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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPLEMENT

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Autobiography, 288:aptitude for teaching, a willingness to implement the Plan for humanity and a deep love for one'sDestiny, 148:will be found everywhere and that goodwill will implement that fulfilment, leading to peace in allDiscipleship2, 100:If so, what is it and how do you propose to implement it and make it effective? What is the mainDiscipleship2, 141:stand. Naught shall deflect my will from his. I implement that will by love. I turn towards theDiscipleship2, 149:of the divine Will, and the plan which will implement it, are better [150] understood and theDiscipleship2, 164:the world of meaning, a recognition of those who implement world affairs and who engineer thoseDiscipleship2, 168:and will, and mankind's deep responsibility to implement the spread of love and light on Earth.Discipleship2, 176:stand. Naught shall deflect my will from his. I implement that will by love. I turn towards theDiscipleship2, 188:When in the attitude of meditation and using the implement of prayer (by means of the Invocation),Discipleship2, 189:of humanity not otherwise possible, he can [189] implement their recognized though unvoiced need,Discipleship2, 197:formulation of the divine Plan which will implement divine Purpose in the world, is likewise anDiscipleship2, 202:are the "Helpers of the Lord of the World," and implement his purposes as they are formulated byDiscipleship2, 282:three worlds of meaning, cause and being to implement the purpose of Sanat Kumara. TheseDiscipleship2, 361:of the disciples, plus the energies to implement the Plan. Next comes Program, wherein the Plan isDiscipleship2, 373:Wisdom work in three ways as they endeavor to implement the divine Plan: They formulate,Discipleship2, 374:to register the Plan which it is intended to implement, and the energy then leads to great butDiscipleship2, 671:present time must be taught how to recognize and implement it. Again - this is a right which youDiscipleship2, 678:for humanity which the Hierarchy is seeking to implement. Then, my co-disciple, you have latelyDiscipleship2, 710:capacity to use second ray energy to enhance and implement the use of the teaching ability; youEducation, 60:they do, under spiritual direction, in order to implement the Plan. The above statement isExternalisation, 442:and Their ashrams are likewise getting ready to implement these plans and are endeavoring toExternalisation, 457:Who will engender anew the vitality needed to implement the trends of the New Age and Who willExternalisation, 458:speak forcefully, demand spiritually and implement the inner plans with intelligence. On aExternalisation, 471:desires, and if the men and women of goodwill implement their response to His wishes. SpeakingExternalisation, 482:which little should again be restored) and will implement (upon the few foundational cultures ofExternalisation, 489:of the divine will and the plan which will implement it is better understood and the period ofExternalisation, 549:flaming ardor and a minimum of organization may implement the new presentation of goodwill as itExternalisation, 570:disciples who will be chosen and designated to implement Their efforts and so will work under TheirExternalisation, 573:will later appear. This second group will implement the new religion; by the time they come intoExternalisation, 633:its aim is to train those disciples who can implement the Plan and thus prepare for theExternalisation, 634:in the divine will-to-good, plus those who implement it through love - no matter what they mean byGlamour, 256:goal before the breath which will engineer or implement it is generated, assembled, sent forth andHealing, 542:an invocative mantram - the healer will seek to implement this increased flow of life, via theHealing, 625:condition of the centers, or how they limit or implement the responsiveness of the man to hisPatanjali, 133:to its rightful place as a sheath, vehicle or implement, then knowledge itself is transcended andProblems, 6:simple method (simple to write but difficult to implement) of establishing right human relationsProblems, 9:must aim at sound mental health and endeavor to implement sound, psychological objectives.Problems, 32:coming generations and the engineers who must implement the new civilization. What we do with themProblems, 67:into the usages of peace and employed to implement a new and happier world. An entirely new fieldProblems, 77:better and different methods may now be used to implement the Four Freedoms and to insure rightRays, 121:of a new and direct relation between Those Who implement the will of God and humanity everywhere isRays, 159:solar system at this time active; these feed or implement the seven planetary centers. But the LawRays, 162:as a body organized and functioning in order to implement certain evolutionary ends, is no longerRays, 207:for the carrying forward of the Plans which implement the Purpose; the evolution of consciousnessRays, 230:you have present those forces which will implement the activities of the Hierarchy, condition itsRays, 235:Slowly, however, the Hierarchy is beginning to implement both the Shamballa energy and that ofRays, 270:proposition that the three Buddhas of Activity implement Their work. I can put it no clearer. ThereRays, 278:from the higher mind, as it endeavors to implement the will nature of the Monad. Transmutation -Rays, 306:life as you know it. When steps are taken to implement divine purpose, the resultant effect may beRays, 387:be lessened, but each ray quality will serve to implement the expression of pure love, which is theRays, 394:to penetrate into the mystery of electricity and implement [395] its expression in the creativeRays, 526:present time) has been to anchor, organize, and implement these divine aspects, energies,Rays, 534:each producing its own specific results, which implement or engineer the initiatory process; theseRays, 568:are the creating and sustaining energies which implement the Will of the planetary Logos. TheyRays, 605:fourth ray souls will resume incarnation, and so implement human decision. This will mark a greatRays, 617:will be dependent upon the medium used by Him to implement that purpose - known only to Him and toRays, 618:work of the men and women of goodwill as they implement the "streaming forth of the love of GodRays, 655:Their chosen Path in order, for a brief time, to implement and aid the work of the Christ and helpRays, 655:These Masters can, in a mysterious fashion, implement the expression of the divine will-to-good onRays, 655:take hold of the evolutionary process and will implement divine purpose. What that potency in truthRays, 717:enables the senior Members of the Hierarchy to implement that purpose. Only initiates of a certainReappearance, 27:intention which that will must (at any cost) implement. This was the major crisis of the Christ.Reappearance, 67:and a living insight into the minds of Those Who implement the divine will and are the engineers ofReappearance, 101:of the Spirit of Peace and of Equilibrium, can implement and direct the energies which will produceReappearance, 148:over mankind and the One Who will bring it and implement it is drawing steadily nearer to us. What
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