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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPLICATIONS

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Astrology, 7:it, even though you grasp not its full implications as yet. The Ancient Wisdom teaches that "spaceAstrology, 85:The following tabulation is fundamental in its implications in this connection and upon it all thatAstrology, 90:The two first initiations are planetary in their implications. The above statement has deep andAstrology, 91:specific. I seek only to give certain spiritual implications and hints and to convey a general ideaAstrology, 104:come to light in Masonry when its astrological implications are studied and understood. Much alsoAstrology, 127:will find it interesting to work out the implications for themselves. Orthodox astrology assignsAstrology, 133:The keywords of this sign are obvious in their implications. Where the personality is concerned andAstrology, 150:of life am I, poured forth for thirsty men." The implications are so clear that there is no needAstrology, 150:cover our present thesis anent the philosophical implications of the Great Wheel of the Zodiac farAstrology, 174:or concise statement of rather momentous implications may serve to make this clearer: LeoAstrology, 179:am leaving the student to work out the various implications for himself. We have seen that CancerAstrology, 199:with this line of fused forces, studying its implications and effects in the life of the disciple.Astrology, 202:initiation with a careful study of the spiritual implications of the sign Scorpio and of itsAstrology, 212:a cruel and oft illogical war upon sex and its implications; it has emphasized a militant celibacyAstrology, 214:the present world Savior, is obvious in their implications, and yet they were written in ourAstrology, 215:personality, with individual and not universal implications; love has been conspicuously lackingAstrology, 224:Let me see if I can make the beauty of these implications clear to you. Uranus is the planet whoseAstrology, 262:they are familiar to you theoretically but their implications and their esoteric meaning areAstrology, 283:at a point of crisis and the problem takes wider implications, for the reason that, for the firstAstrology, 301:it will not be possible to grasp all the implications, but enough may be apparent to reveal theAstrology, 318:for yourself and thus arrive at the evident implications. Astrology, 336:made, but a careful study of the suggested implications may make the point clearer. Every Cross hasAstrology, 359:though it is not possible for you to grasp the implications. So often in our studies, one is apt toAstrology, 382:and momentum. You have (if I may repeat earlier implications) the following conditions andAstrology, 384:essentially basic and eternally cosmic in their implications. Taurus is one of the signs whichAstrology, 399:This is on the reversed wheel and the implications along the same line on the ordinary wheel canAstrology, 402:of this sign are, as usual, clear in their implications. [403] One states the note of the formAstrology, 440:the Hierarchy as has hitherto been the case. The implications of this are obvious. Saturn. ThisAstrology, 481:and the constellations and this is basic in its implications. Certain of the forces with which weAstrology, 499:facts and vaguely sense certain intuitive implications and ideas. Later, he will perceiveAstrology, 509:houses, and govern Aquarius and Pisces. The implications will be clear to you. It is not myAstrology, 524:of Great Britain and the egoic ray of India. The implications are clear and interesting and alsoAstrology, 541:the right time comes and will understand the implications and the price involved in a manner notAstrology, 607:the higher initiates will understand the real implications of my remarks. You have to remember,Astrology, 616:can begin to grasp some of the significant implications. Perhaps I can best sum up the keynote ofAstrology, 621:the transfiguring Agent - such are some of the implications in relation to the first ray andAstrology, 632:through what is commonly called propaganda. The implications will be clear to you. A trained andAutobiography, 81:to assume engrossing mental proportions. Their implications nagged at me and were largelyAutobiography, 171:Mr. Leadbeater [171] that were psychic in their implications and impossible of verification,Autobiography, 208:came our way and had in it some very significant implications - implications that are more liableAutobiography, 208:had in it some very significant implications - implications that are more liable to work out in theAutobiography, 232:one comes to a consideration of the astrological implications to astronomical happenings the storyAutobiography, 302:crisis of its long history on this planet. The implications are too deep for our understanding. TheBethlehemso deeply and frequently obscured by theological implications and disputations, embodies in itselfBethlehem, 3:that man does not need the Gospel story with its implications of divinity and its urge to serviceBethlehem, 11:grasp the wider synthesis. Some of these deeper implications were touched upon in a book publishedBethlehem, 27:increasing awareness of divinity and of all its implications. Many so-called initiates todayBethlehem, 29:is the meaning of the word "Bethlehem"). The implications of our present world pain and sufferingBethlehem, 38:experience, and yet preserve the cosmic implications in their beauty. An isolated soul is anBethlehem, 62:choice of this particular date is cosmic in its implications, and not unwittingly, we can be sure,Bethlehem, 102:with