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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPLICATIONS

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Healing, 289:already studied (perhaps without realizing its implications) our first point under this heading.Healing, 290:of a group but without any thought as to the implications and the responsibilities entailed. Later,Healing, 304:a bringing together (if you can understand the implications) of Life, the lives and the generalHealing, 326:too vast a one with which to deal here, and the implications are too many. I have given you much inHealing, 345:but it is of far too vast a nature in its implications and too complicated a problem for me to dealHealing, 360:these answers suggestive. Ponder deeply upon the implications. Healing, 498:technique of review and recognition of the implications of experience is slowly controlling the manHealing, 509:development, if you could but realize its implications and significance, and the question arises asHealing, 543:little more than I can profitably say anent its implications. Much will be learnt by accepting theHealing, 543:by accepting the premises and working upon their implications. What I have said is very far fromHealing, 543:statements, and thus gain a better idea of its implications: Disease is a product of and subject toHealing, 546:period, heralding the New Age. If it did, the implications would be that the Law of Karma no longerHealing, 550:be important. It is basic and essential in its implications if a cure is to be effected or if theHealing, 576:because it was so obviously modern in its implications. In fact, the first rule was not part of theHealing, 607:sentences, but they are sentences conveying vast implications. The very simplicity of this greatHealing, 609:be of real assistance. This law carries also the implications of that basic relation which makesHealing, 627:the life" - even if as yet inexplicable in its implications from the angle of the esotericist asHealing, 629:also exceedingly simple and direct, and in its implications related to the subjective nature andHealing, 658:the seven methods of healing with their ray implications. This teaching has been given in such aHealing, 680:been developed. I would ask you to ponder on the implications. I am, I know, recapitulating when IHealing, 693:enough to register understanding of the implications of this happening, and farsighted enough to beIntellect, 124:it has been set up, it is compared in all its implications with experience, so that, if possible,Intellect, 181:belief in the Father of Beings and accept the implications of that Fatherhood. Let us regard God asIntellect, 228:on their significance, meaning, and implications. Then, with deliberation bring the concentrationMagic, 236:and to gain a wise understanding of their wide implications. These three divisions are: TheMagic, 276:of the Hierarchy, with all the consequent implications. Note these words. The need at this time isMagic, 290:and must be carefully borne in mind, for its implications are many and varied; but all lead back toMagic, 303:carried the concept of brotherhood with all its implications into the life and work of every day,Problems, 32:we do with them and for them is momentous in its implications; our responsibility is great and ourProblems, 38:but it is basically correct in its main implications, though incorrect where individuals areProblems, 87:of national sovereignty and its various selfish implications; it breeds distrust between peoplesProblems, 124:loving reality and to a vital recognition of its implications that we must return. Is there anyProblems, 130:of the Catholic Church has definite political implications; their attitude to Communism has in itProblems, 164:and with understanding of the far-reaching implications, a great spiritual unity would be achieved;Psychology1, 38:to choose or to reject, with all the implications conveyed in these terms. As long as a man isPsychology1, 128:of there being seven ray types carries great implications, and the intricacy of the subject isPsychology1, 244:smell, is as yet but little understood, and its implications are not realized, whilst its relationPsychology1, 273:the problem of sex, but are too vast in their implications for my present purposes. As I saidPsychology2, 42:Intensification of the power to isolate, The implications of wrong emphasis, Distorted views ofPsychology2, 55:the idea of conditioning hold definite occult implications. The workers in this department ofPsychology2, 56:studies this subject and ponders deeply upon its implications, that as a man advances on the pathPsychology2, 76:effort beyond the reach of any of us? Or are its implications beyond our comprehension? I do notPsychology2, 89:will be properly appreciated only when group implications are more carefully studied, the meaningPsychology2, 102:length after we have considered the astrological implications of the rays, in the succeedingPsychology2, 111:active, discriminating minds - to understand its implications and its significance. This LawPsychology2, 113:life. All these factors constitute preliminary implications and are of an individual application.Psychology2, 127:Service, and the idea of sacrifice, in its worst implications, has been developed. This ideaPsychology2, 159:Law. It is as difficult for him to grasp its implications and to measure its possible effects as itPsychology2, 195:activity. When we come to study the astrological implications in connection with these laws, wePsychology2, 