48:activity and the service of your fellow men. Impersonality, particularly for high grade integratedDiscipleship1, 48:to achieve. There is a close relation between impersonality and detachment. Study this. ManyDiscipleship1, 48:powerfully formulated beliefs militate against impersonality. It is hard for the disciple - duringDiscipleship1, 49:is ever much opportunity for the practice of impersonality in all group relations. In every groupDiscipleship1, 50:into the realizations of universality and impersonality; the astral body must become the organDiscipleship1, 51:of this required sensitivity? 2. Define impersonality. Do you know the distinction between theDiscipleship1, 51:Do you know the distinction between the impersonality of the first ray type and true spiritualDiscipleship1, 51:of the first ray type and true spiritual impersonality? When somebody disagrees with you or you doDiscipleship1, 59:the foundation for constructive, united work. 2. Impersonality. Is there aught more that I can sayDiscipleship1, 60:attitudes to mar the group work. [60] Contact, impersonality and love - these three constitute theDiscipleship1, 81:through individual understanding and true impersonality can go forward upon the physical planeDiscipleship1, 82:goal. I would reply: By the steady practice of impersonality with its subsidiary attitude ofDiscipleship1, 82:contacts and goals are concerned. Such an impersonality is little understood and even whenDiscipleship1, 82:basis. Ponder on this and endeavor to achieve impersonality through self-forgetfulness and throughDiscipleship1, 117:you are; he loses much, however, by an imposed impersonality to it; you lose much by being too sureDiscipleship1, 170:phrase) but not to shatter and to hurt. True impersonality must be borne in mind and yourDiscipleship1, 187:of the New Age groups. The utmost impartial impersonality is our goal, for such an attitude sets usDiscipleship1, 222:control, thus developing wisdom and practicing impersonality. Your motives are seldom at fault.Discipleship1, 251:my group most and yourself best by achieving impersonality where your personality is concerned.Discipleship1, 251:from the one which you are now doing to one on impersonality... [252] If you will with faithfulnessDiscipleship1, 266:task for you, my brother. You must also foster impersonality in those who work around you; this canDiscipleship1, 266:yourself learn to be more impersonally personal. Impersonality is not hard for you but the moreDiscipleship1, 277:human relationships. These must be handled with impersonality, love and silence. Seek to integrateDiscipleship1, 334:increase of love and understanding, a developed impersonality and a keener response to need - theseDiscipleship1, 345:assist this process subjectively and with true impersonality. So many disciples are apt to bringDiscipleship1, 564:and give to your group brothers with a clear impersonality which asks nothing for the separatedDiscipleship1, 621:of the soul should be nurtured and shine forth. Impersonality is easy for you. You must now learnDiscipleship1, 621:You must now learn to be personal with complete impersonality - a paradoxical acquirement but oneDiscipleship1, 631:- earnest, sincere, mental, logical and with the impersonality of the first ray type. Your answersDiscipleship1, 631:effects on Christianity may have been) and his impersonality should give you much - ofDiscipleship1, 737:both with him and with his co-disciples; impersonality is the first step upon the road to spiritualDiscipleship1, 737:Their effort should be to achieve, first of all, impersonality in their dealings for, when that hasDiscipleship1, 737:engaged in similar work. This, again, involves impersonality and right focus. The Master is todayDiscipleship1, 738:- in terms of the whole. So again we arrive at impersonality - this time impersonality to a man'sDiscipleship1, 738:So again we arrive at impersonality - this time impersonality to a man's own reactions. The MasterDiscipleship1, 738:personalities and more a group of living souls. Impersonality has also to be developed inDiscipleship1, 739:incidentally, of my Master? Have I worked with impersonality in relation to my fellow disciples andDiscipleship1, 744:and aspiration. The disciple can now work with impersonality, no matter how his own personal natureDiscipleship2, 4:from among you. That is good. The growth of impersonality must be steady and sure. The faultsDiscipleship2, 23:this in mind as you master the hard lesson of impersonality - an impersonality shown to you by me,Discipleship2, 23:you master the hard lesson of impersonality - an impersonality shown to you by me, by