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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPLEMENTED

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Destiny, 149:a true peace, based on right human relations, implemented by goodwill. This "mind as it is inDiscipleship1, 699:his physical plane activity is not then so much implemented by instinct or desire as by thoughtDiscipleship2, 47:through its disciples, on intuitive perception, implemented by love and expressed intelligently.Discipleship2, 81:be a year of moving forward and of expansion (implemented and directed by the Hierarchy). TheDiscipleship2, 137:the man in the street; divine purpose, however, implemented or engineered by the divine will,Discipleship2, 139:with Shamballa as: Responsive to the Purpose, implemented by the Ashrams of the Chohans. ImpressedDiscipleship2, 169:active intelligence, motivated by love and implemented by will. That time has not yet come, but ifDiscipleship2, 173:It speaks of the task of the Plan as implemented by humanity to "seal the door where evil dwells."Discipleship2, 216:divine Transcendence and divine Immanence. It is implemented by the world religions and it createdDiscipleship2, 298:intelligently understood in time and space and implemented by the soul as the expression of lovingDiscipleship2, 307:Plan - emanating from the Hierarchy - has to be implemented by mankind. Hence the importance ofDiscipleship2, 366:Lord of the World, whose self-initiated program, implemented by evolutionary energy and steadilyDiscipleship2, 377:is, however, a form of light which can only be implemented by the will; this will can only fullyDiscipleship2, 432:forward simultaneously; i.e., that which is implemented by the Initiator, and one for which theDiscipleship2, 452:mark also the carefully planned and silently implemented allocation [453] of such energies to theDiscipleship2, 539:enabled you to be soundly motivated; carefully implemented, these themes should carry you far. YouDiscipleship2, 579:of the individual disciple and of the group - be implemented from this inner center, and willDiscipleship2, 582:of creative work: One mode is that which is implemented by seventh ray potency. This builds andDiscipleship2, 633:and service must be self-initiated and self-implemented. The only help which the disciple gets atDiscipleship2, 636:some definite work planned by me which must be implemented by the members of my Ashram; it is workDiscipleship2, 711:and it is only when your first ray isolationism, implemented by your personality and emotionalDiscipleship2, 745:you are asked to render; see it motivated and implemented by the energy just received, and let yourDiscipleship2, 761:can rest back on your own strength when it is implemented by an increasing clarity of vision. YouEducation, 81:upon and understand ideas. Both of these are implemented by curiosity and investigation. [82]Externalisation, 422:the Purpose of God. Thus will the Will of God be implemented by Love and manifested intelligently;Externalisation, 439:aggression and to intolerant racial hatreds, implemented by cruelty and barbarism. Externalisation, 443:to an outraged world. But the souls that implemented that tyranny must - through sore trial andExternalisation, 456:spiritual Guides of the race but determined and implemented by humanity itself, will be found theExternalisation, 461:but all they know is to be used and so implemented that it attains their narrow ends, no matter atExternalisation, 465:Their work, however, must be focused through and implemented by the world intelligentsia, byExternalisation, 468:and Reconstruction. It will be a reconstruction implemented by Those Who know the meaning ofExternalisation, 480:the expression of the Will of God (later to be implemented by the Hierarchy under the direction ofExternalisation, 548:leading to resurrection, being slowly implemented, the work of the Hierarchy is to foster thatExternalisation, 579:abolished and every phase of man's life will be implemented by science - not in order to make himExternalisation, 691:by an occult absorption in the task, and implemented by the will which keeps the channel of contactGlamour, 267:scientific activity of the WILL and this must be implemented from a point of tension, focused inHealing, 196:more rapidly will the control of disease also be implemented. [197] The nadis in the physical bodyHealing, 236:selfishness will then die out. Complete cures, implemented by science, will bring about a gradualHealing, 498:as a unit, by an act of the mental will, [498] implemented by the soul. You will note that theProblems, 53:and [53] understand ideas. Both of these are implemented by curiosity and investigation. EducationProblems, 78:aftermath, a thirty year war in which capital implemented the war and the efforts of labor won it. Problems, 79:In what way can the Law of Supply and Demand be implemented so that there is justice for all andProblems, 86:these fine qualities are, however, often implemented by a profound ignorance of the true facts, ofProblems, 