Jesus Christ. His task emerged in its dread implications before His eyes, and this must surelyBethlehem, 102:at times have entered His mind, but the full implications, and the picture of the way which layBethlehem, 108:these statements, but they are apt to forget the implications. They affirm with decision theirBethlehem, 116:Such was the issue with Christ, and such the implications hidden in the devil's threefold "If."Bethlehem, 169:years after He set us an example) to grasp the implications of that word so widely used. We haveBethlehem, 176:profit by it. It was a great cosmic event. Its implications and its results concern the masses ofBethlehem, 176:to ourselves, as a personal affair, the many implications of Christ's sacrifice. The selfishness ofBethlehem, 186:upon the story of the crucifixion its wider implications. It is, however, through the achievementBethlehem, 187:Savior. It demands an ideal so universal in its implications - so inclusive of time and space andBethlehem, 261:He gave a message which was universal in its implications, for the kingdom of God stands wide openBethlehem, 274:when we are aware of greater contacts, of wider implications, and of a more general inclusiveness.Destiny, 5:is definitely encouraging, if you study its implications. You have, therefore, in the present fieldDestiny, 34:a fresh understanding of the [34] underlying implications and a frank dealing with the situation isDestiny, 36:point which you should consider and discover the implications. Humanity itself is rapidly arrivingDestiny, 86:towards a goal, irrespective of consequences and implications, yet essentially the inner straightDestiny, 99:of Great Britain and the soul ray of India. The implications are clear and interesting and alsoDestiny, 119:understands it. A symbol is ever greater in its implications than is an emblem. The etheric levelsDestiny, 127:who were, nevertheless, unable to see the broad implications and the universal nature of theseDestiny, 136:which is of small value at this time. Its implications will become increasingly apparent as timeDestiny, 140:for the first time some of its broader group implications become a reality and henceforthDiscipleship1, XII:beginning to grasp some of the significances and implications of that statement which holds trueDiscipleship1, 54:work and as you seek to understand the group implications, it will become ever more clear to youDiscipleship1, 63:you this way? Think this out and ponder upon the implications. 3. This telepathic sensitivity willDiscipleship1, 83:Has accepted the fact of the Hierarchy with the implications of loyalty and cooperation which thatDiscipleship1, 120:behavior, using that word in its psychological implications. I would remind you that beingDiscipleship1, 174:- R.A.J. March 1937 BROTHER OF MINE: The implications of the past year, in your particular case areDiscipleship1, 210:planetary Logos. Think out carefully some of the implications of this last statement. Then sayDiscipleship1, 219:is now definitely ameliorated. The psychological implications are to be found in the transferenceDiscipleship1, 348:lessons which a disciple has to master. The implications of these three developments and theirDiscipleship1, 351:I commend this to your attention and also the implications based upon the fact that the three raysDiscipleship1, 372:through which love can come is your soul and the implications of this you are apt to misunderstand.Discipleship1, 379:understanding. Yet, if you once [379] grasp the implications of this first ray personality and theDiscipleship1, 424:these hints, because when you have absorbed the implications they will lead to the higherDiscipleship1, 455:functioned and you saw clearly the group implications, as you did also in the matter of Dr. ... ForDiscipleship1, 495:and its relation to you. Meditate then upon the implications, using knowledge and mind as theDiscipleship1, 495:mind as the method of understanding. Accept the implications at which you arrive, provided they areDiscipleship1, 575:Please study them and ponder deeply on their implications. When the task is clearly outlined andDiscipleship1, 580:a second ray center. Will you ponder upon the implications of this statement and will you endeavorDiscipleship1, 580:your personality, is upon the first ray. The implications, attendant upon this fact, will beDiscipleship1, 592:set in to solve it and you have grasped its implications subjectively. You are now beginning toDiscipleship1, 614:your way. Face up to that and understand the implications. Face these two facts with clarity andDiscipleship1, 635:BROTHER OF MINE: If you can grasp clearly the implications of what I now seek to tell you, you willDiscipleship1, 635:leave you to find out for yourself what the implications are. You are at a [636] point in yourDiscipleship1, 646:powerful and sensitive astral body with all the implications of success and failure which go withDiscipleship1, 653:to me all the time, and if you will consider the implications of my words, you will also see theirDiscipleship1, 667:go on pondering on their significance and their implications. There is much in them which you haveDiscipleship1, 690:esoteric student knows its significance, its implications and its responsibilities. I seek toDiscipleship1, 717:this stage we are concerned and its esoteric implications. Isolated unity describes the stage whichDiscipleship1, 748:be borne in mind. To the average aspirant, the implications of this stage of discipleship areDiscipleship1, 748:of emphasizing what has not been achieved. The implications are, therefore, negative. This is
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