A.A.B. andDiscipleship2, 23:a thing to learn!) by your own souls. It is an impersonality which you yourselves must develop andDiscipleship2, 23:once you love enough. Love is the basis of impersonality. This is, as I have repeatedly told you,Discipleship2, 76:will be learning the lessons of adaptability, of impersonality and renunciation. He made oneDiscipleship2, 603:words with care. Above all else give love with impersonality and true understanding. It must not beDiscipleship2, 603:and true understanding. It must not be the impersonality of a planned and forced achievement butDiscipleship2, 603:of a planned and forced achievement but the impersonality of complete self-forgetfulness. The taskDiscipleship2, 684:understand or a detachment so cold that my very impersonality would defeat its own ends. What allDiscipleship2, 708:work is securely founded. You have a gift of impersonality, as a general rule, which is a greatDiscipleship2, 712:done so when I enjoined upon her the need for impersonality. The three Arcane School centers, NewExternalisation, 94:will be characterized by vision, cohesion, love, impersonality, sacrifice, persistency and creativeExternalisation, 571:religious, economic and political doctrine; his impersonality - which recognizes faults as well asGlamour, 172:form and the use of matter with complete impersonality. The goal of this technique is the firstHealing, 6:to work together in perfect understanding and impersonality, and at the same time to achieve,Healing, 125:agency only and an understanding soul. This impersonality (which can be defined as a withdrawing ofHealing, 177:else the center through which the forces of Impersonality must eventually express themselves, andHealing, 374:Later, when a group can function together with impersonality as a unit and with true interplay ofHercules, 174:for these also are marks of the initiate. Impersonality is based upon a fundamental personalityHercules, 174:attached before you can know the meaning of impersonality. That is a paradox, but there is noHercules, 174:if there is no temptation to be personal. The impersonality we must develop is an expansion of theHercules, 174:we have given to the individuals close to us. Impersonality is not shutting yourself off, puttingHercules, 175:man. He is impersonal. [175] I wonder if this impersonality does not refer to ourselves rather thanInitiation, 72:friends, or family, who rebel at his growing impersonality. They do not like to be acknowledged asMagic, 137:their choice depends largely upon the measure of impersonality with which they work and theMagic, 620:Do they find that their reaction to the growing impersonality of the age is one of resentment, orMagic, 625:- Rule Fifteen - A Call to Service But if true impersonality is cultivated, if the power to standMagic, 636:reveals. The rendering of service with complete impersonality. This is done by eliminating personalPsychology1, 64:their work, and hence the apparent cruelty and impersonality of their reactions. Form does notPsychology1, 115:or teacher is one of complete detachment and impersonality; he is aware of the soul light andPsychology1, 117:soul, and of learning to work with harmony and impersonality on the physical plane with the groupPsychology1, 117:of such communicators is mental clarity, true impersonality, spiritual tolerance, [118] and aRays, 45:and achieved identity. On this level of pure impersonality and of right orientation the groupRays, 72:becoming increasingly aware of their spiritual impersonality, which seems to him to be almost aRays, 72:way comprehend his basic (even if undeveloped) impersonality. This attitude of theirs evokes inRays, 73:to develop their capacity for spiritual impersonality. He knows it is something which he mustRays, 73:and - as he achieves it - he discovers that this impersonality is not based on indifference or uponRays, 173:A concept of unity, leading to cooperation, to impersonality, to group work and to realization,Rays, 209:stage. I speak not at this time anent impersonality. For some people, impersonality is simply anRays, 209:this time anent impersonality. For some people, impersonality is simply an escape mechanism fromRays, 209:of the disciple is given to the achievement of impersonality, thereby guaranteeing non-success.Rays, 209:later destruction. Such is the occult law. Impersonality is possible only to the disciple who knowsRays, 210:are not [210] based upon personality or impersonality, or upon liking or disliking, or on criticismTelepathy, 37 To:deepest love and understanding; that you develop impersonality so that when a brother tunes in on a
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