119:spirit of goodwill, particularly if trained and implemented by knowledge, can produce an atmosphereProblems, 139:meet man's growing demand for light. It will be implemented and developed by the spiritually mindedRays, 34:motivated from the high source of the Monad, and implemented by the pure reason of the intuition.Rays, 47:enough, but that they must be supplemented and implemented by will, which is active intelligentRays, 120:visualized synthetically, and motivated, implemented, engineered and made possible by the dynamicRays, 136:the expression of the divine Plan. This plan is implemented through the medium of the seniorRays, 147:evoked. He issued the call and He engineered and implemented the response and thus the "Army of theRays, 184:vehicle created by the energy of Will, and it is implemented and "held in being" by the Will. ItRays, 187:impact of the attractive power of the soul, implemented by the Hierarchy and increasing in potencyRays, 188:Group Initiation Paralleling this activity and implemented, fed and sustained by the Black Lodge,Rays, 194:to God be taken, and new human relations be implemented. Rays, 205:of will and purpose, motivated by love and implemented intelligently in carrying forward the plansRays, 206:and through the Individuality of Sanat Kumara, implemented and energized through the sevenRays, 207:in fact the recognition of the goals which are implemented from Shamballa. It is not a processRays, 230:which is essentially the energy of life itself, implemented [231] by the will. This necessarily hasRays, 231:be experiments based upon vast knowledge and implemented with wisdom and understanding. It is theRays, 236:in its selfishness and materiality, and which is implemented to retain the old things which shouldRays, 246:ritual of the daily life of Sanat Kumara, implemented by music and sound and carried on the wavesRays, 255:world was initiated by one of the Masters and is implemented from His Ashram at this time. We comeRays, 261:of learning) desire, prompted by the mind and implemented by the personality, loses its hold uponRays, 265:then by the spiritual will, and finally as an implemented aspect of purpose. Fusion might thereforeRays, 305:to desire, to emotion and also to aspiration, implemented (towards the end of the cycle which leadsRays, 310:qualitative Identity which has motivated and implemented the man in the three worlds. Does thisRays, 369:of the planetary consciousness and this, though implemented from Shamballa, is produced by humanityRays, 371:radiatory periphery. This penetrating energy, implemented by the individual aspirant and disciple,Rays, 375:which is projected as attractive radiation, is implemented by the magnetic aspect. This - as theRays, 393:and involving what group of lives, must be implemented and presented to humanity, though the otherRays, 397:which is ever expressive of relationship, implemented under the Law of Attraction; it is this formRays, 443:creative faculty. This creative energy, when implemented by an illumined mind (with itsRays, 564:the "dynamic extent" of this sacrifice, as it is implemented by the will of the planetary Logos.Rays, 569:plane experience. These great initiations, implemented by the ray energies, must be registered inRays, 573:organized unity and peaceful security, is being implemented through the incoming Ray of Order orRays, 580:mental plane by the new group of world servers, implemented by the energy of the sixth ray, by theRays, 585:itself. Only the first two initiations which are implemented by the Christ and which are "under theRays, 591:all wisdom is knowledge gained by experience and implemented by love. This energy, in its threeRays, 616:and the message of the Christ, as it is [616] implemented from the mental plane by the disciplesRays, 647:lowest aspect of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, implemented and strengthened by the second aspectRays, 652:is accorded and revelation given: Ambition, implemented by determination. Aspiration, implementedRays, 652:implemented by determination. Aspiration, implemented by devotion or one-pointed attention.Rays, 652:devotion or one-pointed attention. Revelation, implemented by the will in its two lower aspects.Rays, 652:the will in its two lower aspects. Realization, implemented by the will in its highest aspect.Rays, 728:disciple, is contained within his past and is implemented in his present. This is not so with theReappearance, 22:preparatory work must be focused through and implemented by the world intelligentsia and leadingReappearance, 61:Through Them, the continuity of revelation is implemented and humanity is enabled, each successiveReappearance, 157:the Purpose of God. Thus will the Will of God be implemented by Love and manifested intelligently;Telepathy, 91:from Shamballa; it is a technique which is implemented by the Will, and its consummation is theTelepathy, 92:one of its three major forms or Rays of Aspect, implemented by the four Rays of Attribute. This
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