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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPLIED

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Astrology, 221:upon this fourfold theme and the truth of its implied teaching, for it is obvious and clear and theBethlehem, 103:but in the eschatological conception, it was implied as a matter of course that through the trialDiscipleship1, 341:not time worrying over what may look like an implied criticism of you. NOTE: Inability to takeDiscipleship1, 484:draw others to one with the request - spoken or implied - for spiritual help and then the power toDiscipleship2, 155:of the other six rays will also be present, implied and inherent. The nature of the hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 434:is usually of a selfish nature and the concept implied is that revelation is the due reward,Discipleship2, 494:for the first time but ever deducible and implied when the student studies intelligently and has aEducation, 70:of Man given by the esotericists, with the implied relation of soul and body, the nature of thoseExternalisation, 56:called Transcendental Occultism. [56] The fact, implied in the first, that Humanity, as a Whole, isExternalisation, 148:to them, or if they shirk the discipline implied and required by those who seek to make manHealing, 361:predominantly on etheric levels with all that is implied in such a situation. This, many senseInitiation, 1:credit or personal authority for the knowledge implied she emphatically disavows all such claims orPsychology1, xxiv:factor in many cases, but this can only be implied and not really elucidated. As I have oft toldPsychology1, 28:into those who recognize their dharma (meet all implied obligations and duties) and those who onlyPsychology1, 213:written form, any real comprehension of the implied truths is entirely lacking. This is quitePsychology1, See pa:subrays of a major ray or a complementary ray is implied. - The Publishers.] The ray of thePsychology2, 30:state of consciousness. Freedom from all that is implied in the use of the words Form and Ego isPsychology2, 78:[78] Personality life, with all that is therein implied, - ambition, selfish purpose, etc.Psychology2, 79:the whole. The life of the soul with all that is implied in that phrase. Love of God inPsychology2, 113:that in this work, there is no personal ambition implied, even of spiritual nature and no personalPsychology2, 114:there is portrayed a little of what is implied in the words "The Law of Polar Union." The wholePsychology2, 349:this relation of the part to the whole, with the implied interrelation of all parts within thePsychology2, 452:This is a point of dominant interest and of implied distinction. Stimulation might, therefore, bePsychology2, 697:that in this work, there is no personal ambition implied (even of a spiritual nature) and noPsychology2, 699:I have portrayed for you a little of what is implied in the words "The Law of Polar Union". ThePsychology2, 700:members of the New Group of World Servers of the implied technique. It will depend also upon theirRays, 41:adhering to an old form of symbolism with the implied limitations of the truth. I would here remindRays, 305:remove hindrances within oneself, such as those implied in the rule for probationary disciples:Rays, 341:possible today to reveal what has always been implied, that initiation is a group event. If clearRays, 341:and for the following reasons, inherent and implied in the whole situation: The soul - in its ownRays, 473:needed equipment [473] through which the type of implied awareness can work, or the realization ofRays, 533:one or two others; these are expansions of the implied teaching. The initiations, covered by the
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