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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPLICATION

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Astrology, 281:of paramount interest, though most esoteric in implication and most difficult to understand.Astrology, 567:human understanding), though these are more by implication than by direct statement. Aries - ThisAutobiography, 302:just now been liberated. This fact carries no implication of any lessening interest in, or supportBethlehem, 12:a sense, with too sentimental and ordinary an implication, whereas they may indicate to those whoBethlehem, 68:the Bethlehem idea, with bread. In this subtle implication there surely comes to us a guaranteeBethlehem, 128:is made to right motive. It would - such is the implication - be good for the world of humanBethlehem, 224:for thou hast redeemed me." (Psalm XXXI, 5.) The implication here is clear. It is the spirit ofBethlehem, 275:which warrants our attention. Arresting in its implication, it is sadly and deeply true thatDestiny, 52:border or empire, and yet with an international implication which will be symbolic of the comingDiscipleship1, 209:you will experience an amazing release. The implication of these words is far deeper than you mightDiscipleship1, 299:- though she realizes it not, and would deny the implication - by the glamor of independence. AndDiscipleship2, 305:which are wider and of greater and richer implication than has yet been realized. I would hereDiscipleship2, 548:aspects of truth which have more of a group implication than a personal one. The previous twoDiscipleship2, 678:could be considered to have an occult meaning or implication. Yet, my brother, in the yearsExternalisation, 154:sentence. A study of this will show you how the implication and significance of apparently simpleExternalisation, 259:it and desire it are apt to forget the Biblical implication that the Prince of Peace takes aGlamour, 125:revelation, and it is when he has realized the implication of this and has [126] set out toHealing, 173:relation which is symbolic both in form and in implication. You have Here again appears the themeHealing, 426:hast no longer need of form. Stand free." The implication of the above words is clear. Two majorHealing, 683:is dimly seen, carrying with its recognition the implication that there is a "center where the willPsychology2, 131:any misunderstanding. By no word, suggestion, implication, innuendo or voiced dissatisfaction willRays, 65:The third great demand has in it a different implication, and sounds forth, we are told, "throughRays, 533:out in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. Beyond that implication, the information is of no use to you. ItRays, 568:good standing" - a phrase of the deepest occult implication. At this particular time in worldRays, 723:and ministered unto" the Christ, the correct implication is that Those Who dwell and work in
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