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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPLICATED

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Astrology, 161:rays are responsive to their influences and are implicated in some form or another in the affair.Destiny, 116:but the substance and the forms which are implicated during the period. Secondly: the quality ofDiscipleship2, 212:in its turn, works with all who are emotionally implicated in the desire to help humanity changeDiscipleship2, 233:according to the work desired of any Ray Ashram implicated at any particular time. Each Ashram thusEducation, 32:in connection with which man is definitely implicated. It is to these unifications that we referExternalisation, 65:the patience of the group members who were not implicated in the particular situation and weakness,Externalisation, 213:people (many of them not immediately implicated in the world conflict) which is largely responsibleExternalisation, 253:sufferings of humanity and who refuse to be implicated, and thus succeed in evading responsibilityExternalisation, 256:plane. When those who are not so drastically implicated in the present conflict relinquish theirExternalisation, 371:of their fathers and brothers - should not be implicated in the penalties exacted. The young men ofExternalisation, 429:The men, women and children of the world are all implicated in and affected by this universal war.Externalisation, 492:Both groups have been profoundly interested and implicated in this matter of the release of energyExternalisation, 523:concerned at the Coming. The organization of the implicated Ashrams into due form on earth. TheExternalisation, 689:every thinking man and woman is immediately implicated. I have spoken of the evil present in theExternalisation, 693:the ashrams of the Masters are also particularly implicated. The Science of Applied Purification isFire, 76:of the planetary Logos of whatever ray is implicated, as He works out that portion of Karma whichHealing, 686:particular world cycle and the lives of those implicated in its working out. The disciple begins toMagic, 487:it by a rush and wave of love for the party implicated, that envelops the thought-form and sends itPsychology2, 714:plans as spheres of cooperation for the Masters implicated and for those among men who are mindedPsychology2, 731:of a needed lesson by the groups or nations implicated becomes possible. The technique employed byRays, 354:Jesus and the World Savior, the Christ - are implicated; two major happenings [355] are indicated,Rays, 393:the other kingdoms of nature will be necessarily implicated. The reason for this is that theRays, 449:in connection with which man is definitely implicated. It is to these unifications that we referRays, 603:Black and the White Lodges of adepts were also implicated, and the first major fight between theRays, 628:which they share with all the nations which were implicated in the war. Any prospect of internalRays, 669:the energy of the sacral center (the center most implicated and active at the time of the firstTelepathy, 81:and His subsequent [81] initiation, we are all implicated - from the atom of substance up to and
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