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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPLICATIONS

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Discipleship1, 757:as I have attempted to convey its individual implications and its more esoteric group results. MoreDiscipleship1, 758:you in an endeavor to give you some of the vital implications. He is aware not only of the Master,Discipleship2, 20:of power, love and light, carries with it the implications of service and work for humanity. Discipleship2, 35:thing that I would ask is that you accept the implications of this triple situation and that you doDiscipleship2, 49:full moon activity and purpose with some of the implications which may enable you to work withDiscipleship2, 95:to flow through you? These are some of the implications of group work, and for these you must beDiscipleship2, 141:will mean more to you later. A true grasp of the implications and intentions behind this meditationDiscipleship2, 156:on many Scriptural terms. But the true inner implications and significances are of very deep importDiscipleship2, 167:of all men everywhere. There are deeper implications and upon them I will later touch, but theDiscipleship2, 176:[176] on what appear to you to be the planetary implications, but would also remind you to considerDiscipleship2, 197:and has (if you think correctly) definite group implications. The mode whereby the Members ofDiscipleship2, 201:the ages. This is a statement full of important implications. 2. The Nirmanakayas gather theirDiscipleship2, 248:of Group Feeling. This subject is vaster in its implications than you might surmise, for itDiscipleship2, 248:at present. I will only point out their major implications which will be seldom what you think,Discipleship2, 251:to him. But it is the great and major esoteric implications which I ask you to consider. AnDiscipleship2, 251:commend to your brooding reflection these subtle implications. I would ask you to ponder on themDiscipleship2, 262:I will seek to impart to you some of the deeper implications. Formula One. "A line of fire betweenDiscipleship2, 262:life. The air is God." These formulas and their implications have caused some of you concernDiscipleship2, 266:at present. I will only point out their major implications which will be seldom what you think,Discipleship2, 278:life. Think this out in its modern and immediate implications and see the way that the world isDiscipleship2, 289:"energy follows thought," should carry inspiring implications to the earnest disciple, if he trulyDiscipleship2, 289:You will see from this, therefore, some of the implications contained in the meditation I haveDiscipleship2, 328:measure what that statement means or what the implications are? I am dealing with a point not onlyDiscipleship2, 356:but one which is distinctly bewildering in its implications. Its ancient formulation in theDiscipleship2, 358:a fact, even if he fails to comprehend the full implications of that phrase. At the same time, heDiscipleship2, 362:remembered. The above short explanation of the implications of a hint, and particularly of Hint TwoDiscipleship2, 418:becomes the Whole." This sentence, with its many implications, is more than a hint, though twoDiscipleship2, 425:Ray, then light supernal can be known." The implications attendant upon this fifth point areDiscipleship2, 492:as a personality and would ask you to study the implications of that attitude which I hold towardsDiscipleship2, 494:and has a real grasp of basic esoteric implications. Through the powerful aspiration of your firstDiscipleship2, 495:Pause again, trying to grasp the true implications of this pledge. II. Meditation Work: Sit erectDiscipleship2, 512:elimination of imaginative reactions, all hinted implications and a withdrawal from the center ofDiscipleship2, 530:teaching value for you if you grasp rightly the implications. May I ask you to reflect upon theDiscipleship2, 544:- you have evaded the full facing of the implications and the effect which action may have upon theDiscipleship2, 581:by me, without any deletions, with their occult implications intact, and with little or no editing.Discipleship2, 610:Reflect upon this and get the deep spiritual implications which this picture of relationshipDiscipleship2, 611:I saw fit to impart to you. I wonder if the implications of what I said made due impression uponDiscipleship2, 622:like to answer here, for it has psychological implications which may be useful to you. His questionDiscipleship2, 639:upon your relationship with me and its various implications, Orient yourself towards the spiritualDiscipleship2, 643:if you will ponder for a few minutes on the implications. There is appalling suffering everywhere.Discipleship2, 672:instruction to you is distant and remote in its implications, and you are today wondering if IDiscipleship2, 730:it is perhaps the fact of this knowledge and its implications which disturbs you so deeply; you areDiscipleship2, 735:BROTHER OF MINE: I would ask you whether the implications as to the relationship between your soulDiscipleship2, 756:in such a way that only you will comprehend the implications. There is no need for your groupDiscipleship2, 761:such a contact is relatively easy for you; the implications of this statement are clear. Let yourDiscipleship2, 762:ahead a deep study in order to ascertain the implications and the opportunities that this word -Education, vi:achievements can be attempted. The educational implications of this development are clear. As theEducation, viii:persons to live in. The psychological and social implications of the education for the New Age mustEducation, xi:If the University cannot synthesize the overall implications of modern learning