216:unfoldment must eventuate before the hidden implications can be adequately comprehended. If itPsychology2, 253:This is somewhat a new thought and its implications are stupendous. It is the secret of the entirePsychology2, 254:but an understanding of the underlying implications will emerge as the race grows in wisdom and inPsychology2, 283:There are here presented some of the group implications. The New Group of World Servers is relatedPsychology2, 287:The first panel gave some of the universal implications. This was elaborated in A Treatise onPsychology2, 320:as possible, the thought of the psychological implications, considering this whole section from thePsychology2, 348:and seek to understand one or two of its major implications. It has to be regarded as an essentialPsychology2, 352:one-pointed, implacable, undeviating, aware of implications, of significances, and of the resultsPsychology2, 429:subjective worlds; the power of choice, with its implications of why and wherefore and to what endPsychology2, 431:When this great law is understood in its true implications and not interpreted in terms of itsPsychology2, 451:and understand whereof we speak and what are the implications. I have consistently emphasized thePsychology2, 470:is needless to say, exceedingly positive in the implications which he attaches to his so-calledPsychology2, 470:is unaccustomed to deal. Its manifestation and implications and possibilities impress him as soPsychology2, 494:and needed measure) the rays, the astrological implications and the type of consciousness (Aryan orPsychology2, 502:errors will be of increasing occurrence. The implications are obvious. Psychology2, 572:any contact or message which has personality implications or which sets its recipient apart, thusPsychology2, 669:and thinkers, the masses remain unaware of the implications of the new order. These thinkers may bePsychology2, 679:future, there are [679] carried to our minds implications of profound magnitude to the race. ThePsychology2, 698:All these factors constitute preliminary [698] implications and are of an individual application.Rays, 11:to you knowing that you will apprehend the implications and will seriously consider the purport ofRays, 36:(note that word with its first ray or Shamballic implications), no matter what is happening inRays, 38:flicker or a blazing sun? Such are some of the implications lying behind the use of these familiarRays, 39:the Central Reality, and of all its attendant implications, descends upon the one who is attemptingRays, 69:The focused will of God, in its immediate implications and application, constitutes the point ofRays, 110:(there are several) and upon the esoteric implications. [111] Rays, 132:is also one of rare beauty and extraordinary implications, and it offers me the opportunity toRays, 268:but all this from cosmic levels and with cosmic implications. It was Their activity which (afterRays, 306:This is a formidable esoteric statement and its implications must be considered most carefully.Rays, 331:even if only to a slight degree, the implications of that in which he participates will recognizeRays, 335:the liberation of mankind; it had hierarchical implications also and was in part a demand by theRays, 338:happening, and no note has been made of the ray implications. This I propose to remedy. Each of theRays, 354:three Crosses and those who hung upon them. The implications emerging out of this symbolism are notRays, 355:The other episodes are universal in their implications, as indicated by: Christ walking with theRays, 363:cosmic physical plane, he can perhaps grasp the implications of the wonder which will be revealedRays, 366:called) which are this time cosmic in their implications, planetary in their effects, and whichRays, 382:means, how it will be accomplished, and what the implications are, will be revealed in such aRays, 394:even though without realizing the esoteric implications. This is of far greater importance than youRays, 450:must be based. In the above paragraph and its implications you have a brief and inadequateRays, 462:of mind upon [462] the mental plane. The cosmic implications will not be lost to you, but itRays, 480:wherein the life thread, [480] with its physical implications, is the dominant factor. Many, veryRays, 491:(the Monad) in the Temple at Jerusalem. The implications and the analogies will necessarily beRays, 566:with greater facility if you grasp some of the implications - as far as in you lies - of what IRays, 584:physical sense, and are equally basic in their implications spiritually; this the initiate knows.Rays, 603:yet given because of its essential and obvious implications. We will therefore study the fourthRays, 662:happenings, possibilities, undertakings and implications. In all the many books which I have givenRays, 693:upon the Cardinal Cross, with all its cosmic implications and opportunities which are thenRays, 694:appropriated for itself) is far vaster in its implications than students suspect. [695] Yet thisReappearance, 29:surely by His realization of the universal implications of His mission and the intense focusing ofReappearance, 52:on a large scale (even when by-passing the implications of divinity), the glory of man and hisReappearance, 56:and endeavor to think out what must be the implications of the task which confronts Him; I wouldReappearance, 67:understanding of the problems, decisions and implications with which Christ is today faced. In
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