it will abdicateEducation, 9:be noted here, however, that the religious implications of meditation are needless. Meditation isEducation, 15:on, but it is of course far more personal in its implications. Reading is concerned essentiallyEducation, 32:and Integration In the above paragraph and its implications you have a brief and inadequateEducation, One of:crisis with its many ramifications and various implications. The seething turmoil in which theEducation, 56:world Scriptures; it cannot be held down to the implications given to these Scriptures by anEducation, 124:forgotten, and I would ask you to ponder on its implications and to enquire what is liable to beEducation, 132:- even if ineffectually - upon the wider group implications of this statement. Parenthood is whatEducation, 134:humanity. This is more fundamental in its implications than you can imagine. Again, we haveEducation, 137:the sex relation heretofore, is twofold in its implications: To provide bodies for incarnatingEducation, 145:capacity for abstract thinking before the true implications of this new science can be understood.Education, 148:- to have some grasp of past foundational implications and basic tendencies and also some ideas,Education, 149:the teaching which I have given practical in its implications. The New Education now must take theExternalisation, 69:I seek to have you grasp some of the universal implications which the signs of the times portrayExternalisation, 70:crisis with its many ramifications and various implications. The seething turmoil in which theExternalisation, 88:forms. I wonder whether you can grasp the implications of this paragraph. When the mind aspect (theExternalisation, 91:meaning is obvious if you study with care the implications and relate it to the kingdoms of nature.Externalisation, 96:other group, humanity, unaware generally of the implications of the situation, is suffering,Externalisation, 99:lower integrated self and its correlated inner implications of self-centeredness and [100]Externalisation, 119:this story and an intuitive understanding of its implications may evoke some day a response to theExternalisation, 125:and the initiates know the true significance and implications of freedom of choice, and the rightExternalisation, 137:speak of God and the Devil with the same basic implications. For what is man himself but anExternalisation, 138:the selflessness of the soul, are aware of the implications and the correspondences. Where thenExternalisation, 151:activity or intellectual perception of the implications or the scientific nature of their procedureExternalisation, 156:also Pisces, the sign of the world saviors. The implications will, therefore, be obvious to realExternalisation, 157:emphasizing a significant understanding of the implications and meanings of the words said and ofExternalisation, 176:the impending economic results and the political implications are emerging with growing clarity inExternalisation, 229:is also registered in your consciousness. The implications of such activity can only be truly knownExternalisation, 230:or the use of any influence. A few resented the implications of the existent divisions between theExternalisation, 239:of the world crisis and its significant implications, have placed humanity in a position ofExternalisation, 322:be in line with humanity's need, basic in its implications, and which will provide that structureExternalisation, 331:is an urgent need and has wide promise and great implications for the future world order.Externalisation, 435:the disciples of the world will grasp the true implications. He is, first of all, occupied with theExternalisation, 503:and understanding of it and of its symbolic implications are dependent upon your capacity toExternalisation, 532:they are so broad that their inclusions and implications are obvious. This, for instance, concernsExternalisation, 605:on a large scale (even when by-passing the implications of divinity) the glory of man and hisExternalisation, 608:and endeavor to think out what must be the implications of the task which confronts Him; I wouldExternalisation, 686:and initiates. These statements have, of course, implications which will not be understood by youGlamour, 100:choice, but who are not yet truly aware of the implications or of the indications. They are calledGlamour, 114:is generally understood today or in its Nordic implications. Race Duality Problem Method GoalGlamour, 131:and of man's inability to relate the various implications of a divine idea with each other. WhenGlamour, 131:grasp its social and planetary and its cosmic implications. Glamour, 145:this line will have most practical and salutary implications, for none of you (as you willGlamour, 215:to aid in the more technical work. Ponder on the implications in this sentence. A recognition ofGlamour, 229:the glamor will have made a study of it, its implications, its historicity and effects -Glamour, 256:all true disciples are invited. If all the implications in the above paragraph are considered, itHealing, 6:planetary Logos, Who is an evolving Entity. The implications of this are largely beyond our ken,Healing, 11:utterly meaningless sentences in their mystical implications? How can it be otherwise, when onlyHealing, 11:itself is on the road towards perfection. The implications of that statement are many. In dealingHealing, 25:etheric body, but are not so personal in their implications. Upon this I will later enlarge. TodayHealing, 248:is concerned, and this idea carries with it many implications which students would do well toHealing, 260:the mind of man had not been ready to grasp the implications. Service is the keynote of liberation.
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